NT 'threads' LXX

This video is 57th in my Youtube KJVOB playlist, here: youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9637CFFCF9F62107 . It heads the NT 'threads' LXX playlist (youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDA3CF01F9BA03EB9 ), but this vimeo channel has the same videos, plus any made post 11/7/13. New videos will be ad hoc.

Distinguishing OT quotes in the NT is already vital to hermeneutics. So it also proves the KJVO leaders, lie. The laymen don't know that!

If I quoted a book I knew didn't exist, I'd be a liar, right? Well, KJVO claims LXX (Greek OT) didn't exist in Jesus' day, yet Jesus often quotes from it! KJV's own Textus Receptus, confirms!

Yet KJVO leader Sam Gipp, says LXX is a hoax: pbministries.org/Theology/miscellaneous/what_is_the_lxx.htm

Gipp claims Origen invented LXX in 3rd cent. AD. Oh, did Origen also edit ALL copies of Philo, Josephus, Talmud, 1st-cent & prior Jewish apocrypha which use that same LXX, which Jews created from the Hebrew OT circa 273BC?! Did Origen also time-travel back to Jamnia in 1st century, when rabbis elected to return to Hebrew and stop using LXX?!

Funny, the KJV Translators validated the LXX, so I guess our anti-semites Gipp and Ruckman, never read the 1611 KJV Preface by the Translators! But you can, here: ccel.org/bible/kjv/preface/pref1.htm . My excerpts of it, with commentary: brainout.net/KJVPrefaceExerpts.doc .

Contrasting Truth: since Commodus, the West rejected Real Bible. Instead, the Old Latin was touted as 'inspired': same claim as KJVO's. Back then, Augustine was against 'new' translations. newadvent.org/fathers/1102.htm shows his letters to Jerome, whose replies are here: newadvent.org/fathers/3001.htm

Hebrew & Greek Real Bible was persecuted by anti-semites like Diocletian & Constantine. So folks having Real Bible, left Rome. So Jerome went to Bethlehem, to GET mss.

RCC rose to power partly based on a claim its translation was 'inspired'. For if a translation can be inspired, so too pope & clergy.

Thus Bible's Jewish-inspired origin, is denied. Satan persecutes Bible in cycles: 300 AD (Old Latin**), 600AD (Koran), 700AD+ (Vulgate ***). When interest in Bible's mss declines, Jews suffer. ****
** & *** Chap 1, pp. 21-28 Christopher DeHamel's 'The Book. A History of the Bible', Phaidon Press Ltd.

* Chapter 2, op.cit.
**** op. cit., +'Atlas of Bible and Christianity' edited by Tim Dowley

KJVO movement thus repeats another pogrom. Bible's Greek (though not media) of 'Alexandrian ' mss were of 1st-century & prior Jewish origin, too. So KJVO cannot read LXX, to know its Greek is 6 centuries prior to Origen's. We have a lot of extra-Biblical Greek text writing from 500BC, on. We know how it changed.

Next, to disable your ability to LEARN those texts, Bible compilers & lexicographers are slandered by a woman 'degreed' in home economics, who doesn't even know 'Lucifer' means 'morning star' in Latin, yet pretends to be a 'scholar', slanders for profit: shop.avpublications.com/product_info.php?products_id=253

KJVO also pretend to read Bible Hebrew, Greek. Yet ask them to translate. They can't! So how can they know if KJV is ok? They can't!

And KJV is not ok, as no translation can be. Just Google on 'KJV mistranslation'. Read the original KJV translators' own caveats, here: ccel.org/bible/kjv/preface/pref1.htm

In sum: Since NT quotes an allegedly-fake LXX over 1000 times -- is it a lie? Lord quotes LXX on His Birth Day, & over 100 times, pan-Gospel. So does the Lord lie? Or are KJVO, liars?

KJV Exodus 20:16 "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour."
KJV Exodus 23:1 "Thou shalt not raise a false report: put not thine hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness."

KJV Matthew 19:18 "He saith unto him, Which? Jesus said, 'Thou shalt do no murder, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness',"

LXX Greek of Exo 20:16 -- ou pseudomartureseis

Textus Receptus Matt 19:18 -- same two last words as in the LXX.

What will the Lord say to KJVO on Judgment Day?

TechNotes: TR in video is 1894 Scrivener, an updated version of Beza's TR from 1598.

LXX used in video is Alfred Rahlf's, from BibleWorks 5.

Download this video for clearer Greek viewing: brainout.net/KJVOTrash.wmv . Jpg's of Greek: brainout.net/Matt123.jpg

Follow with brainout.net/Matt215.jpg then brainout.net/Matt218.jpg then brainout.net/TRMatt3.jpg then brainout.net/TRquotesLXX.jpg

Google on 'LXX fragments': en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Septuagint . Here is a list of provable pre-Origen LXX mss : kjvonlydebate.com/2010/06/02/a-reader-comments-on-manuscript-evidence-for-a-pre-origen-septuagint/comment-page-1/#comment-3035

File Name: KJVOTrash.wmv, 3/5/10 in KJV folder.

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NT 'threads' LXX

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Ad-hoc postings of how LXX is used in the NT. Video Sorting: click on 'Browse This Channel', then 'Videos'. Or, play all with one click: channel . They will play per the default channel order, here shown.


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Ad-hoc postings of how LXX is used in the NT. Video Sorting: click on 'Browse This Channel', then 'Videos'. Or, play all with one click: channel . They will play per the default channel order, here shown.

SERIES GIST: This channel contains all my Youtube videos of this same channel aka playlist name, plus the full (silent) 'hupakouw' Word Search vids (LXX7abc). This channel/playlist focuses on how often the NT quotes from the LXX. A primary subfocus is to demonstrate how much Christ said He was God, in the NT, because a lot of ignorant people claim He didn't claim to be God. Since they don't know the OT Hebrew or Greek, and since they are lazy and disingenuous, they fool the others who are likewise uninformed. But you don't have to be uninformed.

Similarly, the King James Onlyists claim that the LXX is a hoax invented three centuries after Christ by Origen. They too cannot read either Hebrew or the Greek, so don't know what fools they make of themselves by that claim. For even their Textus Receptus has well over 1000 quotes of the LXX. The KJV translators all knew the LXX was written circa 273 BC by a bunch of Jews, though the translators made fun of the idea that the translation was made in 72 days by as many translators. So again, the KJVO people are liars, and this series helps prove how you can know that. So, the lead video of this series demonstrates what incompetent liars the KJVO are: for if the LXX is a hoax, so too would be the King James Bible, which translated from the Textus Receptus!

Aside from that, the main purpose of this series is to show the richness of deft wordplay the Lord and the writers of the NT make, on the LXX and often, the Hebrew text they had. Helps you learn how to read and interpret, Bible.

Also, the 'threading' resolves many other conundra debated in Christendom: validity of Trinity, Believe-Only-To-Be-Saved, Rapture, and even the longstanding INEPT claim the 'pericope adulterae' shouldn't be in John 8. Rest of the original series video description, follows below.
NT threads (quotes) LXX series. The whole point of the New Testament, is to show a) that the Old Testament prophecies and doctrines are fulfilled in Christ; then b) how the Covenant changed for Church; and will c) change back to Israel for the Trib and Mill; thus d) fulfill the purpose of history to 'birth' eternity (theme of Romans 8).

So to prove Divine Authorship of a given NT book, the writer must 'thread' from OT, showing how his book is 100% compatible; NT authors thus often use LXX for 'threading'. (If you can't read Greek, then Google on 'New Testament', 'LXX' + 'quotes', for a ton of independent info on this rhetorical style, as you can't see it in translation.)

This same 'threading' rule was used pan-OT, to prove each then-'new' OT book came from God. So the rule continues, for NT. That's why you didn't need a Council of Nicaea, to determine what's Divine Writ.

So in this series you'll find a sampling of very important verses, demonstrating what the LXX says, versus the quotation in the NT. That way you can select any quoted OT passage, and yourself test whether it is following the LXX, or the Hebrew. There is a notable difference. So once you see the style, you'll notice the difference and can 'practice' on any verse in the OT.

Again, THREADING is the means by which a new Bible Book integrates itself into all previous Divine Writ, thus proving it too came from God. Don't need councils or popes arrogating to themselves the fiat on what constitutes Divine Writ. Just need Bible. For the Bible, proves itself.

After all, people in ancient times memorized Bible. So if you QUOTED it, but CHANGED small parts of the quote, you'd be making some kind of new, witty statement everyone would understand.

So New Testament writers quote sections of the LXX in nearly every verse; then deliberately CHANGE words in the requote, to teach new truth. So you can see how the new truth, integrates with the old. I call this technique, 'threading'. It's an important legal-document technique, and is still used worldwide, today. In Bible, it shows the LEGAL PRECEDENCE of the OT, carrying forward into the NT. For God is consistent, and His Rules, eternal. So when a covenant changes, continuity and precedence must be addressed. Ergo, threading is needed to show what changes, and what stays the same.

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