GGS10 Paul's Meter Of Time Structure in Eph1:3-14

Episodes 10a and 10b are now outdated, so we start with Episode 10c. Backstory for Paul's meter, just as for the OT writers, deals with the 'time bank' of the Gentiles, which was short 54 years. Abraham's Maturity On Time meant the 54 years could be repaid.. if Israel herself didn't run short of 'time' funds.

But she did, by 14 years. Moses knew she would. Isaiah knew she would. God told Daniel how that 14 shortage would be made up during Messiah's time and the Trib, were Israel positive.

She wasn't positve. Hence the insertion of Church, just like the insertion of the 70 years between Temples. Paul uses this analogy to explain the legal precedence for Christ's Decision to create Church (per Father's discretion) in Matt16:18, John 17 prayer. But Paul shows it, through the memorized meter pattern every Jew knew to use, to tell what TIME it was in Israel's Time Bank book.

Due largely to longstanding anti-semitism among the Catholics and Calvinists -- for they adhere to the false doctrine of Replacement Theology and hence preterism -- we Christians don't know this doctrine of God's Time Meter, used ever since Moses.

But we can prove it, right in Bible. Future videos will show how: here is more material, to get you started:

For one 'master' (comprehensive) explanation and set of links, get (use 'htm' if you don't care about formatting). You need BibleWorks fonts to read the Greek, freely downloadable at . PDF: .

That meter is color-coded for easier analysis. So the gold/orange numbers clearly show he's mapping to Psalm 90 and Isaiah 53 meter 'paragraphs'. Shocking. Compare to these meter maps of Ps90 and Isa53: and . Isaiah 53's meter map is clearer, here: . A trilingual parsed version of Psalm 90, is here: .

WEBPAGES. gives you the quickest Bible proofing, but will still take hours to vet. Read through its 6b. On the meter rules, see , and (now outdated, but still relevant for methodology), . Hub page on How God orchestrates time (with all the other links) is . If you want to first get a comprehensive orientation to the Time Rules, start with Mirroring. It will take you months to vet the material.

YOUTUBE (and vimeo) PLAYLISTS. Their video descriptions contain links to the above webpages. It's a lot of material, since this doctrine is Bible-provable, but unknown in Christendom. The vimeo playlists are easier to navigate from my vimeo home page: . Just click on its 'Collections', and then 'Channels'. The Youtube channel/playlist links, are listed individually below.

Genesis: my pastor began teaching how Believers Buy Time, with Genesis 5. So I had to make a playlist of the dates. Start in the Genesis series Episode 8c1, where I cover how to use the (Genesis 5 etc) timeline worksheet:

How God Constructs Time: use this playlist to get an overview of the issues. Link:

Isaiah 53 Meter Hypothesis: . 2nd and third videos introduce you to the conclusions. Videos after that are in chrono order, showing how I learned the meter. You can just skip to the 7th video in the playlist, and watch in order from there. 12-13th videos show a complete retranslation in English, but using the same meter as Isaiah's Hebrew, to show the cadence Isaiah intended.

Psalm 90 Meter of Time: . This playlist is unfinished, and the meter shown in the videos has been corrected, but the meaning expressed in the videos is the same per verse. Ephesians 1 keys off Ps90 and Isaiah 53 both in content and meter, antiphonally.

Yapping Most High: start in Episode 10, . I learned of Jewish Dispensationalism AFTER learning Psalm 90's meter. Episode 10 is still unfinished. I have to match each Isa53 clause to the then-future historical events he prophetically references. He does that, so Israel can always know where she is within her 2100-year time allotment, countdown to Messiah.

File Name: 10cGGSintro.wmv, 12/27/10.

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GGS10 Paul's Meter Of Time Structure in Eph1:3-14

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This channel is a subset of the Youtube GGS 10-11 series. Focus…

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To play these videos in order: channel . Sorting: click on 'Browse This Channel', then 'Videos'. Uploads are ad hoc, mostly on Daniel.

This channel is a subset of the Youtube GGS 10-11 series. Focus in Episode 10, is on the STRUCTURE of Paul's meter, so that you can see how cleverly he plots the Future History of Church, using the same metering rhetorical style of Bible writers since Moses. A German site presents an intriguing alternative idea of meter, which is more classical, and . By contrast, this channel focuses on Bible's OWN meter style, apart from human culture. For the Bible's own style is demonstrable from the HEBREW, even with Greek words; for the style, goes back to Moses.

Episode 11 will cover the actual future history Paul plots, but we also get foretastes of that style, here in Episode 10. Finally, no one in Christendom has documented this style, or even appears to know it exists. So the material needs to be vetted.

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