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  1. Out of sight, the world’s most powerful Matriarch puppeteers the world through her archaic phone. Only her trusted caretakers encounter her, but where safety and power lie, danger and ambition seek an invitation.

    Starring Hilda Treharne-Koch Thomas, Anne Koch & Elisabeth Koch.
    Written & Directed by Bastiaan Koch

    A 48 hour film shot on location in The Hague, Netherlands.

    Director’s Note:

    Where does true power lie – and when does it lie?

    If we do not know this, we cannot know when or how it shifts, where the pillars of our society exist and where to support or destroy them. Therefore, for good reason perhaps, they remain hidden.

    There are two themes at play in Milk in First, the aforementioned statement being the obvious theme, the other a very subtle and more personal theme.

    The first theme explores a societal, perhaps even instinctual phenomenon wherein the majority of power lies with a select few. This is something I don't contest at all, but raises the more interesting fact that we bestow that power on individuals, ordaining them to authorize the taking or giving of life en masse, amongst many other responsibilities.

    The idea that others desire this power encompasses the more obvious investigatory side of Milk in First.

    The other, more subtle theme, one which I find far more interesting, is delving into the inevitability of seeing one’s parents or elders, once pillars of strength, decline in their parental role as they grow older; indeed, often times, deteriorating completely. Over time, one begins to feel a small but progressive shift in intra-family power and responsibility, and no one has control over that.

    What happens is, one finds themselves taking that power- not in the fashion it occurs in Milk in First, but metaphorically - in one’s mind it occurs with similar impunity, out of sheer necessity and without a shred of guilt.

    – Bastiaan Koch

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  2. A girl on her way home gets terribly lost, only to find herself again.

    Starring Anne Koch.
    Directed by Bastiaan Koch
    Written by Anne Koch + Bastiaan Koch

    A 48 hour film shot on the iPhone 4

    Director’s Note:

    I had always thought about why we are driven to do things, in my circumstance, why I create, and continue to create. Where does the motivation, the diligence, the ambition, even the obligation come from?

    Is it simply death denial?

    I kept coming back to the conclusion that anything and everything mankind endeavors is to deny the only thing we know for certain, our inevitable death; our expiration, and therefore we build something in the hope it will survive us. The rest is either a perk, a torment, or the ease of time’s passing.

    I found myself writing on my white board and it read:

    'Nothing is set in stone, for stone can be broken.'

    The question of death denial interwoven with my fear of automobile accidents, reminints of an actual crash I encountered in England as a passenger, led to the pairing of these two very malleable subjects.
    With just over a fortnight and an iPhone 4, my sister and I wrote, planned and shot our exploration of death denial - both visually and literally on Mt. Paran Rd., in the suburbs of Atlanta, where ambition is no stranger.

    – Bastiaan Koch

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    This ambitious project was created for the meager sum of £1200. READ MORE BELOW:

    "In God We Trust" is a collaboration between childhood friends Alex Gingell, Dan Haigh, Bastiaan Koch, and Alex Westaway. Together we conceived, produced, handled practical FX, directed and appeared in "In God We Trust". In post-production we shared the duties of editing, sound design, musical scoring and creating a host of extensive 2D and 3D visual effects for the piece.

    "In God We Trust" serves as a demonstration piece designed to attract the attention of Film Studios and potential investors utilizing a "Look what we have created with no resources, imagine what we could do with a reasonable budget" approach.

    "In God We Trust" imagine a near future in which society is on the brink of collapse due to the Earth's deteriorating environment. Multinational corporations and international governments have merged to form a small number of elite corporate power groups, each vying for ultimate power and control over the remaining populace.

    The story revolves around a momentous discovery made by high-ranking research scientist Piotr Drabik. Employed by a corporate entity known only as ORTUS, Drabik believes that his research has enabled him to make direct contact with God. Chilling revelations are uncovered as Drabik discovers the true nature of God's will.

    As rumors spread, shady elements within ORTUS orchestrate Drabik's abduction in an attempt to subvert the end of days and realize their own nefarious ambitions. All the while, the highest echelons of the church are acutely aware of God's true will.

    Having kept their best defence against armageddon alive for centuries they prepare to fight once again. Caught in the middle of the web, Drabik must find the strength to confront his fears and ultimately decide the fate of us all.

    The only question which remains is whether humanity's future involves salvation or annihilation...

    Written, Directed & Produced and by Alex Gingell, Dan Haigh, Bastiaan Koch & Alex Westaway
    Starring Charlie Simpson, Alan Butterworth, Louise Malin, Charles Hodgeson, Christian Wilmes
    Music by Gunship
    Marketing by Myles Dyer
    Studio: N/A
    Distributed: N/A

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  4. Please follow the IS THIS HEAVEN movie development page with frequent updates @

    Bastiaan Koch - VFX SHOWREEL 2011

    Rango (Industrial Light & Magic) - Creature & Environments Modeller (Best Animated Feature Film Oscar Winner)
    Sunshine (Moving Picture Company) - Model Supervisor/Designer
    Transformers: Dark of the Moon (Industrial Light & Magic) - Industrial Designer/Modeller
    Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (Industrial Light & Magic) - Industrial Designer/Modeller
    HellBoyII: The Golden Army (Double Negative) - Creature Model Supervisor
    Lock'n'Roll - (Marauder FIlm) - VFX Supervisor & Directing
    Toughest Skin - (Aurora-Lab) - Art Director
    The 3rd Letter (Marauder Film) - 3D Supervisor
    The Golden Compass (Cinesite-Kodak) - Creature & Environments Modeller (VFX Oscar Winner)
    Speed Racer (Digital Domain) - Model & Lighting
    The Drummond Will (Marauder Film) - Model Supervisor

    Current VFX projects in development:

    Battleship (Industrial Light & Magic) - Industrial Designer/Modeller (complete)
    Pacific Rim (Industrial Light & Magic) - Industrial Designer/Modeller (complete)
    In God We Trust (HithMedia/Marauder Film) - VFX Supervisor & Directing (complete)
    Auroras - (Aurora-Lab/Marauder Film) Art Director/Desiger/Second Unit Director
    I Want To Kill Everybody In The World (Marauder Film) - VFX Supervisor & Directing
    Ongoing Time Stabbed by a Dagger (Marauder Film) - VFX Supervisor & Directing

    Director's Note:
    I must pay tribute to the hundreds of talented artists, producers, administrators & technicians that have collaborated to bring these moving-pictures to life; where artists often share ideas, art, designs and digital assets in a very intimate environment. Therefore I must not only credit those people I share these pictures with, but express my gratitude for both the opportunity, privilege and the enchanting experiences that come with working and growing along side such incredible people.

    All footage in this demo reel are for promotional purposes only. Personal copyrights include Bastiaan Koch's directorial work and Marauder Film LLC commercial footage only.
    For more information, please visit:

    Music credits:
    -Greensleeves by King Henry VIII
    -Kill Everybody by Skrillex
    -Mix & Sound Design by Andrew Duncan

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  5. Agency: Marauder Film
    Client: Lock & Roll Wheel Accessories

    Written & Directed by Bastiaan Koch
    Voice-Over, Music & Sound by Andrew Duncan
    Shading & Lighting by Ryan Drue
    Compositing by Dan Haigh (HITHmedia)
    Special thanks to Niles Heckman.

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Marauder Film

Bastiaan Koch Plus

Marauder Film is a story-based studio founded on screen-writing, digital visual effects, technology + design.

We develop feature film + advertising content from script through to artistic vision + production, with a particular emphasis on marrying

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Marauder Film is a story-based studio founded on screen-writing, digital visual effects, technology + design.

We develop feature film + advertising content from script through to artistic vision + production, with a particular emphasis on marrying stunning visual-effects + story.

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