1. By Humans since 1982, Stockholm, 2014.
    AMT 61c is a circular, brushed version of the A million times project. It contains 61 interconnected clocks.
    Dimension: 150cm x 150cm x 5cm
    Material: Brushed aluminium, electrical components.
    Recorded in Stockholm, October 2014.
    Sound by Felix Aneer, Stockholm.

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  2. B O N D

    “Connection between the feelings is the lifecycle of creation”

    It is possible to see the endless loop inside the bundle of emotions, where all of them are somehow related to eachother, taking time to rise.

    Concept & Animation & Sound Design – Furkan Ethem

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  3. (See also this related video of visitor interactions: vimeo.com/111864451, and this screen-captured video of additional scenes: vimeo.com/126833147)

    The "Augmented Hand Series" (by Golan Levin, Chris Sugrue, and Kyle McDonald, 2014) is a real-time, interactive software system that presents playful, dreamlike, and uncanny transformations of its visitors' hands.

    The installation consists of a kiosk into which the user inserts their hand, and a touchscreen display which reveals their reimagined hand—defamiliarized through a variety of dynamic, structural alterations. In the presentation shown here, at the 2014 Cinekid Festival in Amsterdam, the kiosk is accompanied by a large rear-projection.

    Some twenty scenes (transformations) have been developed, with more planned. This video presents live demonstrations of ten different scenes from the installation, including:

    • "Plus One" (0:06): The hand obtains an additional finger.
    • "Minus One" (0:16): The hand has one finger omitted.
    • "Variable Finger Length" (0:22): The fingers' length changes over time.
    • "Meandering Fingers" (0:28): The fingers take on a life of their own.
    • "Procrustes" (0:36): All fingers are made the same length.
    • "Lissajous" (0:44): The palm is warped in a periodic way.
    • "Breathing Palm" (0:52): The palm inflates and deflates.
    • "Vulcan Salute" (1:00): The third and fourth fingers are cleaved.
    • "Angular Exaggeration" (1:03): Finger angles are amplified.
    • "Springers" (1:12): Finger movements are exaggerated by springy physics.

    The Augmented Hand Series was commissioned by the Cinekid Festival with support from the Mondriaan Fund. Developed at the Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon University with additional support from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and the Frank-Ratchye Fund for Art @ the Frontier. Concept and software development: Golan Levin, Chris Sugrue, Kyle McDonald. Software assistance: Dan Wilcox, Bryce Summers, Erica Lazrus. Conceived 2004; developed 2013-2014.
    Developed in openFrameworks (OF), a free, open-source toolkit for arts engineering. Special thanks to Paulien Dresscher, Eyeo Festival, Zach Lieberman, Simon Sarginson, Theo Watson, Elliot Woods.
    Videography: Caitlin R. Boyle
    Camera: Gerlinde de Geus, courtesy Cinekid Festival.
    Music: The Jesse Stiles 3000. Used with permission.

    Images: bit.ly/augmented-hands-flickr
    Code repository: github.com/CreativeInquiry/digital_art_2014
    Contact: @golan (Twitter) or golan@flong.com

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  4. Our lives are ruled and defined by cycles. Cycles which at their core appear to be chaos, however at a distance they reveal to us the harmony and beauty of each repetition and their infinite possibilities. Our daily interaction with cycles is an invitation to take the space and reflection necessary to change our perspective.

    Cycles Version 1 is an audio visual piece created by COCOLAB and commissioned by ARCA that uses a series of laser scanners to use light to visualise short cycle audio compositions by diverse artists.

    Version 1 with the collaboration of the following audio artist:
    Julian Placencia - Disco Ruido (MX)
    Shiro Schwarz (MX)
    Eduardo Jiménez (MX)
    Tijs Ham (NL)
    Sebastian Frisch (DE)

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  5. Sound and light installation, Atomium - Brussels -ID#2014
    The “Out of Control” installation explores the question of Singularity: the inevitable rise of the Super Machine - longed-for or feared - which, according to some theorists, should occur around 2030, i.e. in the blink of an eye.
    While the emergence of the first Artificial Intelligence remains a sci-fi theme, the nature and associated risks of such technology has long been a topic of reflection for authors. As early as 1946, Murray Leinster’s novel, “A Logic Named Joe”, imagined the excesses of a hypothetical global computer network capable of attaining a pseudo-conscience.
    The stronger the machine, the more worrying its malfunctioning may be. “Out of Control” deals with this issue from the inside, not from the human but from the machine’s point of view, portraying the inner conflict of a faulty artificial system which suffers an external attack, unaware of what or why this has happened.
    The nature and history of the Atomium make it the ideal location for this installation. The site embodies the Golden Age of sci-fi, when questions first arose regarding the relationship between humankind and conscious machines (Asimov and its three laws of robotics). The Atomium was built during a time period which saw the future both as a promise of advancement and as a source of concern. The era of the atom, of course, but also that of telematics, very high speed trains, and supersonic aircrafts. Opportunities were being discerned. Fifty years later, the questions remain.
    By welcoming the “Out of Control” lost machine, the Atomium reminds us that technology never stops questioning humankind about its nature.
    Atomium Brussels
    TEAM VS:Julien guinard . Vincent obadia
    Benjamin Lorthioir . Pierre Gufflet
    Ambroise Mouline . Joachim Correia . Tom Modeste. Sebastien Escudié, Valère Terrier .

    An original music made by Thomas Vaquié

    Based on the original novel by Stéphane Beauverger

    Henri Simons

    Arnaud Bozzini
    exhibitions manager

    Johan Vandenperre
    technical director

    And the entire Atomium team

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Is about interaction, installation, generative code, motion design and sometimes travel.


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