Video's 1st 13 mins: I reformatted the Word doc re my Youtube James videos ( ). Last 26 mins: James' dateline meter, wow!

James datelines his book in 'our' 58 AD, as 98 years after Herod first tetrarch or Mary born (her '35' in Magnificat), first 14 'sevens'. That's also 14 years after the last Herod, who died in 44 AD. Sum is 28 years after The King Christ, died. Clever double bookends to Herod, Mary, and esp. Christ, to enfold her doctrinal meter on Him.

Revised James doc: or .doc .

James' ending meter of '112', focuses on the then-future middle, of a three-phase war of the Jews, with the Romans. Why? Paul's 'eudokia' anaphora is on how God will FREE PEOPLE to study Bible. The 'epainon' anaphora is on how God will FREE BIBLE DISSEMINATION. Diaspora is thus required. So, Paul now James and later Peter, all center on late 50's to 150 AD, for:

1. Nero, newly Emperor when Paul and James write, will in 64 AD, win his first big Eastern victory; Armenia becomes a puppet to help him persecute Christians in 64; and 68, when Paul in Rome and soon after Peter in Babylon, will be executed.

2. In 110 -117 AD, Parthia retakes Armenia, Rome steps in to help her ally. During this time (112, James' focus), Jews in the Levant AND North Africa, Med, severally rebel with 'messiah' claims to help Parthia, but are defeated by Trajan; he dies in 117 (eta in 1st thelematos, Eph1:5). Hadrian takes over. This fighting depopulates Northern Africa (the breadbasket of Rome).

3. Hadrian announces severe restrictions on Jewish practice, maybe even contra circumcision. This results in Bar Kochba rebellion from 132-140AD.

Ergo, James' meter of 112 (AD) syllables yet 112+30 AD.

Full explanation in an hour-long audio I did, here: . Right-click to download it. Follow along by using the James doc above, plus, and page 8 of . Sorry it's long, but relevant history starts in 300's BC, and I had to sketch the pattern.

Links on 58-150AD re wars of Jews and Romans, are many. For a comprehensive review, see

The most relevant and succinct, are at livius:
On the Jewish wars proper:
On the Parthian war proper (remember it started with Nero):
Dio Cassius, on Bar Kochba:

Feel free to dispute the meter. I always dispute what I say, too. This is a big deal, as it would mean:

A. James is written maybe 10 years later than typical Christian scholarship claims. This is the first dateline meter I've found, which greatly disagrees with conventional dates.

B. James' REASON for writing, would be Paul going to jail. So he supports Paul. Which would further explain

C. Why James was shortly after, killed by his fellow Jews (even if you ignore the perennially-Bible-ignorant, Hegesippus). For the Jews lost against Paul, who was acquitted by Nero, only to be recaptured four years later (dying in 68, ignore the dippy 'church fathers' who are incompetent, except to quote or copy).

D. James had Ephesians in his possession, and maybe some of Luke's Gospel and Acts. For the Magnificat, though already well-known, is in Luke's Gospel.

E. So a conundrum re why Paul and James both write about crowns but no one else does until John in Revelation, is thus clarified.

F. Continuity of dateline meter themes: Magnificat, James, and Peter all dateline their text based on Herod, linking usurper versus Real Messiah, the underlying theme of Daniel 7, 11, Chanukah (by which Herod even came to power).

To see more proof of the Meter Style, maybe start with my Psalm 90 vimeo channel; if you already read Hebrew, just download the docs in video descriptions; you needn't watch the vids. Next, the GGS channels. Again, if you already read Greek, just download the docs in the video descriptions. Finally, see the Peter meter channel.

To test meter yourself in any other Bible passage, see or .htm or .pdf .

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James 1-2 Meter and Exegesis

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Uploads will resume in 2016. On hold for now, to finish other NT Bible books' meter. Eventually, the James 2 Youtube playlist will be put here ( ). Meanwhile, it turns out James uses a METERED…

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Uploads will resume in 2016. On hold for now, to finish other NT Bible books' meter. Eventually, the James 2 Youtube playlist will be put here ( ). Meanwhile, it turns out James uses a METERED dateline like all other Bible writers, to inform the reader of his THEME. The 'jim#' videos are all new, and on James' meter, plus on Luke's. For James ties his meter, to Luke. So we know Luke's Gospel was newly disseminated, when James wrote. This comparison is quite distinct from the German analysis (i.e., at ). That analysis, has nothing to do with the Bible's own meter style here shown. For the Bible's own style is demonstrable from the HEBREW, even with Greek words; for the style, goes back to Moses.

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