1. The interview with Ricky heats up as he describes in detail the kangaroo court proceedings. Highlights include:

    • Detailed account of his judicial meeting with the elders
    • The horrible timing of the announcement, and why he came to the KH anyway and sat through it.
    • How he met and spoke with the "apostates" at the regional summer convention
    • His determination to move on with his life and help others learn TTATT

    On a personal note I would like to thank Ricky for his sincere, raw, and powerful story. It takes courage to tell the whole and plain truth and let your light shine as this man did!

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  2. This week we interview Hetty, a sweet lady from the Netherlands who was going through a rough period in her life when the JWs came calling. Within a few weeks they already gathered three elders to meet with her (an impromtpu judicial committee meeting!) and grill her with questions because an elderly brother was coming over to study with her unchaperoned.

    Suffice it to say she was disturbed by this and considered stopping the study. But then two women resumed it and befriended her intensely, invited her over to their homes, had tea, etc. and she of course after a few years came to feel it was a reciprocal relationship.Unfortunately, in the world of cults and high control groups there are only two groups of people: Us and them. Hetty straddled this line for a number of years until finally she came across JWStruggle and Mike and Kim and the rest as they say is history. Once she brought up to her "friend" what she had learned about the Watchtower's involvement with the United Nations and some other questions, the JW woman promptly went into a fit and had chest pains, panic attacks and was taken to the hospital. Some time later the JW woman came back to tell Hetty that their study was over and that she was an apostate.

    Once again the fruits of people controlled by the global corporations of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society show their true colors. Hetty was never baptized but now is feeling the effects of the shunning and isolation, as she had let all her former friends go over time and only associated with the local Witnesses. She is moving on, and literally moving some distance to be with the only non-JW friend she has left. Good luck Hetty- thank you for sharing your story and take care!

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  3. Jehovah's Witnesses love to talk about how they don't believe in violence. They won't learn Karate, be a boxer, go to war, etc. But there are other forms of violence and they excel in the art of many of them- that is the ironic truth of the matter.

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  4. TOPIC OF PART 1:This is the account of the first judicial committee meeting I sat on as a new elder. It involved a young man that smoked a cannabis cigarette in his backyard. The other two elders wanted to DF him right away and I was a hold out, disagreeing with them.

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    GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF THIS SERIES: I have been thinking about making this video for a while now. I initially thought I could do this in one video, but I was very much mistaken! My goal in talking about what I saw and experienced while serving as a JW elder is to simply relate what I witnessed in the many back-room meetings with elders, publishers, circuit overseers, etc.

    I did not want to use the names of any of the publishers / former JWs that I dealt with during those ten years. We had only 3-4 elders on our body and over 100 publishers nearly the entire time, so I estimate I gave about 3,000 parts from the platform (As MS and elder) and sat on easily 200+ judicial meetings. These covered the following sins and situations:

    1. Cheating on wives
    2. Cheating on husbands
    3. Getting drunk in private
    4. Getting drunk in public
    5. Single and engaged people "fooling around"
    6. Smoking cigarettes
    7. Smoking marijuana
    8. Gossip and slander
    9. Working for a church or "disapproved" business
    10. Causing divisions and/or problems in the congregation

    I did not encounter any cases of pedophilia during my time as elder, however as a Ministerial Servant I was tangentially involved in one case, and neighboring congregations had this problem at least twice that I knew of when I was an elder. We had to do a conference call with the Service Department a couple of times and also we had some run ins with rogue traveling overseers more than once.

    I do not know at this time how many parts I will have in this series- it depends on how much comes tumbling out as I recollect these experiences.

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  5. Former Jehovah's Witnesses- Are you asking Questions? Do you need advice?

    When we leave a controlling group we go through a process of self-discovery and enlightenment. It takes time. We move forward with our lives and establish our own belief system, new paradigms, and traditions in our own way.

    Folks contact me asking for advice fairly often. Many want to vent and tell their story and that is a healthy thing to do. First off, there is nothing wrong with asking for advice or ideas or seeking a listening ear! It can be very therapeutic and if you feel like contacting me or any of the other great folks in the exJW community you should not be afraid or hesitate.

    That said, sometimes when questions or advice is asked, and I receive a message, the person really wants affirmation and/or confirmation of what they are already doing. That is how the mind works. The emotional state that we find ourselves in after leaving the rigid structure of a fundamentalist group or cult like the Jehovah's Witnesses or Scientology or Mormonism, etc. can be quite a difficult place to be.

    The following are my simple ruminations on this topic- I hope it helps. If you wish to contact me, do so! Please use my email address at: JWStruggle@gmail.com.

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For those of us that have escaped the Watchtower Corporation's religion, the Jehovah's Witnesses it may be difficult to figure out what to do next or where to go with our lives. We all find clarity and help in different ways but it starts with knowledge.…

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For those of us that have escaped the Watchtower Corporation's religion, the Jehovah's Witnesses it may be difficult to figure out what to do next or where to go with our lives. We all find clarity and help in different ways but it starts with knowledge. Have we educated ourselves on the history of this controlling organization? Have we learned about how mind control and social influence works? This can help many to "clean out the WT junk" from their thinking and that is always a good thing.

If anyone ever needs help, advice, clarity, or to vent, please email me at: JWStruggle@gmail.com.

If you or someone you know would have a positive experience from an interview on the JWStruggle channel, please send me an email with some background information as to their involvement with the JW religion.

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