1. During Orgy of Noise set at Strange Maine on July 12th, 2008, ten years after X-DAY '98, Bill T Miller opens himself up for a KING OF SLACK walk-in and of course the anti-bob possesses BTM. So with Sacred Golf Club in hand he proceeds to KILL "BOB" - Then REV DAD drives the anti-bob from Doktor BTM and BTM REPENTS and PRAISES "BOB" - but then BTM decides that even without anti-bob possession of his soul that the best option is to KILL "BOB" = PraBOB-KillBOB-PraBOB !!!

    The original version of KILL "BOB" is by BTM's band KINGS OF FEEDBACK.

    Video = Mike Arsenault & Michael Townsend
    Photos = Sheri Hausey

    Producer & Editor = BTM
    Assistant Editor = ZiggyCat

    Special Thanx to:

    Strange Maine Records in Portland, Maine

    The Church of Flying Dreams
    Sisters and Brothers

    Reverend Michael "DAD" Townsend (DJ on WMPG RADIO)
    J.R. "BOB" DOBBS & Reverend Ivan Stang of The Church of the SugGenius


    # vimeo.com/25597701 Uploaded
  2. KingOfSlack.com - SubGenius.com

    * X-Day's A Comin' (KOS)
    * You Rang (OBE)
    * Kill "BOB" (KOF)

    * Video Shot by Ivan Stang, D.K. Jones, Toth Wilder
    * Edited by Bill T Miller

    * In addition to Dok BTM & Rev. Stang & DK & Toth.... look for St. Andreux, Lilith, Steve Slack, Modemac, Jesus, Susie the Floozy, J.R. "BOB" DOBBS and the anti-bob.

    WHO ELSE was THERE at X-DAY DRILL '97 ?
    Come on TESTIFY in COMMENTS!

    * Download MP3s of THIS X-Drill 97 Live Medley & the Studio Versions of the Songs in One ZIP File: KingOfSlack.com/kingofslack-xdaydrill97.zip

    * Download Entire ORGY OF SLACK CD and more at: MP3ORGY.com


    # vimeo.com/12605812 Uploaded
  3. KingsOfFeedback.com/ & KingOfSlack.com/ & SubGenius.com/

    Repent! Quit Yer Job! Slack OFF!!!

    You have been driven to the brink
    of insanity by the conspiracy!
    I'm just a patsy...
    "BOB" is yer only hope...
    Yer a lot closer than you even think!
    "BOB" is the way, "BOB" is the path,
    believe or die! ...Arrgghh!!!
    "BOB" is NOT the answer and
    neither is anything else.
    "BOB"...screw "BOB"
    What does he know?
    DON'T believe anything "BOB" tells ya
    (Blasphemy, he's been
    possessed by the anti-bob!)
    That's right, "BOB" is a loser,
    "BOB" ripped me off for all my slack.
    He just takes it all for himself,
    he gets all the WOMEN, he gets all
    the FROP, and he gets all the SLACK!

    "BOB"...KILL "BOB"!

    "BOB" is a CONspiracy patsy.
    "BOB" faked his own crucifiction ,
    so he could be resurrected and
    become yer personal savior.
    "BOB" is in the back of his limo right now,
    gettin' it from yer girlfriend.
    GRAB yer favorite GOLF CLUB and
    WHACK his HEAD OFF.. Whack IT!!!!
    And place it in the trophy case right next
    to the Bleeding Head of Arnold Palmer
    That's right, "BOB" is a sinner just like you
    The second coming of "BOB"
    will be a slaughter, with the
    false prophet J. R. "BOB" Dobbs
    leading the flock.

    "BOB"...KILL "BOB"!

    "BOB"...Forgive me "BOB"
    I have sinned against you
    I was possessed by the anti-bob!
    Please forgive me
    PRAISE "BOB"!!!!!!!!!

    Praise "BOB" - Praise "BOB"
    Praise "BOB" - Praise "BOB"

    If they would luv him, like they
    do money, we would never
    have any problems
    HE is the KING of all KINGS
    !!! "BOB" !!!

    Look for appearances by J.R. "BOB" DOBBS, Reverend Ivan Stang, Doktor Bill T Miller the King of All Slack and Reverend Dr. Dr. (Mr. MD) David N. Meyer II, Pope of New York City ETC and the anti-bob.

    STUDIO VERSION includes: Bill T Miller, Vernon Tart, Sean O'Brien, Jeff Cohen, Peter Schwartz

    LIVE VERSION bonus at the end from Slackfux Devival NYC 2005 at Knitting Factory includes: Bill T Miller, Vernon Tart, Sean O'Brien, Bob Palombo, Andrew Wilson, Jason King & Pope Meyer

    Special THANX to Reverend Ivan Stang & CotSG !


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  4. Doktor Bill T Miller the King of ALL SLACK killing J.R. "BOB" DOBBS under the possesion of the anti-bob, until Reverend Ivan Stang of the Church of the SubGenius dashes in to purge BTM in a healing/sickening ritual.

    Download complete ORGY OF SLACK CD at: KingOfSlack.com

    Get more slack at: BTMTELEVISION.com

    AND even more slack at:

    Slack Crusades Devival video was shot on StangCam at Middle East Cambridge/Boston.

    # vimeo.com/652288 Uploaded

King Of Slack

Bill T Miller = billtmiller.com


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