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  1. Artist: Jarik Jongman (10 individual paintings, presented as a digital slide-show)
    Year Produced: 2012
    Series: (de)facing revolt: ten individual paintings, portraits
    Medium: Oil on canvas with water-soluble marker, pen and egg
    Size: 80 x 80 cm
    Editions: Ten individual paintings, edition 1/1

    A former assistant of Anselm Kiefer, Jarik Jongman uses both his own photographs and anonymous pictures found in flea markets, books, magazines and on the Internet as a starting point for his engagement with archetypal imagery. Dutch born, he studied in Arnhem and has had numerous exhibitions in London, Berlin, Switzerland, Amsterdam and at the 53rd (2009) and 54th (2011) Venice Biennale in collateral events. He currently lives and works in Amsterdam.

    Jongman’s (de)facing revolt is a series of 10 painted portraits of icons of the contemporary art world: some of the richest and most influential players of our time, which he subsequently, with the help of the audience, defaced. The result is a series of mutilated, paint bombed and blowtorched images, reminiscent of the damaged murals and toppled statues of ousted dictators across the world.

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  2. Title of Work: A Children’s Book of War
    Artist: Sumugan Sivanesan
    Year Produced: 2010
    Duration: 1min, 45 sec

    One interpretation of international law has it that people can prove their sovereignty by their ability to make and maintain laws, and their abilty to declare war. Looked at that way, war is not only something civilizations do – it is something they must do in order for their right to self–rule to be respected.

    In March 2003, as Australia prepared to send troops into Iraq, two activists painted the words ‘No War’ on the Sydney Opera House.

    But there was – and is – a war. After all, war is what makes the world go ‘round.
    War is an act of civilization. War and law go hand in hand. They govern each other so
    tightly that those who wage war often prefer not to call what they do ‘war’ to avoid having to abide by all the rules and conventions that have grown up around conflict.

    Due to war or civil disorder or natural disaster we might find ourselves in situations where laws are suspended – in a ‘State of Emergency’. Like in Haiti after a major earthquake in January 2010 killed hundreds of thousands of people…

    In Sri Lanka through more than 20 years of civil conflict…

    And in Australia where the Northern Territory National Emergency Response was
    introduced in the lead up to a federal election.

    Extreme circumstances can create a ‘State of Exception’ where the rule of law is put aside. Ever since September 11 when hijackers flew planes into New York’s
    Twin Towers, a State of Exception has justified a ‘War on Terror’. A war that includes the war in Iraq – the war that the Opera House activists made such a scene of objecting to – and the war in Afghanistan. A war not likely to end any time soon.

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  3. Artist: Martin Sexton
    Year Produced: 1973 – 2012
    Medium: DVD
    Duration: 10 min 46 sec
    Editions: 1/9, 2/9, 3/9

    London-based artist and writer Martin Sexton asserts ‘With my writing practice I somehow feel the books or poems I want to read do not yet exist, so somehow like the fabulist of old – I have to write them in order to read them. The same conditions apply to the art that I create – with this one exception – that if they do exist in poetry or literature but NOT in art – then I must create them. Sometimes my practice converges and takes the form of say a sculptural poem or an invocation or play. I have to confess that the notions of Time & Love play powerfully within me and inhabits much if not all of my explorations.’

    Martin Sexton’s works are presented as ‘Futiques’ – collectable artworks of the future time machines that are somehow & mysteriously filmed in the past, viewed in the present, yet reveal objects and portents from the future.

    Bloodspell (Mexican UFO) claims to be shot in 1973 as a home-made travelogue in Mexico and Central America. Its film-maker gets lost amongst the Mayan ruins – a shaman emerges and administers a psychoactive trip – another event then unfolds; the journey transmogrifies into a UFO above the Temple of the Owls only for the witness to black out, awakening at a different ancient Temple 180 miles away.

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  4. Title of Work: Burn my love, burn
    Artist: Mariana Hahn
    Year Produced: 2013
    Medium: HD Video, PAL
    Duration: 5 min 24 sec
    Editions: 1/5

    The work Burn My Love, Burn creates the body as the carrier of historical signature; the body does so by will, it inscribes, devours the story, becoming a container that vibrates and lives within a narrative. The shroud becomes the elementary signifier of such a historical narrative, it has been impregnated by the story, acts as the monument. Through the burning, it can become part of an organic form in motion. The text conditions and creates the body within the very specifically hermetically sealed space.

    The words activate the body’s field of memory as much as it creates a new one, adding on to the net of connotations the figure has toward words. The ritual becomes the form through which this transformation can be made, the body eats the body, destroys and paints again, another image. Again this is done by the word, it creates the flesh, gives it differentiating coloration, its plausible point of view. The body acts as a paper, it is inscribed by those murmurs of history, becoming a living artifact of its own history.

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  5. Title of the work: Cake
    Artist: Qiu Anxiong
    Year: 2014
    Duration: 6 min 2 sec
    Medium: Video Animation

    Qiu Anxiong (b. 1972, Chengdu) was born in the capital of Sichuan province in the southwest of China. There, he studied under the progressive artistic practice of Ye Yongqing and Zhang Xiaogang. Qiu and his friends collectively founded a bar which became a hub for the blossoming underground music and art circles in Sichuan, and his colleagues included He Duoling, Zhou Chunya, and Shen Xiaotong. In his animated films, Qiu co-mingles the classical and the contemporary, using the traditional Chinese ink-and-wash style to transpose contemporary social and environmental issues onto traditional Chinese landscapes. Qiu has exhibited broadly internationally, having studied contemporary international art and traditional Chinese culture at the Kunsthochschule Kassel, Germany. In 2004 he began teaching at Shanghai Normal University and currently lives and works in Shanghai. Qiu received the Chinese Contemporary Art Award in 2006 and has exhibited widely, including a recent solo-show, titled Qiu Anxiong, The New Book of Mountains and Seas II at the Arken Museum of Modern Art in Ishøj, Denmark (2013) and group exhibition ‘Ink Art’ at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York (2013). He is one of the artists undertaking the PANDAMONIUM Residency, and will be producing new work for this show.

    After working predominantly in oil painting during his studies in Kassel and having later turned to landscape painting in the tradition of the old Chinese masters, Qiu’s return to Shanghai in 2004 marked a shift in interest towards video art. Marked by the same quiet detachment and timelessness as his previous works, but now combining painting, drawing and clay in his animations, Cake offers an exquisitely crafted contemplation on the past, the present, and the relation¬ship between the two.

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MOMENTUM ⎪ Collection

Momentum Worldwide Plus

The MOMENTUM Collection is a growing collection of international video art comprising the best and brightest artists we have shown and collaborated with worldwide. The Collection represents a cross-section of digital artworks at the top of the field.…

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The MOMENTUM Collection is a growing collection of international video art comprising the best and brightest artists we have shown and collaborated with worldwide. The Collection represents a cross-section of digital artworks at the top of the field. It ranges from some of the most established to emerging video artists, including work from Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Finland, the US, the UK, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Germany. The works in the Collection have been generously donated by the artists to support MOMENTUM, as we are a non-profit organization. In turn, MOMENTUM is committed to supporting our collaborating artists by exhibiting and promoting the Collection internationally and making it available on our website as a resource to inform and inspire the public and art professionals alike.

The Collection is being used in educational curriculums, and is available as a resource to interested individuals and institutions. Furthering MOMENTUM’s mission to promote the sharing and exchange of resources, the Collection has toured through Berlin and Venice at the time of the Venice Biennale (2011), and in 2012 was screened in Jerusalem in a public art festival, on a public art screen in Berlin, and was presented in select international art events.

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