This 8c1-4 shows you how to use the worksheet to see God's Rules for Time; it is due to these rules that the Rapture exists, and is pre-Trib (a kind of Exodus Ascension for Church as Body of Christ). So these videos are compiled from the bliptv 2008 video subseries (hence the weird video numbering); ALL those sub-episodes are now moved to Youtube.

Note: I didn't know the Psalm 90, Daniel 9 and Eph 1 meter when I made the 8c series in 2008; so the videos don't talk about that added Bible proof.

These videos were originally posted, 9/3/08. The video description for 8ab is pasted below, and provides additional info/links.

The Lord of All is the Lord of Time. In the Angelic Trial, which was introduced in Genesis 1:2, the Lord makes a Trial of Mankind to prove to Satan & Co., why their sentence is just. Part of that Trial is the Trial of Time Continuing. Believers are made to BUY TIME -- a bigger work than any human can do, obviously -- if they vote to be supermatured by God. You VOTE, by learning and living on Bible. That's the history God plots in Bible. Not what you do with your dead-in-Adam body, but what you BELIEVE and LEARN about GOD. That's the whole theme of the Trial, Hebrews 11:1 (see my three videos exegeting that verse).

In short, you are enabled By God to Buy Time for the Human Race. With Time, go the other accoutrements. Christ wasn't kidding when He said, 'seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you'. Yeah, the believer is to be a 'spiritual atlas', as my pastor once put it. Learn and live on Bible and that's what God will do to you and for the world! Better than money in a collection plate, huh...

This Buying-Time accounting begins in Genesis 5, which is here introduced. We'll see how the 'all the days of your life' clauses in Bible do NOT necessarily mean from BIRTH forward, so do NOT mean from Adam's creation, forward. Thus again we know that Genesis 1:2 is about Earth's Restoration, and doesn't even measure Time UNTIL Adam's fall.

The Genesis 5 roster and God's Rules for Time are the focus of Episode 8, which is quite long (several hours). You'll learn how to use the Excel worksheet I wrote to display this doctrine about Time, and you can vet it IN the Bible. Relevant links to do this, follow.

Worksheet: .
Synopsis of Bible verses showing how to plot the Time rules and read Time in the Bible: . Keep reading through 6b.

Main webpage on the topic: . That webpage's first white table also has many other links allowing full vetting of the material. It's the hub for all the Time doctrines.

However, more current video information already exists in Youtube. See my Yapping Most High Episode 10, GGS Episode 10, Psalm 90 Meter of Time and How God Constructs Time playlists for much more information on this topic.

Note: these videos for Episode 8 were originally made in September 2008 in bliptv, now uploaded to Youtube. They do not include the Psalm 90 and GGS material, because I didn't know that Bible proof at that time.

File Name: GenEpi8c1-4.avi, remix 2/12/11 in YoutubeConversions folder in Genesis folder.

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Noahic Flood Precedence for God's Orchestration of Time

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GIST: Noah's Ark Year is basis for Israel's (and our) solar calendar. For we're alive because…

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GIST: Noah's Ark Year is basis for Israel's (and our) solar calendar. For we're alive because Noah was one of the 'lords of time', per Genesis 5; all mankind descends from him. So TIME itself, per Genesis 7 and 8, is based on Noah's Year in the Boat. However, Genesis 7:11 and 8:5 have the wrong date in Hebrew but the correct date in LXX; we have a lot of writing about how ancient Jews knew the Noahic precedence but accounted it incorrectly. One's ability to tie Bible dates together, hinges on whether you use the errant Hebrew text, or the correct LXX text. Many, like Harold Camping, are sloppy scholars, so use the wrong text.

Yet Bible writers used LXX value in Gen 7:11; so they had older (and correct) Hebrew text. We can know that, from their meters. Daniel used a Noahic year of 365 days (which you get, if you correct Gen 7:11 to the LXX date we have); so did Paul, in crafting his 'Year of Church' meter (four quarters of 91).

So the few videos in this group, show the meaning of the Noahic tally. A dissertation by Jack P. Lewis, "A Study of the Interpretation of Noah and the Flood in Jewish and Christian Literature", catalogues what was known by the ancients. You can google for the book (I got mine at Amazon, but it's out of print, now). Most sources are well known, like Book of Jubilees, Talmud, Josephus: but their numbers are all bad. Still the ancient prevalence of the idea, is provable.

I've got to do more study on this topic. What I know so far, is in the videos here.

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