Lettering on the Cheap

Today we're going to be installing some window decals on this window. This is a little different because we're going to be covering the entire window. First thing we need to do is prep the window by making sure that it's clean. This is an outside application so there could be dust, pollen, or a number of things that could make the decal not stick well. Obviously you don't want anything sticking off the glass. You can start by just using any glass cleaner that you would typically use. Next we'll wipe down the surface with rubbing alcohol to make sure the surface is ready for our vinyl. I'm just putting some alcohol on my rag here and making sure I take good care of the corners and edges of this window because that's generally where dirt tends to build up. It's also where decals like to lift up. So really make sure you pay attention to those areas. This could be done with one person but we strongly recommend larger decals such as this to be done with two people. The next step, after you've cleaned the window, is to douse the window really good with application fluid. Then remove the backing from your decal and put application fluid on the sticky side of your decal. You do need to understand that with glass it will be very forgiving but it will take time before you'll be able to pull the tape off the vinyl. With two people, we can remove all the backing from the vinyl. If it was just myself, I would not be doing this. Now I'm going to spray the back of the decal. We've got our application fluid on, now we just want to align this decal up with the window as good as possible. Try to cover all the window and use your soft squeegie to work the application fluid out from behind the decal. The decal will not stick to the glass while the fluid is behind the decal but once it's gone it sticks very well. Be very gentle with your squeegie as you work the bubbles out. Now we can work the decal down onto the glass. We've applied the decal, now what we're going to do is just work the edges and corners. The last step is to wait and push the edges back down and it should smooth right out.

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Lettering on the Cheap

The Speedy Group

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