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  1. "Sonicity: Songs Of Atoms Time And Space" is a responsive installation, a sonification of the real space and environment. The sounds you hear are the sounds of the changing environment, ie the changes of noise, light, temperature of the space is turned into a real time sound stream using dozens of wireless sensors presented as an installation on 170 speakers.

    This artwork focuses on the real time space and the experience of the gallery visitor as they interact with the space, using data gathered from these new technologies. My system monitors the space (the building) and the environment (the city) and captures live real time data (light , temperature, noise, humidity, position) to create an ambient sonification, an acoustic responsive environment, literally the sound of the micro incidents of change that occur over time.


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  2. Static is an installation based on the phenomenon of television static or white noise. This image can be considered as both abstract and figurative. It's difficult to claim that static is an abstract image. Because it is not an intended image. It's an artifact of a technology, a physical phenomenon. It is recognizable as what it is and culturally has a certain iconic meaning.
    What is normally seen to be specific to the making of an image is materialized and becomes tactile. Every unit of the image is manipulated by hand. Something that appears spontaneously as by-product is imitated by an apparently slow and inefficient process.
    Lightwaves, besides their frequency and amplitude, also have an orientation. Polarization filter only lets light pass in one such orientation. When you look through a piece of this filter, it's perfectly transparent, just a bit darker than normal plexi or glass. When you look through the filter at an other piece of this same material, rotated 90°, the second piece becomes an opaque black surface because the light passed through the first filter can't pass through the second filter. Every other orientation gives a different degree of opacity.
    For Static, this material was cut into small rectangles of one cm², in random orientations – like large pixels. These little squares are put between two large rectangular pieces of plexiglass (189 x 2412 cm). The screen looks like a slightly darkened window. In the exhibition space a slowly rotating disc of the same material is also placed. When the screen is seen through this disc, it changes into a half transparent field of video noise. White noise created, purely by the manipulation of light.
    Produced by de Werktank

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  3. "BZZZ! the sound of electricity" is a sound sculpture by Cécile Babiole.
    Exhibition at Plateforme-Paris, June 2012

    By reinventing an obsolete low-tech sound wave generator in this all-digital age, "Bzzz !" serves as a commentary on the history of technology and a tribute to unprocessed, unsampled analog sound : in a word, the raw sound of electricity.

    The set : 6 micro-controlers, 6 resistors scales, 12 small PA et 24 small loudspeakers.

    Video Quentin Aurat, sound recording Anton Mobin.
    © Les Ondes / 2012

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    Video was taken during ( 10-30.05 2012 ) the solo exhibition of panGenerator group in
    Kordegarda Gallery which is an institution of National Center of Culture.

    Installations in order of apperance:
    .FLOAT - 0:11
    PEACOCK - 1:08 -> also take a look at another vid: vimeo.com/49869407
    PHOJECTOR - 1:42

    Project info:

    Aquaristics in relation to art, live organism as a database
    Transposition of movement to form, bio-art and DIY culture.
    ◥ concept, design, development - Krzysztof Goliński

    Painting that paints itself. A portrait of street dynamics in Krakowskie Przedmieście
    An expressionistic-mechanical abstraction.
    ◥ concept, design, development - Piotr Barszczewski

    Tripod, kinetic audiovisual installation. 2.5D mapping on moving surfaces.
    Rattle for the rave generation ;) (different visuals version - vimeo.com/49869407)
    ◥ concept, design, engineering, development - Jakub Koźniewski
    ◥ sound design & programming - Krzysztof Cybulski
    + special thaks to Piotr Barszczewski ( engineering support ) & Krzysztof Goliński ( Android tablet dev )

    Hybrid of interfaces seemingly incongruent. Old cell phone and even older slide projector,
    glitch, feedback and other analogue-digital phenomena
    ◥ concept, design, engineering, development - Krzysztof Cybulski

    Video credits:
    ◥ footage & video editing - Jakub Koźniewski
    ◥ music - "This will fall apart" by Century Of Aeroplanes (wmrecordings.com/releases/wm069.htm)



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Electronic Arts and Performance


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LEAP's Channel
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x Electronic Art
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Lab for Electronic Arts and Performance (LEAP) is a non-profit interdisciplinary project for electronic, digital media arts and performance that aims to initiate the dialogue between art, science and technology. LEAP’s central concept is based on experimental research in digital technologies and media, which shape and change our present and future society and stimulate new discourses, discussions and questions.

The human being (or body) is thus in performative interaction with these technologies and their impact on society and culture. He stands in a transformative process with its environment and thus prompts to challenge the limits of its exterior and interior.
The conceptual and substantive program of LEAP deals with the discussion of new discourses, critical issues and provides a bridge between theory and practice. With its exhibitions and projects, LEAP is interested in this direct involvement of the urban environment outside the gallery, incorporating this relationship into its experimental context and in exploring the progressive fusion of real and virtual space.


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