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Now, for tonight, we are going to continue our look at biblical inspiration. This is a little bit more like a classroom than it is a preaching event. I want you to think through with me some of the passages of Scripture that speak to the issue of fulfilled prophecy.

The fact that the Bible contains prophecies that are fulfilled already in history is an indication that God is the author of Scripture. One of the strongest indications, I believe, that Scripture is inspired by God is the fact that it is absolutely accurate and demonstrates divine omniscience with regard to future events. There is nothing more true of all humanity than that we cannot predict the future. We cannot predict the future. We are abysmal at predicting the future. It is impossible for us to predict the future. I remember a few weeks before I came here to be the pastor of Grace Community Church back in February of 1969, not long before that, United States Space Agency was making its efforts to place a man on the moon. And a gentleman was invited to speak here at Grace Church, a pastor who had been preaching for many years, and he came on a Sunday night and he preached on the subject, "Why God will never allow man to reach the moon." And he had what he thought were all kinds of biblical reasons for that viewpoint. Well obviously he was wrong and shortly after that he made that terrible error in judgment and discernment, he was proven to be wrong and for all that I know that was really the end of people's confidence in him.

We are unable to declare the future. But God is able because God knows everything and because God writes history and therefore He writes the future. Prophecy really, as we look at it tonight, is going to consider that aspect of God's omniscience which causes Him to be able to accurately predict the future. This aspect of prophecy we're going to look at is going to be a declaration of future events. Prophecy is a big word and it can have a lot of meanings. But we're going to use the word in the sense of predicting the future. Prophecy can be from the Greek verb prophemi, to speak before or to speak on behalf of someone, or to speak of things before they actually happen. And we're going to be looking at it in that sense....

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Grace to You

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John MacArthur is the pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, as well as an author, conference speaker, president of The Master’s College and Seminary, and featured teacher with the Grace to You media ministry...

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