1. Lean, Agile, or any other process is just a load of things other people tell you to do. They make up words, rules, penalties, and certifications. They come up with methodologies and bless you with discounts. When you use them and succeed they take credit for your success. When you use them and fail, they blame your implementation.

    Well, freedom doesn't come in a box. Freedom requires Kaizen - it requires continuous improvement you take personal responsibility for. Any pre-packaged process is likely a good place to start. They help you focus by giving you some structure. But if you start with book-learned Scrum or Kanban of even kitchen-sink mega processes like RUP or SAFe and find yourself doing the same stuff a year later - that might be good for them, but it's certain death for your team.

    When we build software our processes evolve. What was right yesterday isn't right today and today's process won't necessarily work tomorrow. Our people, our teams, and our management need to be aware of what it being built and why. We might think that's "process", but it's really communication.

    In this keynote, Jim Benson will give one of his characteristic rants, this one's about how we communicate, how we become aware, and how we can improve continuously and healthily ... and about those who would seek to control us, stifle our relationships, and take credit for our successes.

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  2. Social Capital is an organization's ability to exceed the performance of it's competitors by creating, distributing and leveraging TRUST.

    This talk explores the intangible nature of knowledge work, the problems of expertise and the special importance of social capital for enabling effective knowledge work systems.

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  3. Software developers generally don't write poor, unmaintainable code out of any malicious or deliberate intent. They do it because software development is complex and there is not enough feedback in the process to ensure they adhere to good SOLID OO principles. By using TDD, and listening to the feedback from the tests, you can be guided to adhere to the SOLID principles...resulting in improved TCO and significant quality improvements.

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  4. In their desperate search for a viable business model, Lean Startup entrepreneurs treat "learning" as a true measure of progress, well above the number of features they develop or even the amount of customers they initially acquire.

    In their path to continuous improvement, skilled A3 thinkers treat "learning" as a primary value too, well above the problems they try to solve.

    As a change management approach, the Kanban Method creates the conditions for many learning opportunities as well. It specifically encourages to "Improve Collaboratively and Evolve Experimentally", a practice also fully embraced by what is now known as "Lean Change".

    In this session, Claudio will share stories, workflows and practical thinking tools that illustrate how the act of deliberately capturing and evolving "learning streams" (as opposed to - or rather in addition to - the more conventional value streams) can lead to surprising consequences.

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  5. Time is valuable, and when it is gone, it is gone. Are you focusing on flow or just keeping yourself busy? How much has the red brick cancer spread in your processes?

    In this session we will talk about time. We will explore the differences between systems with high resource efficiency and systems focused on flow efficiency. We take a look at how to remove the red brick cancer in your processes. You will learn how to understand and improve the end to end flow in your system.

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