Honeyeaters (Meliphagidae) of Australia and New Zealand

  1. The red wattlebird is a large honeyeater common in southern Australia but not Tasmania. It is often found in gardens that contain nectar rich native bushes. The bird is so called due to the red wattle on each side of its head. The National Botanic gardens in Canberra is a magnet for this bird. In coastal areas of south eastern Australia often occurs with the similar Little wattlebird see:- vimeo.com/108031815

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  2. The Little Wattlebird is a large honeyeater common on the coast and nearby ranges between southern South Australia and SE Queensland. A common visitor to coastal gardens if planted with nectar producing plants such as grevillias and banksias. The noisy 'cough-like' call is a common sound on the NSW coast

    Often found with the slightly larger Red Wattlebird see:- vimeo.com/78400533

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  3. The Little Friarbird is a large honeyeater found in eastern and northern Australia. In SE Australia it tends to avoid locations close to the coast. It overlaps in much of its range with the similar but larger Noisy Friarbird see:- vimeo.com/74043594

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  4. The noisy friarbird is a large honeyeater found in eastern Australia and also PNG. In the south it it migratory and when they return in the spring they live up to their name. In much of its range can be found with the smaller little friarbird see:- vimeo.com/102582257

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  5. The Helmeted Friarbird is a large honeyeater found in North east Queensland and the Top End of the Northern Territory.

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Honeyeaters (Meliphagidae) of Australia and New Zealand

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Honeyeaters are hyperactive nectar and insect feeders. They play an important role in pollination. They to us what Sunbirds and Hummingbirds are elsewhere. Australia has 72 species, about half of the world's species. Two endemic species are found in NZ.

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