Madame Chao's

  1. A man sits on a couch that is traveling in deep space. He is wearing a mask. He holds his left hand out so his palm is facing towards the camera. With a pistol in his right hand he holds the barrel flat against the back of his left. He pulls the trigger. Lights emit from the wound. He is surrounded by images of hands. One hand is being smashed with a sledgehammer. Another hand has a hole in it large enough to look through. The moment is suspended in time.

    The soundtrack was made in part by use of samples of music by Abominable Putridity (track: "Letting them Fall", album: "The Anomalies of Artificial Origin" and Macaroni / มักกะโรนี ( track: "Bastard Child / มารหัวขน", album: "Cremation / ฌาปนกิจ").

    # Uploaded
  2. A small sample from a much longer video.

    Originally cablecast on Manhattan Neighborhood Network May 29, 2000.

    # Uploaded
  3. A man in a business suit wearing a Chinese opera mask of Bai Zi Tu Lei Zheng Zi and a baby with a pacifier in its mouth are in a room with moving patterns and colors running across the walls, ceiling and floor. The man punches the baby in the face. Stars appear. The baby has its pacifier knocked out of its mouth. The shape of the room changes. There appears to be some kind of alter in the distance. The sequence is played twice. Then back and forth a bit. Some random stuttering. Rewind. Stop.

    The soundtrack was made in part by use of samples of BELLIGERENT INTENT (Track 8 on "Seven Are They").


Madame Chao's

madame chao

A public access television show that was cablecast in Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York City from 1995 to 2005.

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