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  1. Lucy Sparrow rang myself, Witek and Helen Carlton with a proposition: with winter weather rolling in, the Angel of the North was bound to be getting cold. Lucy decided we should address this potential crisis while also playfully probing the non-participatory nature of the sculpture. She went to work, with the help of a few friends from the Bath Spa University knitting group, to create a 50-foot scarf to drape over the wings. The cold angel project is a subtle gesture toward artistic palimpsest, a way of layering up Gormley’s rather stark vision with a more warm and welcoming strata that carries a simple message – feel free to play here.

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  2. This video is a 30-minute introduction to the practice of urban exploration. Constructed as a video article for the journal Geography Compass, the article uses footage from the author's own explorations in California, Las Vegas and London to visually depict a theoretical unpacking of the practice by 5 academic geographers.

    You can find the article that goes with the video at

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  3. A two day exploration into the depths of the The Carrières de Paris, also known as the Paris Catacombs. These tunnels stretch for 180 km beneath the City of Light and are home to cataphiles (quarry dwellers) and catflics (the police who try to catch them).

    This was my first trip into the Catas, accompanied by Marc and Hydra in July 2008. Since then, I have made two more trip into the quarries, each time going deeper than the last. This trip, as my first encounter with this subterranean world, dazzled my senses and ended in detainment by police coming out of a manhole cover at 3am.

    Shot with a Sony HDR-XR520V, Sony ECM-HGZ1 Shotgun Microphone and CowboyStudio CN-160 light panel. Filming conditions, as you might imagine, were extremely difficult.

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  4. The Pyestock National Gas Turbine Establishment was a UK government-funded facility built to test gas and turbine jet engines for 50 years. In 2000, the site was closed down, computers now able to simulate necessary tests.

    Today the site sits derelict, guarded by large fences and Gurkha security guards. Marc Explo and I snuck in sometime in 2009 to have a look at what was left.

    Shot on a Sony HDR-XR520V with an ECM-HGZ1 Shotgun Microphone and CowboyStudio CN-160 light panel. Additional footage from a Nikon D90 with a Nikor 18-200mm lens.

    See for more info about the site

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  5. We ventured into the Lutonian underworld, courtesy of LutEx, to see what remains of the shelters that protected UK citizens from German air raids during World War II.

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Place Hacking

Bradley L. Garrett

This is the video page for Place Hacking (, a mashup of urban exploration and spatial politics.

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