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  1. DIRECTOR Rob Shaw

    "The Machine" is an animated fable following the path of an innocently forged mechanical creature. As his independence and knowledge of the world grows on his journey, as does his desire to conquer all that we encounters, from the pastures of a farmer to the realm of man's entire world.

    The story is in itself a mechanized apparition, the characters and scenery exisiting inside of an early 20th century nickel arcade and being driven forward by the gears of this machine.

    The main character, the innocently created, human like mechanism whose power knows no bounds, thinks of himself as invincible, that no man or spirit could ever overpower him. Yet, the irony is that he himself is only a small part of a greater device, and in this case, a mechanized stage for passers by to waste a nickel in.

    This film was shot over many hours at Bent Image Lab over the course of several months in 2008-2009. Animated using stop-motion puppets and sets, then composited together in After Effects, the film has a mixed media presence to it that is accentuated by the machine's own collage like form.

    Film by Rob Shaw

    Andrea Schuch

    Voice recorded by
    Angela Poschet

    Rob Shaw
    Sarah Hulin

    Sound Design
    Brian Kinkley


    Color Correction
    Orland Nutt

    Additional effects
    Fred Ruff

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  2. Scott Naturals was a rare chance for myself and the team at Bent to explore the commercial and artistic possibilities of Strata Cut animation technique with a series of stenciled out paper sheets, which were lined up in deep continuing space.

    This Strata Stencil idea was first explored by animator Javen Ivey in his 2006 thesis project ‘My Paper Mind’ at Pratt, partly inspired by Bent partner David Daniels’ original plasticine technique. After graduate school, Javen later came to intern at the Bent. Aaron Noffsinger from the Tris3ct agency in Chicago was also very familiar with David’s Strata Cut, and thought it would be a great artistic starting point for Scott's first broadcast spot, and a great exploration into the animation realm.

    I was brought into the project as a director to design and conceptualize with David using “Paper Mind’ as an influence, but not an ultimate destination. Together, we created a more complex and highly produced space. Executing it all in CG as opposed to by hand, was an absolute production necessity due to timing and content changes up to the very end of the short deadline.

    We explored both negative and positive spaces in the stencil effect, and also introduced a very unique “Rolodex effect“ that was made out of animated cut-out layers overlapping each other over an long camera shot. The clean factor of CG forced us to find ways to add irregularities to the paper, as well as and color and exposure shifts to bring back more of the ‘folk’ accessibility and ‘hand made charm’ to the audience.

    Creating some of the silhouetted stenciled shapes in CG also allowed us to do some interesting slight perspective changes. It’s brief and underplayed, but helps the subliminal flow and clarity of each scene.

    We used a physical (practically shot) paper towel roll at the end from which pull out with the assistance of a motion controlled camera. This assured the realism we were looking for in the end product tableau, while continuing the flow and drama of a continuous camera move coming out from the CG world.

    In its essence the project was highly technical and demanded constant collaboration between our compositing and CG teams, but it allowed us enough creative space to experiment and innovate in many ways.

    Client: Kimberly-Clark Worldwide

    Director: Nando Costa
    Executive Producer: Ray Di Carlo
    Senior Producer: Tsui Ling Toomer
    Producer: Mark Axton
    Coordinator: Chris Barber
    Storyboard Artist: Dan Schaefer
    Principal Animators: Eric Scheur, John Lally
    Additional Animators: Aja Bogdanoff
    Stopmo Director of Photography: Dan Ackerman
    Stopmo Animator: Eric Urban
    Art Department Coordinator: Evan Stewart
    CG Crew: TD – Fred Ruff. Modeling/Lighting/Rendering TD – Stef Kofman, Galen Beals, Shirak Agresta, Josh Cox, Eric Durante
    Graphics Artists (2D): Dave Manuel, Traci Cook, Ken Nguyen

    Advertising Agency/city/state: Tris3ct
    Creative director: Aaron Noffsinger
    Producer: Michael Antonucci

    Editorial Company: BENT
    Editorial Supervisor: Jeff Dawson
    Editor: Jeff Dawson
    Assistant Editor: Ben Blankenship
    Visual Effects/Compositing Supervisor: Randy Wakerlin
    Composite Artists (After Effects): Orland Nutt, Sean Saul
    Colorist: Downstream Digital, Portland, OR – Jim Barrett
    Sound Design: Deaf Dog Music
    Music: John Ovnik

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  3. The official music video for Ape School's 'Wail to God'. Animated/ Directed by Anthony F. Schepperd. Purchase the album at

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  4. Guião: Adaptação de André Ruivo de um conto original de Henrique Ruivo; Grafismo, Realização e Storyboard: André Ruivo; Layouts e Animação: Osvaldo Medina; Digitalização, Clean-up e Pintura: Luís Canau, Joel Cardoso e Vânia Amado; Processamento de Imagem e Montagem: Luís Canau; Direcção Técnica: Rui Cardoso; Vozes: João Grosso e Teresa Sobral; Sonoplastia: Paulo Curado; Edição: Mixturas; Assistente de Produção: Manuela Costa; Contabilidade: Fátima Cardoso e Paula Cruz / CPI; Apoios: Toonboom; Produção: Humberto Santana; Financiamento: ICA/MC e RTP; Animanostra 2007.

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Lineboil - Boiling Hot Character Animation

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