LUKE's Meter. Now things start to get weird. When we look closely at Zecharias' soliloquy and how he plays on Mary, we begin to see that Luke is using both to craft the order of what he says, in his gospel.. and James is not only aware of that, but also capitalizes on the end of Zecharias' soliloquy. Why? How? The next 20+ videos will go through this shocking tie. Be sure to keep asking God about what you see, as you watch. I'm still shaking my head over the material, but it gets progressively harder to deny.

Preview of coming contractions: . The videos will cover the details, and right now the end will be Jim29 or 30.

Associated links for this journey:
Prophetic value of Priestly course names: . Pay close attention to the prophetic 'themes' for Sivan (when John born) and Chislev (when Lord born). (or 'pdf', for the pdf copy), Mary's Meter structure. You need the free BibleWorks fonts for the doc, . showing the countdown from Antiochus IV and Chanukah, which Mary 'maps'. Column F is yet incomplete. Dates are shown in 'our' errant BC/AD system, as well as in Roman AUC calendar, which I suspect Mary and Paul use. Still testing that idea. (or 'pdf', for the pdf version), page 8, on Psalm 90 sevened-meter structure. For the doc, you also need BibleWorks fonts. (or 'pdf') , Daniel 9:4-19's meter structure, 'ChronoChart' section. For the rtf, you also need BibleWorks fonts.

That rtf(pdf) also has extensive notes on his king-mapping with ties to the Chronicles and Kings verses he references. Isaiah 53's meter map structure. Map of Time from Adam forward, so you can better tie real time to Psalm 90's meter map. (or htm) on Ephesians 1 (Pages 2-3 summarize God's Doctrine of Time, pp.4-5 contain all links to all related videos, Word docs and webpages on both the meter and the Doctrine of Time in Bible.) For the doc (or htm), you also need BibleWorks fonts. The pdf is .

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Luke's Meter

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Luke wrote Gospel and Acts, but his dateline meters are used by other authors besides James, so this channel contains all the Luke videos which are also in the James channel, plus Revisited or other videos which show how other books reference his meters.…

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Luke wrote Gospel and Acts, but his dateline meters are used by other authors besides James, so this channel contains all the Luke videos which are also in the James channel, plus Revisited or other videos which show how other books reference his meters. Sorry this is so complicated.

Luke's Gospel outline (flow of topics he covers) is entirely built around Mary's Magnificat. Each benchmark she makes in her meter, he uses as a jumping - off point to craft how he will surgically wrap to both what she said, and to Matthew. For she spoke in 5 BC and as soon as she did, it was regarded as a mini-canon of its own, with Zecharias also replying to her in meter, which Luke also quotes and uses to craft his own Gospel points. You cannot see this without counting the syllables in each of their speeches, and then comparing the meter benchmarks to the flow of Luke's text. So the 'Jim' videos demonstrate that. And James, Mary's son, also patterned his dateline meter for his letter on the Magnificat, as well as keying it to Luke's meter, so that's why initially the Luke meter videos are titled 'Jim'.

But I end up revising the meter considerably for the Gospel and for the 'cover letter' meter to Theophilus (nickname, not necessarily a specific person, means 'lover of God'). Both meters are the same. This will be covered ad hoc as I have time to post the videos, called 'Luke Revisited'. This is really shocking stuff. Proof that when you get it wrong (as I initially did), that if you keep on VETTING, God will correct you and then the actual right answer, will blow you away. Seriously, someone should kill me. I shouldn't be alive and be allowed to see this.

So there are several related channels, in alpha order:

James: James 1-2 Meter and Exegesis

Magnificat Meter: GGS11s Magnificat Meter of Time

Mark: Mark's Gospel Proves Q Scholars Wrong

Synoptics: Synoptics

But start here, since most of the James channel contains these videos, and the Magnificat Meter channel videos will be clearer (perhaps) after you've seen these. Then go to the Synoptics, which shows how Luke's TEXT surgically 'wraps' to each section of Matthew, proving Matthew is first Gospel; in Synoptics you'll also see how Mark surgically wraps to first Matthew and the Luke; so last, maybe look at the Mark meter videos.

That's a lot of slog, sorry. Pity no one thinks to count the syllables after 2000 years of fighting over Bible book dates!

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