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  1. Excerpts from award-winning documentaries created at the Medill Documentary Journalism Program at Northwestern University directed by professor and documentary filmmaker Brent E. Huffman.

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  2. In the rural districts of Uganda, strangers making false promises of sweet treats, money or jobs, are luring children to their death. Abductions are at the hands of a traditional healer, otherwise called a witch doctor, with the intention of human sacrifice.
    The practice of ritual mutilations and murder by witchdoctors is on the rise, with cases of children disappearing—as they walk to and from school, fetching water from communal wells, or simply playing with their friends by the sugarcane and corn fields.
    A beneficiary goes to a witchdoctor, who consults the spirits and learns what sacrifice or offering is needed for the recipient to achieve his desires. Often times these sacrifices are chickens or goats, but some wishes of wealth and power require greater payment.
    What results are decapitated, disfigured and discarded bodies of young boys and girls.
    In a village of less than 3,000, there have been over 10 cases of child abduction and three of them have been for child sacrifice.
    As long as the ritual has its believers, the practice cannot be put to a stop.

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  3. Ogik Peter is a 26-year-old albino living in Jinja, Uganda who’s survived three kidnapping attempts. There are superstitious beliefs that the sacrifice or mutilation of people with albinism will yield the aggressor monetary gain. Witch doctors in the Great Lakes region, especially Tanzania and Burundi, propagate these regressive theories and hunters cross into Uganda to kidnap albinos. As Ogik describes, albinos are discriminated throughout the community and often alienated in school and at home. He oversees a small nonprofit that provides support and materials like sunscreen and protective sunglasses to albinos in the area. Our film tells Ogik Peter’s story of struggle and forgiveness as well as the hardship that’s befallen two teenagers with albinism that he’s mentoring. We document their struggle for not only acceptance, but survival.

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  4. Winner of a 2013 Chicago/Midwest Emmy

    First Place Winner of the Illinois Press Photographers' Association Illinois Student Best of Multimedia

    Film by Corinne Chin, Fabiano Leal and Matthew Rhodes

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  5. "Fly Boyz" is an undergraduate documentary created by students Arpita Aneja, Rachel Reed and Andrea Kang.

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Medill Student Documentaries - Northwestern University

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A page highlighting the work of Professor Brent Huffman's Medill Documentary Class at Northwestern University. All films were made during a 10-week class by first-time student filmmakers.

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