1. A quick demonstration of a bug we're experiencing with Microsoft Office 2010 when students try to print documents that are in Moodle.

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  3. Instructors: Learn how to change the default grading scale that Moodle uses to calculate student grades.

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    Once you start publishing grades in Moodle, it's a good idea to compare Moodle's default grading scale to the one in your syllabus.

    On the screen, for instance, I have a student's grade book pulled up. Right now they have a `93%` in the class. Moodle is reporting this as an `A`, but according to my syllabus, they should receive an `A-`.

    So how do we fix this? Well, the settings for determining letter grades are a little bit out of the way in Moodle, but I'll show you how to adjust them in a few easy steps.

    So I'm going to start at the front page of my Moodle course. The settings we want to adjust are part of the grade book, so I'm going to click on "Grades" on the left side of Moodle.

    The grade book has several screens, and you can use the tabs along the top to access each section.

    In order to edit the grading scale, you have to click on `Letters` tab.

    And on the `Letters` screen you should see an overview of Moodle's current grading scale for your course. Just to clarify, Moodle is currently giving an `A` to any student whose overall percentage is `93.00%` or higher. This is the range I want to change.

    I also want to point out that the default Moodle grading scale doesn't include a `D-`, which I know many of our instructors include in their syllabi, so I'll also show you how to add that to the bottom of the scale.

    So to adjust this scale, we need to click on the `Edit` link in the row below the tab bar.

    The screen will refresh, but before you can change anything you need to first click on `Override site defaults`.

    So let's pull up my syllabus and compare. I already have my syllabus open in the background, and I'm going to use a handy feature of Windows 7 that lets me have two windows open side by side. I'm going to drag the top menu bar of my syllabus over to the right and you'll see it "snap" to fill the right side of the screen.

    Now I'm going to do the same thing with my Moodle screen, only this time I'm going to "snap" it to the left side of the screen.

    And I'm just going to go down the list and adjust Moodle's ranges to match the ones in my syllabus. The ranges will probably differ for you, of course, but the process is the same.

    - 96% and above is an A
    - 90% and above is an A-
    - 87% and above is a B+
    - 84% and above is a B
    - 80% and above is a B-
    - 77% and above is a C+
    - 74% and above is a C
    - 70% and above is a C-
    - 67% and above is a D+
    - 64% and above is a D
    - 60% and above is a D- (Note: This replaces the F!)

    Adding that new letter grade has made our task a little more tricky than just tweaking the ranges. I already put the `D-` into the grade book, but I need to make sure Moodle gives an `F` to any grade below `60%`. But as you can see, Moodle won't let me type into this box at the bottom. I have to scroll down first and change `Unused` to `0%` before I'm allowed to type the `F` into the box.

    When you're done making changes, go ahead and click `Save changes` at the bottom. Moodle will take you back to the overview page with the adjusted scale. Make sure you take a moment to double check your changes.

    So now if I look at the student grade book again, you'll see the `93%` is now being reported as an `A-` just like my syllabus dictates.

    If you have any other questions about using the Moodle grade book, please contact our Mid Mich Help Desk.

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  4. Instructors: Learn how to view a single student's grade book in Moodle.

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    Throughout the semester you may want to focus on a single student's grades in Moodle. I know this is particularly helpful when you meet one-on-one with a student, and I also find it useful for double-checking that my grade book is working properly.

    I have a demonstration course shell visible here -- it doesn't have any real students, but it does have assignments and grades that we can use as an example.

    I'm going to start by going to the "Grades" link on the left side of Moodle.

    The page that comes up looks a lot like an Excel spreadsheet. Student names are listed along the left, and there are columns for each assignment along the top. The last column in this table contains the overall grade for each student.

    But if I were to meet with a student to discuss their grade, I wouldn't want to show this particular screen since it contains information about all of my students.

    So I'm going to draw your attention to the row of tabs near the top of the screen. We're currently in the "View" tab of the grade book, and underneath it you can see two options. We're currently looking at the "Grader Report." As instructors we are considered the "graders" of the course, and this is what we use to enter grades.

    But the second option is what you may have never seen before. It's called the "User Report" and it's identical to what students see in Moodle. I'm going to go ahead on click on it.

    The table on this page is organized differently than before. This time you'll see the assignments listed along the left side, with a course total at the bottom of the page. Right now this view is blank, but if you look at the right side of the page you'll see a drop down menu that lets you pick a particular student.

    Once you pick a student, the screen will refresh with their grades. You can pick a different student -- or optionally show all students -- from the drop down menu in the upper right.

    Like I said before, this is a feature of Moodle that I find myself using throughout the semester. I hope you'll find it helpful.

    If you have any Moodle questions, please free to contact our Help Desk.

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