1. 04:00. CHARLES TRAUB, Part 1 and 2: Trailer:

    Video clip from Chapter 1 of 2. This video was filmed: Thursday, August 12, 2010. School of Visual Arts, NYC. This episode is entitled: Seeing Things Differently. (Chapter 1 of 2). One on one interview with Charles Traub.

    Charles Traub (American, b. 1945), is a Photographer first, Professor, Chairperson at School of Visual Arts, Masters of Fine Arts, Photography, Video and Related Media. Professor Traub is currently represented by Gitterman Gallery, in New York City.

    Prof.Traub discusses his life, career, and his fascinating world of photography. He expounds on what motivates his students to do truly impressive, significant, and meaningful work, with a sense of depth and vision.

    Traub produces a mix of intelligent mind, profound wisdom, artistic direction, impressive humor, and marked wit. Charles is a world class image-maker, a fantastic educator, an exceptional mentor, a great source of inspiration, and an innovator of art photography.

    Words and thoughts from David Rapoport about the making of this film (Monday, April 28, 2014, 5:35 PM):

    I am just one of his students.

    Charles Traub is my best teacher. I think about him while I am doing my projects. For the most part, he has made me who I am, when it pertains to my visual artworks, and music. He has given me sensibility. He has given me intelligence. He has given me confidence. I am very proud and happy to say this.

    This video is very personal to me. I feel that I am connected to it, and lend to it, a creative mind.

    I produce the conventional, but then, I step out of it into something else. This is where I take the chance, and the results are something different than what I started with. I am not sure if I like what comes out, or not. Then, I make adjustments to the work again.

    Every project is artwork, as is viewed from that perspective. It is serious, but it is also not serious.

    The work has become an overall view, not as much of a detailed view. Also, it has become much more of an overall sensibility or feeling, as opposed to word to word, picture to picture, or sound to sound (as a feeling).

    The moving image, and sound are like imprints, stamps, or things that identify the artist who has created them. They are his or her personality. One must develop the viewpoint with intelligence, intuition, creativity, and skill. Viewpoint is much harder to do than style.

    Prof. Traub has taught me to try again and again. He taught me to improve and improve. I work on something more and more, until there is nothing left to do with a project, and no more improvements can be made. This has become my work process. I have learned this from the photo master: Charles Traub.

    The music soundtrack, entitled: OSAMU_TORU_DAVID: was imporvised and recorded at Steinway and Sons, By Osamu Fukuzaki, Toru Hoshino, and David Rapoport. /// © 2016 by David Rapoport. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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  2. 00:45. Kou Kou Ba: Ivory Coast: 1) (drum) beats / none, 2) instruments / sounds / no sound, 3) music: logic / no logic / somewhere in between, 4) earth sounds / sounds from the sky, 5) movement / no movement / perception, and 6) the audio / visual presentation / both audio and video.

    FA (FineArt: Company): features: Vado Diomande (Drums), David Rapoport (Guitar), and Jennifer Vincent (Bass).

    How did it somehow come together?

    Kou Kou Ba: it is: 1) abstract, 2) stream of consciousness, 3) improvised, 4) of motion, 5) meditative, 6) subtle, 7) of awareness, 8) slightly hypnotic, 9) repeats in parts, 10) of variations, 11) of something unknown, 12) sweetness / tartness, 13) layers (built in, and spontaneous). 14) lazy / slow / fast.

    Traditional West African Drum Parts (titles):

    a) Ngoron, b) Ma Deane, c) Kou Kou Ba, d) Lor Biene, e) Innocence, and f) Ya Do.

    Description: World Beat, (Drums and Bass), Acoustic Jazz. Universal Vibe. Improvised / Traditional Music, Electronic Composition.

    Music Video by David Rapoport.

    Very special thanks to GuruDev (JGD), Vado, Jennifer, Charles, SVA, and the Alvin Ailey School. /// © 2017 by David Rapoport and Vado Diomande. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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  3. 02:00. JAYA_GURU_OM_NAMAH_SHIVAYA: Spiritual/ chant/ devotional/ Sanskrit music. /// Visuals: over 350 abstract variations of a photograph of a beach sunset, generated (dissolves and effects) in moving pictures. /// Total running time: 01:02:08.

    Meaning: (Sanskrit) Om Namah Shivaya = Om salutations to Shiva (Diety, infinite consciousness, or love). /// Jaya Guru Om = Meaning: Guru (heavenly teacher) is that which dispels the darkness. /// Jaya Guru (Deva) means Victory to that light. This musical recording is about clarity, balance, and relaxation.

    Special thanks for GURUDEV, Laraaji, Jai Uttal, and all of my life teachers. JGD.
    This video_art_work is © 2014 by David Rapoport. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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  4. 00:30. Slideshow, Music, and Artist's Narrative:

    Documentary portraits by: David Rapoport (2010).
    What do we value most in an image? What is most significant?

    Each photograph is about what is in the frame. The subject matters.
    What do we communicate in this process?

    Thanks to: GuruDev, Robert, Charles, Elinor, Silvio, and SVA. /// © 2013 by David Rapoport. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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    PETER HOMITZKY (American, b. 1942): Interview: Filmed in 2010. (Art Students League), New York City and (near his home), Upstate NY. Interview with Peter Homitzky, artist (painter). Instructor at the Art Students League, New York, NY.

    Mr. Homitzky discusses his career, his life, the history of the art market, the skills of painting, scale and vantage, style and viewpoint, and what it means to be successful in the art professions. He talks about an educated middle class that dominated the art market years ago, and the state of the art market today.

    What is the difference between style and viewpoint? What is the significance of altering the scale and vantage in a landscape, or any image that relates perspective? How do they affect what a painting represents as subject? How does skill play into this?

    I learned how to paint and draw for my photography: I learned how to see. I could see, but sometimes, I could not see. Then I would squint, and see some other view of the same thing.

    What is the importance art in general, and how does it relate to what we know and understand what we know about our world? What is the nature of commerce with regard to art? How has the art market changed since the 1960's and 70's? How do I relate to the world of art, and art photography? One on one. Closely, and honestly. No denial. With depth and direction. Beyond the known.

    Interesting and essential aspects about art and the art world, are explained and revealed by this veteran contemporary artist (underrated,and under-celebrated: but known by those that matter to him). His works are exhibited and exhibited worldwide. His life in the arts is one that an artist can only dream of. His days at the Modern, the Five Spot where Monk played, and his association with so many great, and well celebrated artists. He talks about their motivations, and what he learned from his contemporaries. It is mind-blowing to hear the list of artists that he knows, or has known.

    He taught me that no matter what something appears to be: for me, that it can be perceived as totally different, depending on other possible perspectives, as they present themselves. All in all, the best knowledge is that knowledge that is contradictory to itself. I am always thankful to Peter for his guidance, patience, and wisdom.

    A short film by David Rapopoort (American, b. 1960), artist, photographer, filmmaker, and musician. /// © 2010 by David Rapoport. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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David Rapoport PRO

Photography, Video, Art, and Music by David Rapoport, a.k.a. Raportsky. /// ///

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