1. Winnie was born without a cochlea in her right ear; it was permanently deaf. If you spoke to her on her right side, no matter how loudly, she couldn’t hear anything, and after 52 years of this, she never expected to. But this all changed one fateful day when a friend invited her to The Healing Rooms for the first time. When the ministry team laid hands on her right ear, miraculously, it began to hear clear and loud! This would be the beginning of an amazing journey of healing for Winnie, not only for her ear, but for other areas of her life! First, more physical changes began to take place. She used to have a balance problem and would often fall over. This also significantly improved. Her hair turned white since she was a small kid, and became completely white in her 30’s. But lately doctors noticed more and more of her white hair had turned black. Her eyebrows used to be all white, but now they have become darker. Then came restoration of relationships in her family, and even blessings at work! Good things just seemed to keep coming her way. As a substitute teacher, suddenly she started getting a lot more jobs that increased her income, and her life became a lot more settled. Before teaching a lesson she would pray with her students, and to her delight, the students all began to do much better academically. She truly experienced a full 180 degree turn around in my life in just a few months. Thank you Jesus! God’s work is powerful, and Winnie is living proof of his goodness! Watch and see!

    Visit the Healing Rooms or for more testimonies: icahk.org/healing-rooms

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  2. Marlon was diagnosed with stage four prostate cancer in September 2012. The cancer in the prostate was so large and extensive that it was obstructing the bladder causing urinary retention. It had also spread outside of the prostate gland to four surrounding lymph nodes and to one of the seminal vesicles. His cancer marker level, the PSA index was absurdly high at that time, which was 250, and the normal is 0 to 4. Two reputable urologists were very sure that the cancer had already spread to the bones.

    Marlon and his wife started coming regularly to The Healing Rooms for prayers. During those visits, God's presence fell so heavily on him that he could vividly feel God working in his body in some miraculous ways. When The Healing Rooms team released the fire of the Holy Spirit to eradicate cancer cells in his body, Marlon felt his lymph nodes were popping like fireworks, a very strange sensation within his body.

    Two months later, PSA index had dropped drastically from 250 to 9.3! A further MRI scan also indicated that his prostate had shrunk back by 60-70%, returning to its normal size and was no longer obstructing his bladder. His bones were cancer-free as well. This changed his "medical status" from stage four cancer to stage one cancer.

    Further tests on Jan 9, 2013 showed PSA at 8.2; on Jan 28, it had further dropped to 6.9, and on Mar 6, to 4.3. Marlon took the advice of his oncologist and went for 38 sessions of radiotherapy treatment and subsequent MRI result in April 2013 showed that there were no more signs of cancer!

    When Marlon visited The Healing Rooms on April 20, 2013, the Lord told him: "You are clean!" Indeed, MRI scan showed that his prostate gland was clear of cancer. PSA index in May, 2013 had dropped to 2.19. By the end of December 2013 his PSA result was 0.90!! (Normal is 0-4) His family doctor, oncologist and radiotherapist all agreed that his healing progress is exceptional and a miracle from God.

    Update: Marlon is now serving at The Healing Rooms and he loves to share his healing experience. His PSA test result of July 2016 showed that his index had dropped to 0.15!
    Though his doctors advised him that it would not go any lower than this, our mighty God was not finished yet!
    According to his latest test results, released in April 2018, his PSA index has dropped even further down: It is now only 0.06! All glory to our God!

    Visit the Healing Rooms or for more testimonies: icahk.org/healing-rooms.html

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  3. We know that God has a special grace for pastors, but we saw this evidenced in a special way one Saturday morning! Pastor Benjamin Lau came to The Healing Rooms with a firm belief in God’s goodness, but he was still in for a surprise at how quickly God could work! For five years Pastor Benjamin had been suffering from severe chronic back pain due to a slipped disc, with limited range of motion. He tried pain pills and chiropractor treatments, but they only gave short term relief. But at The Healing Rooms, all it took was just one prayer. All the pain left, and his range of motion was restored! But God wasn’t finished yet. Pastor Benjamin mentioned that he had some ongoing pain because his right leg was shorter than the left. The difference was significant—about an inch! So we prayed The Healing Rooms’ body alignment prayer, and he took off his shoes to check. His heels were now fully aligned—they had shifted an inch! Pastor Benjamin stood up now feeling lighter and more balanced! “This is amazing!” he said. “God is mighty, and everything is possible!” Amen! All glory to him!

    Jesus loves you and He wants to heal you, too! Plan a visit or more testimonies at The Healing Rooms, please check out more at icahk.org/the-healing-rooms

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  4. A ballet dancer needs to be able to jump. Especially if she is starting full-time employment in a week dancing professionally! Natalie came to The Healing Rooms with a weakness in her right foot, tightness in her right calf, and a stiff ankle and heel. All of this meant: She couldn’t jump! This had been going on for two months, her right side felt heavy and weighed down, she felt she couldn’t get off the ground. By the time she came to The Healing Rooms, she had tried just about everything: physio, chiropractic, osteopathic, acupuncture, even dry needling, but she still could not jump! And she was flying out in a week to begin her career as a professional dancer! All it took was one visit to The Healing Rooms, however, and a short time of prayer, and she was free. She joyously proclaimed, “I can jump now!” Our prayer team saw a new Natalie, free from fear, a confident princess dancing with her heavenly Father. She released her testimony and others came forward to receive their healing as well! God is good and his healing continues to spread! It’s time to jump and dance with him!

    Jesus loves you and He wants to heal you, too! Plan a visit or more testimonies at The Healing Rooms, please check out more at icahk.org/the-healing-rooms

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  5. Fefe walked into The Healing Rooms, her face swollen and disfigured, and walked out 20 minutes later completely healed! She was suffering from severe allergy flare ups, which had been an ongoing issue for over half a year. When she woke up that morning, despite having taken her prescribed dosage of antihistamines and steroids, the allergy she was suffering from was so severe it had puffed up her eyes, cheeks, lips, even her tongue. She had difficulty breathing and could hardly speak. This was pretty dangerous, and her friends (rightly) advised her to go straight to the emergency room! Yet, full of faith that God would heal her, she instead came to The Healing Rooms! She was not disappointed. God knew her condition, and gave us words of knowledge about her before she arrived: “swell on left side of the face” and “skin allergy”. Fefe was impressed. “What could be more accurate on my condition than what was written on the whiteboard?” she remarked. “God loves me! He knows, and he heals!” Indeed God’s presence was there, ready and waiting to heal! After prayer, Fefe’s swelling and inflammation went straight down, and her tongue was freed to speak! Now she can’t stop telling others about God’s goodness! We praise God for this dramatic change!

    Jesus loves you and He wants to heal you, too! Plan a visit or more testimonies at The Healing Rooms, please check out more at icahk.org/the-healing-rooms

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