1. Taken from the new album - Wait For Me (out 30th June) - moby.com

    Moby on 'Hope Is Gone'

    "I love torch songs. I love that aesthetic. I love that rock ‘n’ roll happened, but in a way I wish that that quiet torch song music of resignation, it sort of died when rock ‘n’ roll entered the picture, and I really miss it. I’m sort of trying to bring it back a little bit, i guess. It’s a straightforward song about resignation; the woman singing it, she’s given up, she’s content to sit at a bar for the rest of her life. The vocalist is Hilary Gardner, she was born at the wrong time. She should have been born in 1935, just her vocal approach and her voice… Put her in front of the crummiest microphone and she sounds like a young Patti Page -- and a funny historical side note: she’s from Wassilla, Alaska, Sarah Palin’s hometown."

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  2. Taken from the new album - Wait for Me - moby.com

    Moby on 'A Seated Night':

    "Theres a very specific inspiration for this. Six or seven years ago I was in a taxi and there was a Haitian taxi driver and he was listening to a Haitian choral church service that had been recorded by his cousin. It was the worst recording, and played through like a Radio Shack cassette player, but it was the most beautiful thing Id ever heard because it was all small and atmospheric and amazing. So with this song, I sought out a vocal sample that reminded me of that."

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  3. Taken from the new album - Wait for Me - moby.com

    Moby on 'Jltf 1':

    "Having lived in New York for a long time, there’s a lot of vice and degeneracy – there’s celebratory vice and degeneracy and then there comes a time when vice is no longer celebratory and it becomes a way of life and you’re no longer going out, you’re staying in. This song is about two drug addicts in a relationship who disappeared down the rabbit hole of hardcore drug addiction. Almost everybody I know either is or has been a drug addict. When I was growing up, my mom and her friends did a lot of drugs, but harder drugs always seemed really scary to me. But at some point I realized I became inured through exposure to drug use. Everyone I knew was smoking crack, smoking meth, and shooting speedballs and dying of overdoses and it became normal. So that’s sort of what this song is about: my friends are all junkies and it’s just normal, it doesn’t seem weird anymore, which in and of itself seems really weird. The way drug use is demonized, almost from a Victorian perspective, and I don’t think people should do addictive drugs because they become addicted to them and they’re miserable. But the reason people do drugs more often than not is they want to be happy. We think of drug users as being subhuman and living in gutters and the people who sell drugs are mean people who use guns. At the end of the day, someone who’s doing drugs wants to feel good, like a child eating Oreos. There’s nothing nefarious about their intentions – it’s just someone trying to feel better than they normally would, with that added bonus of nihilism thrown in there. That was the inspiration behind that song."

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  4. Taken from the new album - Wait For Me (out 30th June) - moby.com

    Moby on 'Pale Horses':

    "I know that no one apart from studio geeks want to hear about studio tricks, but one of my goals with this record was to make a lot of it sound older than it was.

    Not retro sounding or nostalgic sounding, but in a lot of newer recordings i find that everything's really bright and I just wanted the vocals on this song to sound like conversational vocals. With Pale Horses, its my friend Amelia singing.

    More often than not, when I work with a singer, they come over, I play them the song once, I put a mic in their hand and have them do a rough version of it. Then they come back later and do a more polished version. 90% of the time I never even consider using the polished versions. So this is her holding a $70 microphone, no headphones, just singing it with me holding the lyrics in front of her pointing to the worlds. She didn't know the song, so her performance had a vulnerable, na•ve quality. When she knew the song better and I recorded it with a better mic, it sounded too slick. But this version still sounded too polished for me, so I took her vocals and put them on a weird old 1/8" tape machine and re-recorded that back into the song."

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  5. Taken from the new album - Wait For Me (out 30th June) - moby.com

    Moby on Mistake:

    “It’s the only one I’m singing on, on the record. It’s the most conventional song, in terms of song structure. In listening to it, it’s pretty clear I listened to New Order and Echo & The Bunnymen and David Bowie. My adolescent musical roots are definitely showing through on that one. I just love melodic, emotional post-punk. I really loved that period in post-punk when bands like New Order and Joy Division were playing with synthesizers, so they’re making emotional records and a lot of the warmth, and all of it, like the song “Atmosphere” by Joy Division, comes from the synthesizers.”

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