Antal Lux :

Das Bedürfnis sich von aller Tätigkeit und jedem Zwang zu verantwortlicher Entscheidung zu befreien.
Da dieses Bedürfnis nicht bei allen Menschen gleich entwickelt (oder erhalten geblieben) ist, lassen sich manche nur oberflächlich, andere überhaupt nicht hypnotisieren.

My right arm is heavy, really heavy.
Completely quiet and relaxed.
My attention is in my right arm and my right arm is heavy, really heavy.
I draw my internal attention from my right arm to my left arm I perceive my left arm and can feel my left arm lying on the armrest or on my thigh.
My left arm is heavy, really heavy.
My left arm is hevy, absolutely heavy.
I am completely calm and relaxed.
My right arm is heavy, really heavy.

All human beings have an urgent need to free themselves from all kind of action and from the necessity to make responsible decisions.
Because this need is not as developed (or as well preserved) in every one, some of us are more easily hypnotised, while others surrender only superficially to the hypnosis and some cannot be hypnotised at all.
Hypnosis has therapeutic elements. Inside the „Safe“-in this hermetically sealed space away from all light and the outside world-person is sitting opposite the monitor.
On one hand the room produces tension in a viewer due to the dark and closed space, while on the other hand absolute relaxation will be achieved by watching the video and reciting the text. This discrepancy between two opposite dispositions produces an unique emotional state in a viewer.

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Media in Motion

by dafü(®)

Gallery for changing exhibitions and 2 fully furnished and equipped apartments (each approx. 1000 square feet) where artworks are exhibited in space, on the walls, via loudspeakers and electronic screens.


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by dafü(®)

Gallery for changing exhibitions and 2 fully furnished and equipped apartments (each approx. 1000 square feet) where artworks are exhibited in space, on the walls, via loudspeakers and electronic screens.

MIM&MORE´s focus are not the young and emerging artists but artistic quality in content and form. All artists connected to MIM&MORE emphasize media in in a broader sense.Operating from Berlin and Zagreb MIM&MORE is fostering the artistic exchange between both cities.In the following years a series of exhibitions under the name Z.B. (german for „zum Beispiel“, english „for example“) will round up the gallery profile.

Furthermore MIM&MORE will open an online art gallery and a net-based videochannel for artistic use of the techniques of the moving image.

Extraordinary works by selected artists from around the world / œuvres extraordinaires par les artistes sélectionnés à travers le monde / aussergewöhnliche Arbeiten von ausgewählten Künstlern aus der ganzen Welt

IIn its inaugural exhibition on the 16th of December 2011 MIM&MORE exhibited works by artists from all continents (except Antarctica) plus a glimpse from the collection of One in content and form polylogical amazement is guaranteed. It follows exchibition extension opening on the 20th of January 2012, which will last as long as the apartment is not rented.

Collection: Marc Adrian, Fukio Akai, Anna Anders, Siri Austeen, Jovan Balov, Max Bill, Piet-Jan Blauw, Rafael Bogarin, Djanino Bozic, Tomislav Brajnovic, Heike Buchfelder,Noam Braslavsky, Iwona Borkowska, Ulu Braun, Nino Cannistraci, Barbara Caveng, George Chemeche, Costantino Ciervo, Cécile Colle}{Ralf Nuhn, Roberto Colombo, Fabienne Costa, Heiko Daxl, Young Timothy Dempsey, Juraj Dobrovic, Dunja Donassy, Sirma Doruk, Juliane Duda, Bogomir Ecker, Björn Edsberg, Georg Alexander Eisenhut, Ray Elman, Annette Erlenwein, Ennio Finzi, Torsten Fleisch, Alen Floricic, Hanna Frenzel, Hans Friedrich, Monika Funke, Winfred Gaul, Rupprecht Geiger, Giulia Gianola, Hans Jörg Glattfelder, Hermann Goepfert, Michael Gorban, Gerhardt von Graevenitz, Jari Haanperä, Akiko Hada, Nigel Hall, John Halpern, Hans Hartung, Hazy Dazy, Bernhard Heiliger, Hajo Heinecke, Terhi Heino, James Higginson, Sibylle Hoessler, Joanna Hoffmann, Alexius Huber, Robert Indiana, Eugène Ionesco, Maru Ituarte, Urs Jaeggi, LB Jeffries, Franz John, Vasilije Jordan, Dieter Jung, Kain Karawahn, Timo Kahlen, Peter Kees, Zlatko Keser, William Kentridge, Susanne Kienbaum, Fritz Köthe, Nicholas Krushenick, Betina Kuntzsch, Edmund Kuppel, Nina Kurtela, Jawek Kwakmann, Ilka Lauchstädt, Malcolm Le Grice, Kaspar-Thomas Lenk, Jürgen Lit-Fischer, Martin Lodewijk, Wolfgang Lösche, Gretta Louw, Antal Lux, Thilo Maatsch, Mia Makela, Zahra Mani, Dalibor Martinis, Volker März, Dora Maurer, Oscar Maxera, Jung Me, Walter Menne, Uwe Mersch, Simona Minitti, Paolo Minoli, Axel Möckel, Tilopa Monk, Pedro Moreira, Philippe Morrison, Tom Mosley, Mona Mur & En Esch, Joep Neefjes, Maria Niro, Karel Novosad, Dennis Oppenhein, Mario Palli, Rotraut Pape, Georg Karl Pfahler, Otto Piene, Jochen Piepmeyer, Mary Rumble Pitjara, Ulrich Polster, Ivan Picelj, Lothar Quinte, Nika Radic, Rivka Rinn, Don Ritter, Steve Roach, Christa G. Rudloff, Mields Rune, Ilse Ruppert, Andreas Sachsenmaier, Naruaki Sasaki, Michael Saup, Lisa Schmitz, Marek Schowanek, Ira Schneider, Konstantin Schneider, Fritz Schweiger, Candas Sisman, Goran Skofic, Brian Reffin Smith, Jan Peter E.R. Sonntag, Markus Soukup, Wolfgang Spahn, Henry Stag, Christian Stähler, Christoph Staude, Maren Strack, Michaela Strumberger, Karen Stuke, Janos Szirtes, Yukihiro Taguchi, Nik Teplov, Signe Theill, Mark Tobey, Tobias Trutwin, Günther Uecker, Max Uhlig, Timm Ulrichs, Branka Uzur, Francois Vautier, Lucyna Viale, Mirjana Vodopija, Peter Weibel, Ute Weissleder, Theodor Werner, Fadil Vejzovic, Andre Werner, Monika Weiss, Oskar Wiggli, Ludwig Wilding, Mia Zabelka, Tina Zimmermann

In both apartments, which are to rent, not only the artworks could be purchased, but also the furniture and lamps of designers like Alexander Begge, Harry Bertoia, Charles Eames, Georg Alexander Eisenhut, Arne Jacobsen,Verner Panton, Ferdinand Porsche, Dieter Rams, Eero Saarinen, Philippe Starck, and others. The pieces were manufactured by Artek, Bang & Olufsen, Rolf Benz, Bose, Braun, Casala, Cor, Pluma Cubic, deSede, Gio-Gestaltung, Grundig, Interlübke, Knoll, Leolux, Musterring, Philipps, Louis Poulsen,Vitra, Wilkhahn, Zanotta and others. All pieces are originals from 50ies, 60ies, 70ies, 80ies and 90ties.
MIM & MORE is a project by
m e d i a i n m o t i o n berlin/zagreb

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