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    Tęgie Chłopy „Gąsacki”

    written & directed: Tomasz Knittel
    cinematography & script collaboration: Nicolas Villegas
    art direction: Alicja Patyniak
    editing: Kuba Tomaszewicz
    gaffer & camera assistant: Grzegorz Myjkowski
    costumes: Alicja Patyniak, Joanna Wiedro
    make-up: Joanna Wiedro, Alicja Patyniak
    post & color: Jarek Sterczewski
    graphic: Szymon Tomiło
    sound recording: Aleksandra Chciuk
    sound design: Radek Ochnio
    camera: Fastmedia
    light: Piramida Films and Digital Sputnik
    photos: Tomasz Ogrodowczyk
    production assistant: Marcin Żytomisrki, Michał Maziarz
    production menager: Dorota Murzynowska

    starring: Stanisław Witkowski, Dorota Murzynowska, Ewa Grochowska, Maniucha Bikont, Helena Skrzypczak, Michał Żak, Michał Maziarz, Marcin Żytomisrki, Maciej Pawluczuk, Szczepan Pospieszalski, Mateusz Kowalski, Paweł Skowroński

    big thanks: Joanna Zińczuk, Marek Bystrosz, Krzysztof Godziejewski, Jolanta i Piotr Czerwcowie, Kasia i Robert Skowrońscy, Piotr Regliński, mieszkańcy Sędka, strażacy z OSP Sędek, Grzegorz Maziarz, Krzysztof Janus, Sylwia Cygan, Kaja Stępkowska, Krzysztof Knittel, Łukasz Grudziński

    about Tęgie Chłopy:
    "Long long ago, though perhaps not so terribly long indeed, while sizing up the hills and woods in Kielce region, and seeking new adventures, we stumbled on a unique musical world – the chants and rants, songs and polkas, played and sung by musicians from such places as Łagów and Opatów.
    A man by the name of Stanisław Witkowski became a key figure in our story, a clarinetist and saxophonist from Opatów with a seemingly limitless repertoire of old traditional tunes. An extraordinary musician, and a warm-hearted man, in his youth he was the force behind the Witkowski Brothers Band whose names are legend in the local annals. Stanisław Witkowski soon became our guide through the microcosm that is the musical world of the Kielce region.
    We began to play together, calling ourselves Tęgie Chłopy, frequenting dances, festivals, weddings, theatrical events and entertaining the crowds at the fair in Opatów. Because, after all, the most important thing for a musician is for his audience, his followers, to hear and appreciate his music.
    Our repeated meetings proved a source of joy on both sides. For us, on the one hand, as the impression grew of discovering an uncharted land, and for our maestro on the other, who found himself, quite unexpectedly, returning to a life of intensive music-making, the like of which had been so central to his life in earlier years.
    The adventure we got caught up in reached its climax during the summer at the Tabor Kielecki music festival in Sędek. The old music of this part of Poland sounded out once more, played now by the older masters and by their understudies. The dance floor glowed red, and collective mania swept over the several hundred local people and visiting dancers present in the hall. The musicians meanwhile bathed in the euphoria of their shared playing.
    CHŁOPY in technical terms, are a three-time dance melody generally sung, and are typical of the rural music of eastern Kielce region, also known locally as śpiwy or światówy. At one time, as well as being played for the dance, they would be sung while driving the cart, and on the way to weddings."

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  3. P A - "Laguerta" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
    'Form and Content' - 2016

    Directed by Laure ATANASYAN

    Diane ROUXEL
    Jacques BOUDET
    Mick PILL
    Clementine ORF
    Joffrey DUMAS

    Director of Photography / Etienne FU-LE-SAULNIER
    Assistant Director / Roxane PRONIER
    Hair and Make-up artist / Simon LIVET
    AC-Data Manager / Paul COGNET
    Production / Maude RIAMON
    Unit Manager / Oceane SARRON-PILLOT
    Assistant / Marion FRIZOT
    Editor / Laure ATANASYAN
    Colorist / Têtes à Claps
    VFX / Thomas DESLIENS
    Sound designer / Mathieu SCHRICKE
    Producers / Laure ATANASYAN-Théo ASCIAK
    Thomas DESLIENS-Joffrey DUMAS
    Mathieu SCHRICKE-Charles ZEIMET

    Nathalie GUERRY
    Steadi Boz'
    Sacha DUVAL

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  4. The universe is in constant, endless motion. Move with it.


    Cinema5d Feature

    Check out the rest of Soular System's impressive debut album:

    Follow them on social media:

    Video Shot and Directed by Christian O'Keefe & Michael Priestley

    Special Thanks to Zach Zombek, Jake Belkin, Paige Brubaker, Alyssa Ratto, and the O'Keefe Family

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    Directed by DYLAN DUCLOS Produced by MORGAN TAYLOR Director Of Photography AARON MCLISKY 1st Assistant Camera SAM DE TELIGA Steadicam JUSTIN BESSER Gaffer PETER 'SUTTO' SUTTON Best Boy ALEX PETOSEVIC Choreography by GENEVIEVE MORRIS Production Design LAUREN SILLATO Costume Design FELICITY GLEESON Hair & Makeup VICTORIA FORESTER Colourist MATT FEZZ Production Assistant BRIE WALDA


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Internet didn't kill the video star, it creates them. Music videos on Vimeo.

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