Under the Influence

  1. What happens when the Universe is revealed to you in a single moment, filling you with love, desire, hope, fear, despair, longing, and complete joy? When the full range of human emotion is suddenly conveyed, then gone just as quickly…

    With a four week production schedule and a love song of sorts, we travelled back in time to the late seventies and joined a cult of psychonauts to make a video about alien panther love, ontology, and inter-dimensional space travel.


    Directed By: Buck
    Creative Directors: Orion Tait & Ryan Honey
    Executive Producer: Kate Treacy
    Producer: Kitty Dillard
    Production Coordinator: Kevin Hall
    Production Assistant: Billy Mack
    Lead Art Director/Design/Matte Painter/Animator/Compositor: Thomas Schmid
    Art Director/Design/Animator/3D Generalist/Composite: Ben Langsfeld
    Art Director/Design/Animator/Compositor: Yker Moreno
    Art Director/Design/Animator/Compositor: Joe Mullen
    Art Director/Animation Director/Design/Animator/Compositor: Gareth O’Brien
    On Set VFX Supervisor/Compositing Production Manager/Motion Tracking/Roto/Animator/Compositor/Editor: Conrad Ostwald
    3D Generalist/Compositor: Chris Phillips
    Design/Matte Painter/Animator/Compositor: Daniel Oeffinger
    Design/Animator/Compositor: Seth Ricart
    Design: Jon Gorman
    Animator/Compositor: Lucas Borras
    Animator: Pete McDonald
    Additional Editor: Aristedes Zamora
    Roto Artist: Filaments
    Roto Artist: Tim Turner
    Den Mother: Ann Seymour

    Live Action:
    Live Action Producer: Kim Koby & Helen Urriola
    Director of Photography: Scott Beardslee
    Astronaut: Chris Ryan
    Vixen: Susannah Collins
    Astronaut Stunt Double: Jared Burke

    The Bravery
    Sam Endicott, Lead Singer
    John Conway, Keyboards
    Anthony Burulcich, Drummer
    Michael Zakarin, Guitarist
    Mike Hindert, Bassist

    Island Def Jam Records

    Post-Production, Edit:
    Bikini, NY
    James Duffy: Editor
    Edwina Lantigua: Assistant Editor

    Post-Production, Color:
    Company 3, NY
    Tom Poole: Color Artist
    Marie Deleon: Producer

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  2. Colatron: "Sycamore Cowboys"

    Little Jimmy Scott: "Sycamore Trees" (from the Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me soundtrack)
    Portishead: "Cowboys"

    Mashup by Colatron colatron.com
    Video by The Reborn Identity rebornidentity.com

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  3. A man travels through his senses, and through the other's body, discovers his own.

    Stills photography by Tommy: flickr.com/photos/tgkw/sets/72157622585710303/show/

    Behind the scenes

    Here is the story. A little crazy. My producer in France told me about a contest made by Louis Vuitton around the theme "What a journey means to you ?". But, we were October 15th and the deadline was two weeks later. She suggested me to create an original content. But in such a short time, the only thing I replied was "No way !" And that's precisely when I said that, that I swore I would do something. I needed some serious help to pull out something so fast.

    I called my friend Denis, and moved to his appartment in Brussels. Together, in a day and half, we found several ideas. The next day, we decided to go with the nudes. And almost immediately thought "Wait, no way we gonna find people to get naked... For free ?" But we still kept on.

    We finished our treatment: jjpous.com/louisvuitton/treatment.pdf

    Sent it to everyone that could - even remotely - help us. Couldn't get the back up from my producer in France, as it wasn't a good time for them. One of the most important helper for this project was out... We had to find serious help and fast. Sophia, my dear producer from Hong Kong (on the music video I made earlier), introduced me her friend Stanley. She was amazing. From Hong Kong as well, she moved to Belgium to work on films. And we met, and talked, and talked. At the end of the day, we had a production plan, a budget (our own), a team, camera and lenses, lighting equipment. Meanwhile, we gathered almost everything for free in Paris: models, lighting, studio. But both there and in Brussels, we lacked of essential things: lenses and camera, or models.

    A week went through, our chances were narrowing. I asked my producer in the Netherlands, Raymond, if he could help us. And it was hard to believe. In 5 minutes of chat, we had a studio. In a day, a D.O.P. In three days, everything. Literally. We were stunned. One more big gift: my dear photographer Tommy, met on the set of my earlier music video, was willing to shoot amazing stills for us. So we all moved there, met each other and the team, talked through the storyboard that was freshly finished from the night before: jjpous.com/louisvuitton/storyboard.pdf

    Next day morning, 6am: we wake up, go to the studio half-asleep. With one more challenge. 40 shots, 4 hours make-up, models that have to leave at 7pm, extremely tight budget that doesn't allow us to go overtime. Especially when a whole team of hard-working volunteers is willing to help graciously. And the shooting went, peacefully but neat and fast. Well, with a few improvisations, last minute changes, limited shot dropping and adaptation to the situation. But also nice little extras, free from the storyboard while framing most shots.

    And... It's like the beat never gets slower. October 25th. 5 days left. And we have to do: editing, visual effects, music, sound design. And: we have one computer down, the sound design hardware is left in Paris, we couldn't shoot on green screen because of our lighting intention. So: we rush to repair the computer, we rush to Paris to pick up the data, we rush to remove frame-by-frame each background to isolate the characters.

    October 30th, 2 hours before the deadline. Film is finally finished, but, the icing on the cake: the Internet connection is down. We ran through Brussels to find a cybercafé still opened. 1 hour left, we enter into one. And... Handle the project on time.

    Two weeks earlier, we had no idea of what we would do.

    Equipment used for the film

    - 2 Nikon D-90 bodies, to counter the overheat issue,
    - Zeiss lenses: 18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 100mm
    - Nikon lenses: 10mm, 14mm, 200mm
    - Edirol R-9 recorder
    - Laptops, hard drives, lights, flags, clothes and stands
    - After Effects, Premiere, Sound Forge, Sonar


    Written & Directed by: Jean-Julien Pous & Denis Huneau
    Starring: Kim Captein, Sam Azami
    Producer: Raymond Van Der Kaaij
    Production assistant: Dijana Olcay-Hot
    Director of Photography: Gregg Telussa
    Sound design: Jean-Julien Pous
    Gaffer: Adriaan van de Polder
    Stills Photographer: Tommy Ga-Ken Wan
    Body Painter: Ferry Zeeman
    Runners: Jasper Bakker, Dave Bras
    Visual Effects: Gilles Brinkhuizen, Denis Huneau, Jean-Julien Pous
    Visual Effects Assistants: Sylvain Jorget, Caroline Voglaire, Jean-Michel Trauscht

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  4. music by Tim Aminov

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  5. In 1995 I made these 16mm films for Columbia Records for the Jeff Buckley video "Last Goodbye". I edited them together and made my own mini movie since I didn't like the vid they came up with.

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Under the Influence

Casey Pugh Alum

Aurally and visually stimulating videos that will pleasure your mind's mind.

I'd like to turn these into a DVD one day to play in the background of a party or in my dreams.

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Aurally and visually stimulating videos that will pleasure your mind's mind.

I'd like to turn these into a DVD one day to play in the background of a party or in my dreams.

Watch on vhx.tv/influence/queue

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