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    For stock footage or work inquires please contact me at 602-722-9288 or

    Planet 5D Blog:

    PLEASE WATCH IN HD FULL SCREEN w/SOUND. It is a much better viewing experience. Hopefully you have a 1080P monitor and good connection. If not, bug a friend or colleague that does. It is worth it.

    Landscapes: Volume 2 is the second of a three part series. Every frame of this video is a raw still from a Canon 5D2 DSLR and processed with Adobe software. In Volume 2 I again show off my beautiful home state of Arizona and I also made several trips to Utah. This video has some iconic landmarks that we have seen before. I felt that showing them again with motion controlled HDR and/or night timelapse would be a new way to see old landmarks.

    Sales Pitch: I would now have to say that my timelapse skill set is very complete. The amount of knowledge I have gained through research, testing, and shooting experience is astounding. From moon phases to high dynamic range to motion control rigs to noise reduction, you would have a tough time finding someone with more overall knowledge of timelapse.

    Most of the motion control for this video was done with the Stage Zero Dolly by Dynamic Perception. Once I got comfortable using the DP dolly I fell in love. I can set up shots now in much shorter times. More importantly for me, it is much smaller and much more portable than my homemade motion control. Without it, shots like the Delicate Arch shot in Utah would be nearly impossible due to the length of the hike. Buy the Stage Zero Dolly if you are looking for quality, inexpensive, easy-to-use motion control.

    In addition to the Stage Zero, I also used a three axis motion controlled CamTram. The CamTram is the most versatile dolly I have ever used. Its applications are only limited by your creativity. The CamTram has virtually no weight limit. I was able to achieve shots that dolly-in with the camera just over the ground because of the CamTram's ability to hold heavy counter weights.
    CamTram Motorized Options Video:

    The amazing graphic work at the beginning and end was done by Chris Pettit of Digital Skye Media Development. Check out Chris' other work here:

    Music is "Sunshine (Adagio In D Minor)" by John Murphy. #15 here:

    Thank you to the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff for allowing me to shoot there. They were very friendly and helpful.

    Saving the best for last . . . thanks to my wonderful wife Laura. Not only does she put up with and support this crazy passion of mine, she helped out on many of these shots. I think I'll keep her :-)


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  2. In 1980 Shanghai had no skyscrapers. It now has at least 4,000 — more than twice as many as New York. ‘This is Shanghai’ explores the diversities and eccentricities of the metropolis that is Shanghai going beyond the famous skyline.

    Photographer Rob Whitworth and urban identity expert JT Singh joined forces combining deep city exploration and pioneering filmmaking. ‘This is Shanghai’ is a roller coaster ride seamlessly weaving between the iconic, sparkling and mismatched buildings of the financial district travelling by boat and taxi touring Shanghai’s impressive infrastructure whilst glimpsing some of the lesser-known aspects of Shanghai life such as the lower stratum areas or the stunning graffiti of Moganshan road. And of course there is the opportunity to try some of the vast variety of street food and Shanghai’s most popular homegrown delicacy, the pan-fried pork dumplings, the shengjian bao.

    Wherever you travel in Shanghai the cities skyline is always present. The looming silhouette of the almost constructed Shanghai Tower now dominates and perfectly encapsulates the new heights this city is yet to reach. Once completed, in 2014, it will be the tallest building in China and the second tallest in the world after the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

    To understand the city, the team carried out rigorous urban exploration. In the words of JT “we walked, walked and walked, the Jane Jacobs way”. Weibo, China’s main social media platform was used to ask local Shanghainese people to share ideas of different vantage points and what they thought were the over-riding characteristics of the city. Stealth and curiosity were required to find and gain access to rooftops and locations. It became addictive for the team discovering breath-taking vantage points of the city. There was always an adrenaline rush upon reaching the top of a different building to see the vast urban jungle of Shanghai.

    Rob Whitworth ( is a creative time lapse photographer from the UK based in Asia. His previous videos, ‘Traffic in Frenetic HCMC’ and ‘Kuala Lumpur DAY-NIGHT’ have received international attention including being short listed for 7 film festivals, and have had received well over 2 million online views.

    JT Singh ( has explored hundreds of emerging cities around the world and is a next generation thinker about the value and impact of 21st century cities. Having grown up in Toronto JT is now based in China. He explains:

    “The over-riding reason we made this video was to creatively show the world visually how China is rising, in particular Chinese cities. Just as New York City exemplified the strengths and ambitions of emerging America in the 20th century, Shanghai, perhaps more than any old or emerging rival, will personify the power and dreams of rising Asia in the 21st century.”

    A ThrillingCities Production -
    Engineering cutting-edge Identities for Cities on the Rise

    JT Singh

    Rob Whitworth

    Copyright all images Rob Whitworth 2013 - | Soundtrack used under license Artist ‘Subscape’ Track ‘Shanghai’ © submergedmusic

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  3. When I first started Mirror City, I wanted to create a video that was completely out of the norm. I wanted to showcase something unique and artistic, which takes Timelapse photography into a more abstract direction. Mirror City is a visual story through some of the great American cities: Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. These clips were all processed from their original form, into the kaleidoscopic visuals that you see in this video. Many people visit these large cities every day, and all of these places have been shot and filmed, but I wanted to emulate these urban landscapes in a way that nobody has even seen before. I wanted to put man-made geometric shapes, mixed with elements of color and movement to create less of a structured video, and more of a plethora of visual stimulation.
    The video starts off with simple mirrors and recognizable architecture, as the video progresses, so does the visual stimulation, showing the real abstraction of the piece.
    I have worked on this piece for an extremely long amount of time. I have spent time mirroring images and videos for the past five years, and I have been working on this specific piece for about four months. I felt it was time to combine Timelapse photography and the simplicity of a kaleidoscope, and create Mirror City.

    Directed, Filmed & Edited: Michael Shainblum

    Music: Bassnectar
    Track: Bassnectar – Butterfly (ft. Mimi Page)

    Motion Control Gear Sponsors:
    Dynamic Perception

    (All clips are available in the original and mirrored format) For licensing & inquires please contact at

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  4. This video shows the result of a photographic journey to berlin
    from 12 may - 18 may 2012.

    I´ve spent 6 days in Berlin with excessive work, but the last 4 months
    were even harder. Whenever I had some time,
    I had to import and customize the NEF files before I
    equalized them with the great LR-TIMELAPSE from Gunther Wegner. (
    (Adobe Lightroom is necessary)
    The observed jpeg had then to be droped into virtual dub and were rendered as avi.
    When this was done, I had to stabilize the sequenzes manually frame by frame (AE motion tracker) and rendered each of them in 3 different sizes: (4928x3264 pixels, 1920x1080 pixels, 1024x768 pixels)
    Last but not least the snippets were edited fitting to the beautiful title "Diving Through The Blue" by
    the respectable composer and musician Valentin Boomes.


    requests for licensing footage:
    requests for licensing music:


    TV report





    How it all began:



    -Nikon D7000
    -lense 18mm - 105mm
    -lense 70mm - 300mm
    -simple tripod

    great thanks to Thanit Areerasd




    Dieses Video zeigt das Resultat einer Fotoreise nach Berlin
    vom 12.Mai - 18.Mai 2012.

    Ich verbrachte dort 6 Tage mit intensiver Arbeit,
    jedoch waren die letzten 4 Monate sogar noch härter.
    Immer wenn Zeit war, galt es die NEF Dateien zu importieren und zu bearbeiten,
    und mit dem wunderbaren LR-TIMELAPSE von Gunther Wegner anzugleichen, (
    (Adobe Lightroom notwendig)
    anschließend als jpeg rauszurechnen, die jpeg danach in VIRTUAL DUB zu laden,
    die Sequenzen als avi rauszurendern, die avis manuell frame für frame noch zusätzlich zu stabilisieren, (AE motion tracker)
    dann jeweils in 3 Auflösungen (4928x3264 pixel, 1920x1080 pixel, 1024x768 pixel)
    rauszurendern um sie dann zu guter Letzt auf den schönen
    Titel "Diving Through The Blue" vom ehrenwerten Komponisten Valentin Boomes zu schneiden..

    Videolizenz nach Anfrage:
    Musiklizenz nach Anfrage:






    Wie Alles begann:



    -Nikon D7000
    -Objektiv 18mm - 105mm
    -Objektiv 70mm - 300mm
    -Einfaches Stativ

    Großer Dank an Thanit Areerasd

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  5. more work

    A Disneyland Timelapse by Matt Givot and Dan Douglas
    Over 20,000 images to show the one and only Disneyland Anaheim.

    In our latest time-lapse showcasing Disneyland and California Adventure, we combined artistry with technology to capture the magic Walt Disney has created.

    In one afternoon, we used timelapse photography to show some of the enchanting experiences guests from all over the world come to Disneyland to enjoy. The film gives a unique perspective of the colorful lights, moving crowds and entertaining rides.

    Our goal was to showcase the magic experienced only at Disneyland Anaheim, showing how Walt Disney’s theme park vision from the 1930’s has become the world’s most popular theme park. We hope you enjoy this glimpse into his magical world.

    And now the gear - over 75% of this was shot using the Carl Zeiss 21m f2.8 Distagon T*. It is almost hard to put anything else on the camera after shooting with this glass. Not only is this the sharpest lens we have shot on, It also has some of the best color rendering we have ever seen. In addition to the that glass, another important element was the Formatt Hitech 3.0 Prostop IRND filter. This would allow us to stop the camera 10 stops so we could get natural looking motion blur in the middle of the day.

    The motion control was created by using the emotimo Tb3
    And the Dynamic Perception stage one

    The music was made by the very talented Nick Bertke (Pogo)

    Follow our adventures.
    Instagram @mgivot @danpvp

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