Lettering on the Cheap

Applying vinyl to a flat (non glossy) rough (textured) surface is probably the worst kind of surface to apply Vinyl to. Luckily, we do supply special forms of vinyl for just these scenarios. In this case we’ll be applying a decal onto a wall. We won’t be able to use Application Fluid in this install, as the Vinyl would not stick at all in this case. Applying your Vinyl this way will be more difficult, so we suggest applying with a friend or family member. First measure your surface and determine where the center of your application will go. Then, measure to determine where the top or bottom of your decal will be placed. Using a pencil is best in this case, as you can mark the wall without damaging the surface permanently. Once you’ve measured and and marked your surface, you should additionally mark the center points of your vinyl. This way the wall and the decal will align. Now we can apply the decal. Carefully align to your surface and when ready press the center of your decal against the surface and begin slowly smoothing the remainder against the wall, from the center- out. Having someone else to hold the decal as you work helps a considerable amount. You should be very careful to make sure the decal does not fold in on itself. This is very important as you won’t be using Application Fluid on this flat, rough surface. Using a soft squeegee gently smooth the decal out and remove any bubbles you find upon application. In some cases, due to the texture it may be difficult to remove all of the bubbles. We suggest pin pricking the bubble to release the air trapped inside.

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Lettering on the Cheap

The Speedy Group

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