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Open your Bible, if you will, to Luke chapter 22. We have come to the last section of this chapter, Luke 22, and I want to read to you verses 63 through the end of the chapter.

"And the men who were holding Jesus in custody were mocking Him and beating Him. And they blindfolded Him and were asking Him, saying, 'Prophesy. Who is the one who hit You?' And they were saying many other things against Him, blaspheming. And when it was day, the Council of elders of the people assembled, both chief priests and scribes, and they led Him away to their council chamber, saying, 'If You are the Christ, tell us.' But He said to them, 'If I tell you, you will not believe. And if I ask a question, you will not answer. But from now on the Son of Man will be seated at the right hand of the power of God.' And they all said, 'Are You the Son of God then?' And He said to them, 'Yes, I am.' And they said, 'What further need do we have of testimony? For we have heard it ourselves from His own mouth.'"

This morning trial that I just read about in Luke's words was a staged performance for show. The real trials of Jesus had been concluded hours before in the middle of the night. But in order to touch if ever so lightly on what was required, they had a mock meeting of the Sanhedrin in the morning to make it appear as though they were following matters of justice, well-known to the people. In reality, they had made their decision between the hours of one and five. And the morning trial which must have taken place between five and six A.M. on Friday was simply a public act of hypocrisy to give the appearance of justice....

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Grace to You

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John MacArthur is the pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, as well as an author, conference speaker, president of The Master’s College and Seminary, and featured teacher with the Grace to You media ministry...

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