Smoking gun on how Jewish Dispensationalism got messed up? Well, sorta. Basic problem is the same as Christianity's, everyone quoting each other but no one looking at Bible. The Jews, at least, have some garbled version of the truth still being accepted, but since their math is wrong, and their calendar completely wrong, they don't know how the shards of truth actually fit. By contrast, the Christians don't know this doctrine at all, not even my fellow Dispies -- for anti-semitism keeps on separating them from learning anything in Judaism. But back in the 200's AD, Christians were misusing the mistruth in Judaism, too. Such that, they came up with the insane claim that Messiah was born 5500 years after creation.

Here, the Talmud Sanhedrin 97-99, depicts how they might have come to that misunderstanding; as well as, how a garbled version of real Bible Doctrine on How God Orchestrates Time, nonetheless survives in shards, as it were. Best of all, as we'll see in Sanhedrin 98b, it's possible to show how they came to miscalculate the Time: by a simple math error of mistaking Psalm 90's 350 syllables=years=5250 years, as seven 'jubilees', shorthand for a 1050 period (called by its '50') as the outline of history. By contrast, Moses uses five SEVENTY-year periods, accounting sabbatically (sheba=7=Promise (of rest)). My Psalm 90 channel videos, demonstrate how, showing Psalm 90's metered text: Psalm 90 Meter of Time (Precedent for Bible Hebrew Meter)

Fascinating stuff, far better to read it than watch me read it. So here are the links:

Webpage on Sanhedrin 97-99 shown in video (avoid the site, just use those pages, site is anti-semitic):

Better site including the Hebrew, is my fav Rabbinic Traditions, here (but it's hard to show onscreen, you have to select the 'San' book and look for 90-107, then once in that window, do a browser search for '97' and start reading):

The garbled Judaic idea is still current, and was endorsed by two of the most famous rabbis in Judaism, Rashi and Rambam. Short bio on both guys is here:

To see how the Jewish calculation error is based on their errant calendar (obtainable here at my fav Jewish site, ), read this: . The guy thinking he refutes, is making the very error which keeps Judaism in the dark: the errant SEDER OLAM RABBAH (google on the term) is the basis for today's totally wrong Jewish calendar aka Kaluach , rather than.. using BIBLE. For if you use the Bible WHICH SOLELY ACCOUNTS IN SOLAR YEARS, HONEY --, it's now year 6121, Messiah came AND LEFT.. on time just as predicted ever since MOSES. But Jews won't use Bible; they just pay lipservice to Torah. Same re Christians, for they mistake time in lunar years (despite Exodus 12's decree to keep using solar, only the fiscal year changed to vernal equinox); Christians still use the horrible Jewish calendar too (latest dingdong to do that and get upbraided for it, was Harold Camping). So they stay in the dark. Yeah, if you won't USE THE BIBLE, you won't get the calculation right.

To see how easy and provable is the calculation when you DO use the Bible, download this FROM BIBLE ONLY timeline: and for the verses used to create it, see . For an overall primer on how Jewish Dispensationalism works pan-Bible (in other words, the BIBLE doctrine, not the Talmudic mangling, try plowing through . Mirroring. Restitution. Payback of the 'loan' of Time. Get it?

Now you know why I spend so much time demonstrating the ACCOUNTING of the Time in the Bible, whether from the text, the numbers or during the last 7 years.. the meter. It's BALD, it's UNKNOWN, and there is no excuse for any Jew or Christian, to be so ignorant. So we are ignorant, only because we make up our own ideas and argue those ideas -- just as you'll see here in the Sanhedrin 97a-99 -- rather than, USE BIBLE. Sigh.

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Noahic Flood Precedence for God's Orchestration of Time

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GIST: Noah's Ark Year is basis for Israel's (and our) solar calendar. For we're alive because…

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GIST: Noah's Ark Year is basis for Israel's (and our) solar calendar. For we're alive because Noah was one of the 'lords of time', per Genesis 5; all mankind descends from him. So TIME itself, per Genesis 7 and 8, is based on Noah's Year in the Boat. However, Genesis 7:11 and 8:5 have the wrong date in Hebrew but the correct date in LXX; we have a lot of writing about how ancient Jews knew the Noahic precedence but accounted it incorrectly. One's ability to tie Bible dates together, hinges on whether you use the errant Hebrew text, or the correct LXX text. Many, like Harold Camping, are sloppy scholars, so use the wrong text.

Yet Bible writers used LXX value in Gen 7:11; so they had older (and correct) Hebrew text. We can know that, from their meters. Daniel used a Noahic year of 365 days (which you get, if you correct Gen 7:11 to the LXX date we have); so did Paul, in crafting his 'Year of Church' meter (four quarters of 91).

So the few videos in this group, show the meaning of the Noahic tally. A dissertation by Jack P. Lewis, "A Study of the Interpretation of Noah and the Flood in Jewish and Christian Literature", catalogues what was known by the ancients. You can google for the book (I got mine at Amazon, but it's out of print, now). Most sources are well known, like Book of Jubilees, Talmud, Josephus: but their numbers are all bad. Still the ancient prevalence of the idea, is provable.

I've got to do more study on this topic. What I know so far, is in the videos here.

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