1. Mi-Witness HD V2 HD Car Black box 360 degree video
    The New Mi-Witness HD Vehicle CCTV Accident Recording System has been designed to provide all drivers with the very best protection against fraudulent insurance claims on our roads & lowering Insurance premiums. 

 “Using the Mi-Witness, is the only real way to substantiate your claim in the court of law ”

    Using the Mi-Witness camera is the only real way to substantiate your claims in the court of law. Drivers have come to realise that, in the absence of other evidence, having a camera onboard may influence a positive outcome in the case of an accident.
    While actual results will vary, it's been reported from various motoring groups that camera systems can dramatically reduce at-risk driving behaviours by up 50-70%. By reducing the at-risk behaviour, the likelihood of an accident is also reduced.

    - The Mi-Witness HD system will continuously record your journey.
- The Mi-Witness can record via the front or rear when the 2nd camera* is fitted
- The Mi-Witness records in HD quality video & offering the very best detailed video playback 
- The Mi-Witness HD logs video & audio, braking, acceleration, G-force, and your GPS Location.
- The Mi-Witness HD range is completely legal. 
- The driver will have undisputed evidence of an incident, providing direct proof of whose fault it was.
- Mi-Witness can help in Resolving issues with conflicting reports of actual events by drivers and witnesses
- O ffers unbiast Version of Events, before, during and after an accident front and rear*
- Speeds up the Insurance Claims Process, providing irrefutable evidence
- The Mi-Witness over time can result in safer driving, improves road safety & vehicle fuel economy and reduces erratic driving
- Provides Recordings for use in HGV driver training young drivers learning to drive. 

The Mi-Witness HD range is completely legal. The driver will have undisputed evidence of an incident and providing direct proof whose fault it was.

The Mi-Witness HD device will benefit any vehicle and their drivers in the event of a fraudulent claim. commonly known as crash for cash. Mi-Witness can also provide video evidence should there be a dispute in any accident. For companies with fleet vehicles there has also been improvements in driver behaviour and as a direct result reduced fuel costs and wear and tear.

    With the advent of in vehicle camera systems motorists have never been better protected and honest motorists can now fight back with a vengeance. In any vehicle crash, there is a risk that third parties will either incorrectly recall or deliberately attempt to misrepresent what actually happened and this can be easily countered if you have video footage of the accident.

    Video evidence from the MI-Witness can assist your car insurance company to process your claim more efficiently and it prevents a stand off scenario whereby your insurer and that of the other driver are unable to agree which party was at fault.
    Private individuals, especially young drivers where premiums can be high, can benefit financially via lowered premiums. Fleet vehicles are good candidates for this kind of protection given their high annual mileage.

    It has always been logical for car insurance companies to support the use of in-car cameras as the video evidence will help to settle a claim quickly and more cost-effectively but until recently the only insurance companies that embraced this technology were insurers of fleet vehicles such as HGVs.

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Mi-Witness HD V2


Mi Witness HD V 2 Accident Camera

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