GGS11 Paul Maps Future Church History

In this passage, Paul creates three anaphora: eudokian, epainon, and what I call 'Trinity Trio', the alliterative prothesin, proetheto, proelpikotas. LOL he times that last word to coincide with Constantine's death, but since the latter was apostate, he 'ends' at 'proel', never becoming firstfruits. Ouch. Warning, Bill Robinson!

GGS series 10, 11, and PATU, all 'revolve' around these anaphora.

Paul uses them to set up a comprehensive PROPHECY about how we Church are even worse than Israel. So Paul plays Moses up on Mount Nebo, with this chillingly accurate, future portrait of our Church infidelity, beneath charming words. God's TRIUNE pleasure, though, still gets met. Whew. For God uses Church, to Bridge Time Back to Israel, to Glorify Christ.

Doc in this video: ; as pdf: . It has all the links listed below, in its pages 4-5. It provides extensive proof of Paul's meter mapping to Ps90, Isa53, Daniel 9, +metered translation

Related Links:

On Camping: and (accounting how God orchestrates Time, goes wi/GeneYrs.xls and Mirroring.htm). (Bible Hebrew Meter style and integration in Psalm90, Isaiah 53, Daniel 9:4-26 and Eph 1:3-14.) Or, ,
which is also a blog entry here:

Psalm 90 (LXX + NASB +Bibleworks' 5 BHS text) (map of Psalm 90 with notes, parsing and metered translation) or pdf (original for Ps90Parsed.pdf) (map of Moses' meter) (original scan) (how Judges tracks Psalm 90's meter)

Isaiah 53 (parsing map) (meter map w/patterns) (English words in Hebrew meter for Isa53 playlists) (sleuthing if Hebrew words missing; outdated).

Daniel 9 (meter map of Daniel 9 with notes, no trans. Bilingual version has no notes, ) (used to create pdf)
Daniel tracks Israel's history and crafts the 490 he requests from God, whose explicit '490' is a Reply-In-Kind (also in meter).

Paul also tags Noah, uses LXX in Gen7-8, not BHS. See my Noahic Flood Precedence channel.

Video playlists

Psalm 90: (Psalm 90 Meter of Time, Adam thru Millennium)
Isaiah 53: (how I learned no words were missing in Isa53's Hebrew)

10 GGS: (intro to Eph1 use of Hebrew meter but Greek words. Dovetails with Psalm 90 playlist Episode 18ff).

10 YMH: (relevant videos are already here in vimeo, 'How God Orchestrates Time' channel)

Genesis Exegesis. Gen 5 begins God's Orchestration-of-Time doctrine. Episode 8c1ff, see that Episode forward in Genesis Time Doctrines (Exegetical Proof) . That video covers how to use the GeneYrs.xls timeline worksheet.

Webpages and worksheets Main page on How God Orchestrates Time. Has all videos listed above. read it through 6b. Shorter proof of Biblicity of Bible dates used in Mirroring and GeneYrs.xls Timeline from Adam forward on how God's Rules for Time affect history. ONLY Bible was used for the dates. on how Bible tells you Christ's exact Birth and Death dates. Many verses.

Upshot: simple scholar mistakes mask Bible's own story of dates, leaving us confused. Solve those errors, and Bible proves clear and amazingly perfect. So let's go back to the Bible.

File Name: Eph1Anaphora.avi, 6/24/11.

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GGS11 Paul Maps Future Church History

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GIST: Paul's Eph1:3-14 METERED Greek, creates a 'calendar' of Future Roman/Church history, to illustrate how Daniel 9:26c's 'time bubble', plays. Vids here are a subset of the Youtube GGS 10-11 playlist ( ). Episode 10 has its own vimeo channel, GGS10 Paul's Meter Of Time Structure in Eph1:3-14 ; this channel covers Episode 11. However, the 12-part GGS11s series on the Magnificat, is in its own 'channel' (playlist), GGS11s Magnificat Meter of Time . Episode 11t9 covers book reviews on Roman and Church history which help you see how Paul's meter, plots FUTURE history you can vet. Shockingly.

For Paul plots the Roman Empire and rise of the Apostate Church, in Ephesians 1:3-14. Might be faster if you just read the verses and Chrono Chart sections, with many external and independent links by scholars, all illustrating the history covered, in .

So the Isaiah 53 and Daniel 9 rhetorical style of retrospective or prophetic METERED exposition (plotting syllable-by-year) for each King, with wry words for each year, continues in the NT. No one knows this Bible style. So I'm trying to document it live in Bible, for anyone to vet from the SOURCE.

It would be easy to call the results coincidental or even manufactured, if there were only a few verses or a few passages. It would be easy to call it coincidence, if the writers didn't start with PAST kings, to show the satirical style. But when you have many verses, much history you can vet, and the style for the PAST established before the writer goes prophetical, then you have material you can audit and certify. I submit, that's the case here. I used commonly-available materials for Roman history, like the contemporary writers (in Latin or Greek), and university writeups of the Emperors. Robert Lee Williams' Bishops Lists (Gorgias Press, sold at Amazon and elsewhere) is invaluable for documenting the sudden posting of Peter on a 'bishop list' in order to sell the Severans. Paul's text for that period, is the wry Ephesians 1:9.

Again, as you go through the text and the history, you'll see that it's neither wishful thinking (for who could wish such satire), nor coincidence. This is how Greek plays were written too; for Paul patterns Ephesians after the Greek play 'Ion' by Euripides. Each chapter in Ephesians, 'tracks' that story, since his audience was Greek, and Ion is about the founding of the Greek sea peoples. Yeah, and the Real Founder is not a venomous snake (Ion means 'venom'), but God Himself. With no secret liasons, either. So if you'd read the play first, then Ephesians, you'll see the pattern Paul follows.

This is how Peter tags Paul, too. Awesome stuff, worthy of skepticism; but once proven.. shocking.

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