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Please watch our Welcome video through to the end – it is packed full of information about us and our philosophy, along with details of how to find our VOD tutorial box-sets here on Vimeo.

“Welcome to our studio in the Highlands of Scotland, from where we bring you, artworkshopwithpaul – tuition and guidance for the artist in everyone.This is where Eileen and I film and produce all of my online art tutorial videos, covering oils, watercolours, acrylics, pastels and colour mixing.

Painting is my passion, my life's work spanning fifty years and nothing gives us greater pleasure than to share with you the traditional techniques that I have developed for my work as a Professional Fine Artist.

Although I have written and illustrated thirteen comprehensive how-to books, nothing can compare to being shown exactly how to achieve every aspect of a painting, from the very first working-out, to the finishing touches.

Whether you are starting out on your journey into painting, or want to further develop your knowledge of painting techniques, our tutorials are planned and developed with you in mind. This is what our video tutorials are all about - I guide you every step of the way, in absolute detail, so that you can work-along with me at a pace to suit you. Each tutorial is also accompanied by my running commentary throughout – so that you can work-along with me, without fear of missing any hint, tip, technique, brush-stroke or colour mix.

Technique was a ‘dirty’ word when I was studying for my degree in Fine Art, because it was deemed to stifle creativity – I do not subscribe to that belief; which is why it is my philosophy to reveal all and hold nothing back.

Authenticity is also key to our work … which is why we select subjects as dedicated tutorials and film in real-time so that you get to watch-along with me from the absolute start to the very last stroke.

Do you want box-sets to download and keep - tutorials that you can refer to time and time again? Then this is the place for you – where you can access our online video tutorials covering - oils : watercolours : acrylics : pastels and colour mixing. Our ever-expanding catalogue of comprehensive art tutorials currently features sixty-nine box-sets, containing over seven-hundred videos.

Would you prefer to spread the cost of streaming my painting tutorials by paying monthly? Then pop over to our official artworkshopwithpaul account on Patreon – where we will be progressively releasing our current catalogue.

We do hope that in sharing my passion and the traditional techniques that I use in my work, we can help you expand your repertoire of methods and enjoy your painting experience that little bit more.

Please feel free to watch our FREE-TO-VEW trailers, ArtBytes from Paul and other behind-the-scenes videos.

We look forward to your company and send best wishes for your creativity.”

from Eileen and myself,

Paul Taggart
Artist, Author, Presenter, Producer

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Paul Taggart - FREE-TO-VIEW Masterworks

Paul Taggart - Artist & Author PRO

Welcome to Artist & Author Paul Taggart’s Masterworks Channel, where you can view occasional filmed reveals of some of his Collectors’ Original Paintings.

“Painting is my passion - my life's work that encompasses the creation of Masterworks for collectors.


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Welcome to Artist & Author Paul Taggart’s Masterworks Channel, where you can view occasional filmed reveals of some of his Collectors’ Original Paintings.

“Painting is my passion - my life's work that encompasses the creation of Masterworks for collectors.

My career as a professional Fine Artist, Author, Presenter and Producer has spanned over forty years and in that time more than one thousand principal selling works have come off the easel – some of which can be seen in my online Galleries on my official website -

Traditional techniques form the basis of my particular method and process of working, which I maximise and manipulate to achieve the effect of light - the signature feature that is present in every piece.

I am particularly partial to oil painting, for there is nothing to surpass the sheer richness of this medium and the process. It is about painting in layers to create depth and using the inherent textures in a brushstroke. In oil painting we have a medium that can be opaque or transparent; thick or thin in its application, where the surface of the painting, being physical, affects the light falling on it.

The method of working from dark to light, building from initial dark layers through to the tiniest ticks of pure white highlights is combined with the use of traditional techniques such as glazing and tinting (as per the Old Masters). Enriching and enhancing the surface quality of oil paint is the process I employ extensively to achieve the quality I seek.

Watercolours, acrylics and pastels are all media for which I have also developed my own process and method.

In watercolours, the traditions of Wet on Wet, Wet on Dry and Line & Wash all come into play, either in their own right or in combination with each other.

Whilst acrylics provide me with a modern, versatile medium, I really expand their possibilities through bringing into play the traditional techniques found in oils and watercolours. Glazing, tinting, tonking and others, when combined with the textural qualities available through the use of acrylic paint, effect many exciting results.

Artists' Soft Pastels, being pure pigment allow me the intensity of colour unsurpassed in any other media. This vibrancy applies equally to the strong rich colours, as it does to the softest tints. The layering methods of oil painting are echoed in my pastel paintings, providing the depth and subtleties I require from my work.

Some of my Masterworks are published by us as Limited Edition Prints; details of which can be found on my main website –

Thank you for watching and best wishes from Paul and Eileen

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