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2011 Truth Matters Conference (Session 08)

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We have been talking about the gospel according to Paul and looking at a number of aspects of that gospel and we've intersected and overlapped and that's the way it should be. There is a component to the gospel according to Paul and the gospel according to the other Apostles and the gospel according to Jesus, and the gospel of God, and the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, the gospel of salvation. There is a component to it that cannot be ignored and, of course, Paul makes a major issue out of that and it is that this is a sovereign gospel. This is a sovereign gospel. It is dispensed, the power of the gospel, the saving work of the gospel, at the will of the will of God. Not only does righteousness come down from above, as we have learned, but faith comes down from above, conviction comes down from above. It is the Holy Spirit who convicts the world of sin and righteousness and judgment. It is the Holy Spirit who grants repentance, Paul says. It is faith itself which is a gift of God. All of the elements of salvation come down from above. None of them rise from within us by our own will, our own works, our own intuition, our own good intentions. We are the recipients of salvation granted to us in every sense by the sovereign grace of God.

Now Paul makes this very clear in Ephesians 1, and let's start there...Ephesians chapter 1. And we're going to look at a number of passages to help you to understand the sovereign aspect of salvation and how it relates to human responsibility....

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