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  2. A Naturally Intelligent Media Production

    Malama is a lighthouse warning from the depths of the ocean, laced with an Alice-In-Wonderland mystique and Island lore. It’s the story about Hine (22 years), a recent graduate of the Oceanography Institute and the School of Fine Arts in Hawaii, who has just started her internship as the Creative Designer for the Center for Coral Reef Protection. As part of her initiation, the others invite her on a snorkeling adventure and challenge her to tag a sea turtle in their favorite coral dive spot. Drawn to the magic and color of the underwater world, Hine immerses herself into the reef ecosystem, loses a sense of time/space, and becomes separated from the group.
    A sea turtle appears. She swims after him, traversing the coral reef. As the waters become murky dark, a haunting desperate female voice emits from an encrusted stone bust of the most beautiful mermaid. It beacons Hine to help, “Hine Kokua, Hine Kokua, Hine Kokua”. Suddenly, a boat screams overhead, causing a wave that knocks Hine into the reef. She goes unconscious. Flashes of an ailing ocean ecosystem pass cross her mind- plastic ocean gyre, trolling, whales crying, inundated shoreline farms, destroyed mangroves. The Center’s Chief rescues her, brings her home, and encourages her to rest, while the others head to a special Potlatch-themed party that night. Drumming from the party keeps Hine awake and seems to evoke again the eerie call from the ocean, “Hine Kokua.”, which gets louder and louder. Only when Hine begins sketching does the voice soften… and as Hine begins to tune into the call of the ocean and her inner naturally intelligent voice, do ideas flow until she finds herself in a creative dance with the coral reef. The story that follows secures Malama into Hawaii’s legend and culture.

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  3. The Leaving Legacy film promises to build awareness and interest in meeting current development challenges; like sustainable agriculture, water security, and clean energy for all-exacerbated by climate change by illuminating the importance of critical, early stage finance.  
    The lead character of our film, Leaving Legacy, holds that vision and acts on it in a most compelling way to leave his Legacy in a way that aims to pull at the heartstrings of every impact investor, company, entrepreneur, good global citizen in the world. 
    Why is this narrative important? 
    "Business and technology have arrived; now the only thing we need is climate finance." Rachel Kyte (Marrakesh Partnership of Global Actions, COP22) Upwards of 70% of the nearly 4.3 trillion needed to build our new climate future will come from the private sector (Nick Stern, New Climate Finance) and we have nearly 5000 companies, representing 11 trillion USD committed to climate change action (Paul Dickinson, World Climate Summit).  Capital now needs to convert to real, transformative, long term, large scale, new energy and infrastructure projects... and this takes real vision. 
    Thus, we accomplish building awareness about the importance of climate finance post Paris Agreement; and we positively inspire leaders in government, business, as well all their stakeholders-including civil society, to act and invest in a positive climate future, good for all. 

  4. In Lak'ech Ala K'in 3D film is the personal journey of a young business investor in Mexico City remembering that the real economics of his existence in the urban jungle is vitally based on the abundance of natural capital in the Mayan forest, his home. One morning, Jag (protagonist) flashbacks to childhood memories with his mother. Later in the afternoon his father calls to tell him that mother is critically ill. Jag immediately books a flight to his home in the Chiapas despite hurricane warnings. The plane crashes and we realize the story parallels the legend of the Mayan Sun God in the form of a Jaguar who dies in the underworld to rise again in the forest to protect mother earth from careless destruction.

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  5. "Leaving Legacy" opens with a sweeping view of the Atlas mountains, home range to the Berber artisans, world traders, and story-tellers. Aya (77, Berber woman) is sitting under the Argon tree, crushing the nuts in the traditional manner. Meanwhile, Kaiss (44, French) stylish, established, wealthy man slicks his hair back with Argon oil, looking at himself in the mirror and all his worldly accomplishments on the wall of his Riad behind him. He’s just done another CDO transaction and has invested his fee in a fossil fuel deal. Little does he know, his world is about to change when he receives an important letter, which then inspires a visit to the Moroccan marketplace where he meets Laila (33).

    Leaving Legacy borrows from the legend and love of Laila and Kaiss (the source of the Romeo & Juliet story found throughout the Middle East). In our rendition of Laila & Kaiss we celebrate the maturation of social good investors in our climate future and the impact of new climate finance, especially in Africa. In our story, Laila is a carpet seller and is given a very special carpet by Aya. This living carpet contains an idyllic vision of our new climate future- the paradise we aspire to reclaim and to protect through positive climate action and finance. The Berber woman tells Laila that she can’t sell the carpet, but must find a worthy suitor for it (her) -- one who will invest in realizing the vision woven within. When Kaiss chance encounters Laila in the market, he learns of the carpet and Laila’s pursuit of one worthy to gift it. He then tries to convince Laila that he is this worthy man… as another unsuspecting suitor appears on the scene. As the story unravels and turns to a tragic Romeo & Juliet end, for Kaiss to be that worthy man takes on meaning for him… more important (to him and the world) than life itself.

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Natural Intelligence

Catherine Cunningham Plus

Future film series that links naturally intelligent innovation to sustainable business opportunities to generate new markets for new game-changing ideas that build forward a new world.

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    I love your message Catherine! Your work is breathtaking and at the same time breathes life into my consciousness. Loved the Nature's Secret video and the dancer is divine!! Is that you?? Are you Amber?? Sending you BIG love and support for the journey ahead.

    by Rick Gabrielly

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