Paul Taggart - FREE-TO-VIEW Masterworks

An occasional series in which we share the background to some of Paul's, Fine Art works, by way of demonstrating our passion for the traditional art of painting - a passion we hope you will come to enjoy in our online video art tutorials.

“Welcome to our creative sanctuary in the Highlands of Scotland, in which I produce works of art such as this Masterworks oil painting ‘Ghosts of Summer’; listening to wonderful music from friends. Eileen and I would like to thank Abhainn Tuath for granting us permission to use the traditional Scottish tune ‘Drumbain’s Reel’, as arranged and played by Abhainn Tuath, on Electronic Uilleann Pipes, Electronic Flute, Octave Mandola (Octave Mandolin) Yamaha Keyboard Bass - sourced from Marshall Collection, William Marshall ed. (1748 - 1833) reprinted by Highland Music Trust 2008.

More arrangements and tunes played by Abhainn Tuath, can be found on Facebook - and on YouTube -

SUBJECT – This oil painting is one of my favourites and holds pride of place in our studio; for it reminds us of one of those magical moments in life, an unexpected discovery; one filled with multi-sensory memories of a late Summer/early Autum day. As soon as I saw this view I knew I wanted to capture this otherwise unseen riverscape. Yet what a task, but such challenges are what draw me to complex subjects in which light is the primary force. This was going to take all of my knowledge of how light behaves and my method built on traditional painting techniques to capture.

I titled this painting ‘Ghosts of Summer’, for the subject is evocative of the elements on that day – dappling light through the leaves on the trees and vegetation, seeming to filter through the leaves themselves, turning them semi-transparent as their various green Summer colours slowly diminish in ghostly anticipation of their Autumnal change.

The ‘ghostly’ sound of rippling water and trickling falls as the river meanders down from it’s source in the Highland hills to the North Sea below; which we can still hear quite clearly as we look up from our work in the studio to where this painting sits on its display easel.

It brings to mind the first sounds that enticed us to explore further, to take a break from one of our rambles over a friend’s estate in the Northern Highlands of Scotland. We simply couldn’t resist following the tinkling and gushing sounds of water, having to crouch down on hands and knees to break through the dense foliage, as there was no easy route through to where we finally emerged. What a view, it took our breath away, as we emerged on the rocky foreshore of the river.

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METHOD & TECHNIQUE - as you will note in this reveal, the traditional techniques I employ in my oil paintings involve a succession of layers. There is absolutely no rushing this process, it requires meticulous attention and considerable patience; for the paint surface must be discovered and explored - it cannot be contrived.

With each layer the overall colour and balance across the entire painting is refined, in order that I can achieve the impression of space and light which I am aiming for. Layering is essential - it allows the initial build-up of texture through to the finer layers of glazes and tints. Not only this, it allows the gradual build-up of colours, from dark to light and the finishing touches of absolute highlights.

This is what makes painting particularly exciting for me and especially so in using traditional techniques. The result is almost inevitably a discovery, an unexpected delight that can be exploited and it is this element of the unexpected that drives me to push the limits of my work.

DO YOU PAINT YOURSELF? WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW MORE about the traditional techniques that I use and how we could Make LIGHT Work for You? Click & Play here to watch our trailer for my box-set of online video tutorials ‘[Series 5] Learn to Enjoy Painting in Oils with Paul Taggart – Making LIGHT Work for You’ –

We thank you for reading and watching and send you best wishes from Eileen and myself,”

Paul Taggart
Artist : Author : Presenter : Producer

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Paul Taggart - FREE-TO-VIEW Masterworks

Paul Taggart - Artist & Author PRO

Welcome to Artist & Author Paul Taggart’s Masterworks Channel, where you can view occasional filmed reveals of some of his Collectors’ Original Paintings.

“Painting is my passion - my life's work that encompasses the creation of Masterworks for collectors.


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Welcome to Artist & Author Paul Taggart’s Masterworks Channel, where you can view occasional filmed reveals of some of his Collectors’ Original Paintings.

“Painting is my passion - my life's work that encompasses the creation of Masterworks for collectors.

My career as a professional Fine Artist, Author, Presenter and Producer has spanned over forty years and in that time more than one thousand principal selling works have come off the easel – some of which can be seen in my online Galleries on my official website -

Traditional techniques form the basis of my particular method and process of working, which I maximise and manipulate to achieve the effect of light - the signature feature that is present in every piece.

I am particularly partial to oil painting, for there is nothing to surpass the sheer richness of this medium and the process. It is about painting in layers to create depth and using the inherent textures in a brushstroke. In oil painting we have a medium that can be opaque or transparent; thick or thin in its application, where the surface of the painting, being physical, affects the light falling on it.

The method of working from dark to light, building from initial dark layers through to the tiniest ticks of pure white highlights is combined with the use of traditional techniques such as glazing and tinting (as per the Old Masters). Enriching and enhancing the surface quality of oil paint is the process I employ extensively to achieve the quality I seek.

Watercolours, acrylics and pastels are all media for which I have also developed my own process and method.

In watercolours, the traditions of Wet on Wet, Wet on Dry and Line & Wash all come into play, either in their own right or in combination with each other.

Whilst acrylics provide me with a modern, versatile medium, I really expand their possibilities through bringing into play the traditional techniques found in oils and watercolours. Glazing, tinting, tonking and others, when combined with the textural qualities available through the use of acrylic paint, effect many exciting results.

Artists' Soft Pastels, being pure pigment allow me the intensity of colour unsurpassed in any other media. This vibrancy applies equally to the strong rich colours, as it does to the softest tints. The layering methods of oil painting are echoed in my pastel paintings, providing the depth and subtleties I require from my work.

Some of my Masterworks are published by us as Limited Edition Prints; details of which can be found on my main website –

Thank you for watching and best wishes from Paul and Eileen

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