Even a preliminary review of the Flood Account in Genesis 6-8, shows God stressing a SOLAR YEAR: namely, one based on Noah's birthday. So why does God do this, and what IS Noah's Birthday? Complicating the question, is the fact that both the Hebrew and the Greek texts are corrupted in different places; but where one text is corrupt, the other one is accurate. So the quest is to find, which is which. The video didn't yet resolve that, but in the pdf link below, you'll find a reconciliation. For Noah was IN the boat 365 days. On that 365th day (not 375, Genesis 7:11 should read 27th, not 17th, see LXX), he exits. So he ENTERED the Ark 57 days after his 600th birthday, and LEAVES it 57 days after his 601st birthday. So he was born on what we'll end up knowing, as Passover, when Christ was Crucified (the Jewish calendar wasn't intercalated yet for the year, so He eats the Passover four days prior, but IS the Passover just as Bible says, 1Cor5:7). Get the pun? We can sail in the Boat of Life (and Boat to Heaven), because He became Our Ark.

By this we are to know the precedence for our own 'year', post-Flood.

So the video is now outdated, but its sleuthing methodology is still useful. It's linked to the video description in my Youtube 'Pass the Salt' videos ( youtube.com/watch?v=IYGKWKCjCv8&list=PL32D5DBC20BF4163F&index=8 ). Its CORRECTION (from 375 to 365) is here: brainout.net/FloodChronoREVISED.pdf .

Turns out the math of the Flood dates in Genesis 7 and 8 (corrected for the LXX, since the Hebrew is corrupt in some places also) show Noah's birthdate on the same as what would become PASSOVER.

This Flood Year sets precedence. Israel knew that, too. You can buy a dissertation by Jack P. Lewis on Amazon (search on his name plus 'Noah' and 'Flood'), tracing from extant literature, how the ancient Jews knew the Flood set precedence for the definition of 'Year', and that's why Israel's calendar is constructed as it is IN BIBLE (not in Judaism, which has garbled the dates). His dissertation draws no conclusion; so treat it as a survey of Jewish understanding, during those ancient times.

This 'Year' matters, as it's SOLAR, never lunar. Yet though Jews (and Christians) knew this precedence, they instead reverted to accounting Time in lunar or soli-lunar years, even until today. That's why all scholars get Daniel 9:25-27's accounting, WRONG. There are an extra seven years left out, because they all use lunar years to reconcile, though God never does.

Daniel, Mary, Paul and Peter all use this Noahic SOLAR 'Year' meaning, to construct their Time Meters (in Daniel 9, the Magnificat, Eph1:3-14, 1Peter1:1-12). Paul in particular structures his meter to create a 'Year of Church' prophecy about how Church will go apostate, and stay in the Groundhog Day of Daniel 9:26 (434 syllables=years, ending at the rise of Odovacer). Peter plays on that prophecy, updates it; John will also, in Revelation.

So the FLOOD is the precedence for the 200-year and 120-year trends taking place at the end of each 490. For this is how God orchestrates DISASTER Time. For thought, is contagious. Leviticus 26 and Deut 28, play live, in history. Precedented on, Noah and The Flood.

File Name: NoahBday.avi , 8/26/09, in PassSalt folder. Preprod 'Silent' is there, too.

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Noahic Flood Precedence for God's Orchestration of Time

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GIST: Noah's Ark Year is basis for Israel's (and our) solar calendar. For we're alive because…

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GIST: Noah's Ark Year is basis for Israel's (and our) solar calendar. For we're alive because Noah was one of the 'lords of time', per Genesis 5; all mankind descends from him. So TIME itself, per Genesis 7 and 8, is based on Noah's Year in the Boat. However, Genesis 7:11 and 8:5 have the wrong date in Hebrew but the correct date in LXX; we have a lot of writing about how ancient Jews knew the Noahic precedence but accounted it incorrectly. One's ability to tie Bible dates together, hinges on whether you use the errant Hebrew text, or the correct LXX text. Many, like Harold Camping, are sloppy scholars, so use the wrong text.

Yet Bible writers used LXX value in Gen 7:11; so they had older (and correct) Hebrew text. We can know that, from their meters. Daniel used a Noahic year of 365 days (which you get, if you correct Gen 7:11 to the LXX date we have); so did Paul, in crafting his 'Year of Church' meter (four quarters of 91).

So the few videos in this group, show the meaning of the Noahic tally. A dissertation by Jack P. Lewis, "A Study of the Interpretation of Noah and the Flood in Jewish and Christian Literature", catalogues what was known by the ancients. You can google for the book (I got mine at Amazon, but it's out of print, now). Most sources are well known, like Book of Jubilees, Talmud, Josephus: but their numbers are all bad. Still the ancient prevalence of the idea, is provable.

I've got to do more study on this topic. What I know so far, is in the videos here.

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