1. (July 4th, 1987) The premier show, and what a mess it is...talk about confusion! Guy Newswarthy primes the audience for the movie, "Gone With The Wind", but Arnie Upshoe, the station program director, plans on showing "Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell" instead. Guy and Arnie spend the rest of the show fighting over why the wrong movie is being shown. The program gets wrapped up in the end by showing the conclusion to the movie Missing in Action that didn’t get shown a few days earlier on KLJB. It's wacky, it's zany, it's....a waste of time.

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  2. (July 11th, 1987) Again Arnie gets the movie to be shown tonight mixed up because all the good titles were rented down at Mr. Video. Guys thinks that they are showing "The Bridge on the River Kwai", Arnie informs him that instead they are going to show "Ssssssss". They have a big fight. Arnie ties Guy up, eventually Guy breaks free and ties Arnie up only this time he torments him with snakes. (Arnie is deathly afraid of snakes.) Arnie retaliates, but in the end Guy is victorious and runs off with Lola, Arnie’s date.

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  3. (July 18th, 1987) Guy has become more and more agitated with Arnie. He loses his temper at the slightest provocation and is a complete jerk. Suddenly, and very mysteriously, Guy is captured by a group of space aliens who have been monitoring the show. They have come to reprogram Guy and make him more pleasant. And to compensate Arnie in the meantime for Guy’s absence, they leave behind plenty of bean-dip for him to munch on. But then...

    ...THE TRUTH COMES OUT! Arnie, that BASTARD, has been drugging Guy’s coffee with methotyminide (a powerful mood disrupter). Eventually Guy is returned to the newsdesk by the aliens, however he’s been brainwashed to the extreme--- annoyingly nice, singing songs, a goody-goody to the tenth power. Gus and Arnie can’t stand it, but when they attempt to adjust his programming they turn Guy into the ultimate party animal- even Arnie can’t keep up with him. With no other choice, Gus finally overloads Guy with power from the station’s transmitter and shorts him out, putting an end to it all... or does he?

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  4. (July 25th, 1987) This is a continuation of the previous week’s show. After Gus Bimmel and Arnie Upshoe overloaded Guy Newswarthy with electricity to change his personality, they both lost their jobs. And now Arnie Upshoe sits in the county jail for drugging Guy with methotyminide, and Gus has been fired. Guy is on leave while he tries to recover. E.J. has brought newsman Gareth Van Oester to sit in and run the show- but things go horribly wrong when Gus breaks into the broadcast with his own pirate transmitter. To make matters worse, Gus has the brain-dead Guy with him. It’s a battle for "Live on Tape" supremacy between the newsroom and Gus. In an act of desperation E.J. has Arnie released from jail to help them stop Gus.

    In the end, E.J., Arnie and Gareth are able to destroy Gus and save Guy, thus returning "Live on Tape" to pursue its mission of providing quality entertainment.

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  5. (August 1st, 1987) Guy returns to the show with a new “relaxed” attitude, even the look of the program takes on a more casual approach. Guy and Arnie have opened a phone line so that viewers can call in and express their comments about the program. During the movie, Gareth Van Oester keeps a running tote-board that “scores” the number of people who get killed in the movie. Unfortunately what Gareth really wants to do is report the news. Throughout the show he takes any, and every, opportunity to squeeze in a news report.

    As the show progresses, the viewer calls become more and more negative and even threatening. When a complaining viewer takes notice of Gareth’s tote-board he mistakenly assumes that he’s called into a telethon of some sort. Guy and Arnie take advantage of this and play it up as the “BTU Telethon” and raise as much money as they can. This infuriates Gareth’s broadcasting sensibilities and he threatens to contact the FCC. Eventually a couple of viewers, Brad and Hazel Gunn, come on the show to help answer the phones and raise money.

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Live on Tape Plus

Here are all 56 episodes of "Live on Tape". These episodes are unedited and presented as they aired back in the late 1980's. The first 12 episodes were produced to accompany and host horror movies. These 12 episodes do not include the movies that aired

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Here are all 56 episodes of "Live on Tape". These episodes are unedited and presented as they aired back in the late 1980's. The first 12 episodes were produced to accompany and host horror movies. These 12 episodes do not include the movies that aired with them. From episode 13 on, each "Live on Tape" episode is its own stand-alone half-hour show. The early shows are... to be blunt... pretty awful. But the later shows do improve, so jump ahead to the later episodes and check it out. It's cheesy, no budget, local TV from the midwest... enjoy!

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