Pauline Anaphora Timeline Update (PATU)

ONLINE TALMUD LINKS ARE IN HERE. The whole fix shows in the onscreen icon for the video: so you don't have to play it; download link follows below. Video goes through the fix, as I created it during the video process. For, thanks to an email I just got from someone else who's also doing the meters in other Bible books, I now know an error I'd been making for some years: my error, was to listen to the 'scholars' and the Jewish calendar practice of intercalating an Adar sheni, instead of doing the math myself; well, the guy writing me the email did the math and informed me of my error, hooray! So now you can see the correction: Adar is the WRONG MONTH for intercalation. Bible uses ELUL, and so did Israel, prior to the Exile, per the Talmud. So, this video shows the fix.

Frankly, there's no need to intercalate, just always have Elul=35 or 36 days. Autumnal equinox 'naturally' occurs on its last day, in that design. And I bet money, that's how God designed it. Only later when Israel got hung up on being 'different', did she revert to the pagan practice of lunar years, and hence needed to intercalate.

Related links:
To the corrected calendar in the last segment of the video: . If you'd rather just look at the picture you see onscreen before video starts, or pdf, if you prefer pdf. The xls has the same data, which was corrected after video done (I mistyped the dates after May 2016,in the video).

If you also want to correct the Adamic years, 6122 begins on the autumnal equinox 2015. For the complete Adamic calendar going back to Adam which the Bible actually uses in the NT meters (because I derived it SOLELY FROM the Bible), download .

Also, is useful, and the site explaining it (both now corrected to say 'Elul' instead of 'Adar' for intercalation), is .

Book citing Talmud (footnote 66 on page 254) as source for the PAST PRACTICE of Elul not Adar, intercalation (Elul intercalation always makes the equinoxes 'fit'): . You can also view it in Amazon (but not page 254),

Click on 'Look inside' then search on 'intercalary Elul' to get to page 254, but you can't actually read that page. You can read pp249 and 255, though.

Babylonian Talmud ONLINE: . The citations in the video are in Order Mo'ed: at bRosh Ha Shana 19a and 19b, 32a, , , and bBeitzah 6a and 22b, and .

Book citing POLITICS over intercalation (page 772, but you have to view the book for three pages prior, which maybe you can't do in Google) -- so we know why the Jewish calendar is wrong, and has been wrong, for centuries: . You can also read the page here in Amazon:

Click on 'Look inside' then search on 'creation of the world on 25 Elul' to get to page 772.

Of course, due to our own anti-semitic politicking, to cover up the fact Christ is JEWISH -- all our calendars are messed up with respect to Easter, as the earlier PATU videos (29-31) showed. So our political gambits are to blame, NOT Bible!

Yeah, and God made it possible to easily correct RIGHT NOW, as the xls and video, show. Whew. Remember, upcoming anniversary of His Crucifixion, is really April 3; upcoming real Easter (really First Fruits) date is post-sundown April 6, which is 'our' April 7. EASY. No politics, no slovenly 'scholarship', just BIBLE.

I tried to summarize the links etc. on how you can tell from the Hebrew and Greek meters, in the Bibleworks forum, thread here: , The LukeDatelineMeters.pdf has the links as well, so just download it, if you prefer. It does not yet have the Intercal.xls, but will.

File Name: Cal123.avi, 3/28/15.

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Pauline Anaphora Timeline Update (PATU)

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PATU is now somewhat outdated. Its focus was to discern Paul's Anno Domini conversions. Turns out all NT books use ADAMIC years and the Lord's AGE as their datelines. See Bible Dateline Meters for more info. Latest thread…

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PATU is now somewhat outdated. Its focus was to discern Paul's Anno Domini conversions. Turns out all NT books use ADAMIC years and the Lord's AGE as their datelines. See Bible Dateline Meters for more info. Latest thread is at

By contrast, Paul's use of the Roman AUC in Ephesians is different. 'Gimmicky, so he can tag Mary. So his usage requires special explanation, which begins at PATU40. Videos prior, furnish background. Frankly they are a slog to watch, kept only because they provide audit material. To play these videos in order: channel . Sorting: click on 'Browse This Channel', then 'Videos'.

For Paul, like every other NT writer beginning with Matthew, reconciles BC/AD: for Varro's Roman AUC is padded with four years that never existed. Moreover, Christ had to be born earlier than originally scheduled, owing to David's Crowning. So the overage in Varro, and the earlier scheduling of Christ's Birth in Bible, COINCIDE AND OFFSET.

So Bible employs the following conversions: Bible's original date for His Birth, was to be 4106 from Adam's Fall. Call that 'BC' for our Bible calculations, and you'll tally to our usual 'BC' dates. But due to David's becoming king early at Hebron in order to be 'on time' relative to the 1050th anniversary of Abraham's maturation, Christ's Birthdate had to move 'up' 3.5 years, to 1st quarter 4103 in the Adamic fiscal, which runs Sept-Sept (Rosh HaShanah is based on it). Yet also, David's UNITED Kingship occurs 7 years late, owing to civil war (2Sam5); hence Christ has to be born in the 1000th anniversary of David's UNITED kingship crowning, which is 4103.

Roman AUC, however, ends in December; so His Adamic 25 Chislev 4103 Birthday on Roman fiscal, is treated as 4102. One week later, it's 4103 on the Roman fiscal.

So NT writers use His Age as an Adamic date (4106+His Age when they write); that automatically tallies to the official Roman AUC. That's the ORIGINALLY SCHEDULED age, not His Actual age, which is 3 years older. Therefore often their datelines SWITCH between His shoulda-been and His Actual age, to make doctrinal points about BEING ON TIME. Very clever.

So the reader, would just add either a 'base' of Adamic birth year, as described above; or, they'd add the Roman AUC 'base'. Problem is, we moderns don't know what latter 'base' they used.

However, we do know that Claudius made Varro's Roman AUC, the law of measuring Roman time. The ancients knew that schedule overstated Rome's age by 4 years (see the Matthew videos' descriptions in this channel for links on what those ancient Romans knew).

As a result, they too had to contend with the same '4 BC' problem, we do, for His Birth, since they had to append His Age onto a dateline for Rome which they KNEW was 4 years overstated. Aha.

So what to do? Well, we use the same Roman AUC today, as Claudius made law, and all the AD dates Roman historians give us, use that system. So: Roman AUC 750, He's born. End of year. That's standard procedure, so will tally to the commonly-given AD and BC dates you see in scholarly works, unless the writer develops his own adjustments. That's Adamic 4103, first quarter, but Roman end-of-year.

So it now depends on your starting point. If you start with BIBLE's Adamic years, not Ussher's or some other non-Bible person, then 4103 is His Birth Year, 1437 years after the Exodus (originally scheduled to be 1440 years after it, since David wasn't yet alive then). Roman AUC equivalent is 750, end of that year. So, then just add His Age like the NT Bible writers all use, and you get the 'AD' they were thinking of.

In practice, the Adamic year in 'AD' is His Age, +3, +4100. The Roman AUC is 750 + His Age, but add another 1, during Christmas week (since the Roman year increases 1 a week later). A shorthand calc is to subtract three from His Age to get the Roman AUC 'AD' equivalent.

Example: John wrote Revelation sometime after 4 Chislev but before 25 Chislev (Chanukah, the Lord's Birthday), in 4195 from Adam (1st quarter, since Adamic fiscal runs on autumnal equinox). So 4195-3=92, His upcoming age on that birthday, which is really December 15 on the old Julian calendar (under Pope Gregory 10 days were cut from our calendar). That week, you must subtract 4 to get the Roman end of year, 88 AD. A week later, the Roman AD equivalent thus becomes 89.

So you'll notice that the same adjustments we make today, they made.. back then. Simple, huh.

Video materials (same writeup, in three formats): aka aka .

You need BibleWorks fonts installed to read the former two, freely downloadable at .

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