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  1. Audio Test Video with all Sounds, FX, Music - basically anything audible - replaced.

    My intent here was to create the sense of authenticity and impact. First, the vinyl crackles and pops to were put throughout to compliment the video's old vintage appearance, and EQ'd the music to sound as though being produced by an old record player and classic speaker. The beginning of the clip has very little movement and events that require sound, so I took some liberties to add in sounds that make sense to me... like the squeak of the scope, grabbing a bullet from the table and loading it, etc. Of course if I had the means I would record/foley everything I possibly could to get the most realism possible! Once the sniper discovers the approaching tank envoy, everything changes fast. I wanted the soundscape to really explode with urgency and clamoring, both with quick edits and very dynamic differences between what happens outside near the tank, and inside the sniper's little room.

    I used ProTools exclusively for the SFX design and editing. All sound effects used are either royalty free sample library files or imported from my personal sound library, including some rifle movements, rattles and loading, and other tidbits throughout. All vocals are my own, recorded with Zoom H4n, pitched up/down and EQ'd to add variety for different characters (but mixed low enough to be indistinguishable!) It's not much, and I'm definitely not a voice actor, but I hoped it would add a little more realism.

    Finally, the musical piece is called "Padam Padam" (bought it off of iTunes), by Edith Piaf, a popular French Waltz/Opera singer from the '40's. I reached the end of the sound effect placement/design and still felt like it needed something to help fill the indoor scenes, really pulling the viewer in. This was probably the most fun to incorporate! I didn't want to do a heartbeat overlaying the action or the sniper's breathing and such, it just didn't translate well and I feel like it's pretty common ground for this type of action. Having the music throughout the clip is also meant to be true to the period (judging by the weaponry/tank to be WWII-era) and also to be a stark contrast to the violence that takes place. I wanted the music to sound like the sniper had been playing a record from somewhere out of frame but within the room, so i used 3 different EQ's for the different views; inside, outside the window, and outside of the building, attempting to give that sense of space.

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  2. All Sound, music and anything audible designed and composed by Andrew Corbitt


    SFX and Sound Design for "Music Composition" clip:
    © High Voltage Software

    Edith Piaf - "Padam Padam"
    © Columbia Records

    All other visual content and imagery are trademarks and/or copyrighted materials of their respective owners

    Thank you for watching and LISTENING!

    © Andrew Corbitt, Mind|over|Matter Sound, 2012

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  3. Created Ambiances tested in-game, all original, looping, randomized, and layered. Note the creature growl towards the end... (very intentionally drops out remaining ambiances so that it can be heard from around the corner). Watch your volume, the player's gun fires immediately after and is much louder than the ambiance!

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  4. Forbidden is a horror/survival exploration game set in an old town with a lot of tragedy. We put together a demo in little over a year with a small team of under 10 people, scattered across the U.S. My involvement on the project is all sound design, ambiences, and music (for the opening menu). Implementation was completed via network screen sharing using Unreal 4. Sounds and music created in Pro Tools and Logic Pro.

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  5. Game Audio Demo Reel, © Andrew Corbitt, 2016.

    First, a NOTE: Please set levels appropriately with headphones so that you're able to hear the music and ambience within the first project! I meticulously mixed for a wide dynamic range.

    Clips featured are from Shadow Demon Entertainment projects since late 2014. All projects involved recording original sounds, designing them in Pro Tools and/or Logic Pro, and implementing into either the game itself or a cutscene/animation. I then mixed and exported appropriately. Music is also all original, composed and sequenced in Logic Pro, mixed in Pro Tools.
    Some notes regarding the clips themselves:
    Forbidden Demo: Once the level design team finished placing all the assets, I had about a month to get all the cutscene notes together and record, design, and implement all the audio from start to finish. We decided to forgo the footsteps, as this would take longer to implement on the programming side, but otherwise managed to place all the ambiences (indoor a/c and fans, refrigerator, etc.), object interactions, nightmare hallway sounds, and reverbs in time. The cutscene was sequenced and screen captured so that I could place all the sound design using Pro Tools.

    The Splash Logo audio was done in a day using Logic Pro synthesis and recording some original "dragon/demon" noises layered amongst other large animal samples.

    Finally, the "Inhuman" cutscene was put together several years ago for a project that has since been put on hold. The cutscene was to be part of the demo right before player tutorial and mechanics walkthrough. Much like the cutscene at the end of the "Forbidden" demo, I was given the screen capture video and tasked with putting together the VO, SFX and music within Logic and Pro Tools. Project took a quick hour session of VO and around 3 days for placement, sound design and synthesis. Music was then written exclusively for the video to fit within it's futuristic/alien theme and time constraints.

    For more videos, sounds, music (you name it!) - please visit my website at audio.andrewcorbitt.com. Thank you for watching!

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Sound Design videos containing projects and work by Andrew Corbitt, owner and operator of Mind|over|Matter Sound.

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    Update: Oct. 25, 2012 .... New inclusions to Demo Reel featuring clips from SFX and Composition vids, remixed and remastered original material, layered in original MindoverMatter BG music. Enjoy the new improved Reel!

    by Andrew Corbitt Audio

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