1. On occasion of the Sri Lankan & Thai New Year, the monks at Dhammagiri Forest Hermitage chant PARITTA, auspicious verses in the ancient Pali language, the language of the Buddha himself. We are fortunate that the original teachings of the Buddha have been faithfully preserved in the oldest part of the Theravada Pali Canon, and we can still listen to the "Mahāmangala Sutta", "Ratana Sutta", and "Mettā Sutta" in the same language the Buddha spoke himself.
    The white Paritta String is tied around the fingers of the Buddha statue, slung around relics, incense holder, photo of Ajahn Chah, & 'Holy-Water' receptacle, and then passed down the line of monks, all of them holding the string while chanting, so that the 'energy' of the Dhamma expressed in the chants is connected with the Sangha & sacred objects present. A burning candle drips wax into the holy water for the duration of the chanting.
    Afterwards, drops of holy water are gently splashed towards devotees as an auspicious blessing. The cool water is meant as a symbol for Dhamma, which has the ability to cool down the burning flames of passion & anger in our heart, so that we can experience "anuttaram sītibhāvam", the Supreme Coolness of Nibbāna.

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  2. On occasion of the Sri Lankan & Thai New Year in April, Ajahn Dhammasiha blesses the congregation in traditional style with little splashes of 'holy water', that has been 'charged' with the wholesome energy of the auspicious Paritta Chanting .
    Water-splashing on New Years day is usually much enjoyed by the devotees, in a very lighthearted, exuberent atmosphere, but we should also reflect on the deeper meaning: Water is a symbol of purification. Just as we wash ourselves and our clothes & dishes with water, so we should strive to use the purifying quality of Dhamma to rid our hearts of greed, hatred & delusion.

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  3. Every Sunday closest to the Full Moon we have our precept & meditation program. Practitioners arrive at 8.30 am for quiet meditation, and at 9.00 am we start with the morning chanting and Buddha Pūjā.

    After that, the lay community requests the Triple Refuge & the 8 or 5 precepts from the senior monk, as seen in the video. The monk recites first, line by line starting with the "Namo tassa...", and the lay community repeats line by line after him.

    The program continues with meditation, offering of almsfood & the shared meal at 10.30 am, a Dhammatalk at 11.45 am, and further meditation and chanting until 5.00 pm.

    Additionally, we have a small group of dedicated meditators, who come every Saturday at 7.00 am to the top of Dhammagiri hill and take the Triple Refuge & Precepts, after which they quietly meditate in the Dhammahall.

    You can find the text of all the recitations seen in the video, plus English translation, in the Forest Sangha Chanting Book pages 126 to 136. Free PDF file for downloading the full chanting book is available here:

    More about Dhammagiri here:

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  4. dhammagiri.org.au/dhammagiri-images.html
    Our New Year's Eve program ended with a silent procession to the highest point of Dhammagiri. This is the shrine which we had prepared out in the open on top of the summit. We circumambulated 3 times, offered flowers to the Buddha, and did some short recitation right at midnight.
    The video shows the shrine just after the ceremony had ended. The improvised nature of the set up did not allow live recording of procedings and recitation, instead you can hear our Paritta chanting from the recent robe offering ceremony in the background. The beautiful golden-coloured silk cloth had recently been offered by a group of Bhutanese surprise visitors. The shrine looks splendid, illuminated merely by the light of the two large candles, and two LED torches.

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  5. At the end of the rainy season (vassa), in the Kattikā month, the lay community traditionally offers robes and other requisites to the sangha that has spend the rains retreat at that monastery. Resident & visiting sangha, and all the suppporters of the monastery, come togehter in harmony in a grand celebration of generosity. This event is traditionally considered one of the most auspicious occasions in the whole year to create good karma ('puñña') through the practice of generosity ('dānā').
    We were fortunate to have 6 monks present for the ceremony. Ajahn Sacca Khemarato & Ven. Issaro joined us from Buddha Bodhivana Monastery, Melbourne. Ajahn Varadhammo, abbot of Bodhisaddha Forest Monastery, came together with Ven. Nisabho from Sydney. For Ven. Moneyyo, Ajahn Dhammasīha's trusted companion for one year, this was the last major event before he returned to Europe the next day.
    Liz leads the chant to dedicate the robe to the sangha, Gary offers it to Ajahn Dahmmasīha, and then other memers ot the lay community join with their offerings. The video finishes with the sangha chanting a special auspicious blessing.

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Dhammagiri - Life in a Forest Monastery

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As many of those who have seen videos of dhammatalks delivered at Dhammagiri are curious to learn more about our monastery, we've created this new channel. We intend to present videos of major events and ceremonies, images of our Bodhi trees and the beautiful…

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As many of those who have seen videos of dhammatalks delivered at Dhammagiri are curious to learn more about our monastery, we've created this new channel. We intend to present videos of major events and ceremonies, images of our Bodhi trees and the beautiful natural environment, chanting and rituals that are regularly recited in our programs...
Training in forest monasteries happens not only through dhammatalks. The regular chanting, daily routines & rituals like taking refuge, and the beautiful nature on the edge of a large national park, are essential ingredients for the full experience of life in the forest tradition of Ajahn Chah.

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