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See also brainout.net/GodSystem.htm , which is the associated webpage for this video on God's "henotes" Spiritual Blessing System. Much longer discourse is brainout.net/LordvSatan3.htm which covers Our Royal Priesthood in excruciating detail.

If you miss one of these pillars, your life is straw, worthless. Any replacement pillars are useless, as those at Stonehenge. You know that was a place of astrology worship and human sacrifice, right? Christians do much the same thing, really. Fancied magical works, on which they waste theirs and others' lives. And the difference versus Stonehenge, is what?

The TRUE 5 Pillars of Christianity were also the 5 pillars of Judaism, and the 5 pillars of spirituality since Adam. Don't do them, and you hallucinate a 'spiritual' life on your own power.

Hallucination abounds. People thus mistake spirituality for "earthly things", deem spirituality as mere morality or emotion (i.e., fancying you are filled with the Spirit when you feel something). Or, even how well they know Bible, etc. Since the Holy Spirit is NOT empowering them, they don't know the difference.

Spirituality is God making HIS OWN THOUGHTS become the matrix of your soul. For, you are to live with Him forever. Hence Christ BECAME the Truth as He ate [believed and lived on] the Truth. His Soul was transformed from human viewpoint, to Divine Viewpoint, the goal of Isaiah 55:8-9. It is not seen, felt, or even physical. It's solely internal, and solely the produce of the Holy Spirit.

So, at the Bema, anything manmade is our trying to be 'Christian' on human power; it will all be burned up, 1 Cor3's "wood hay stubble" and 2 Peter3's "the world and its works".

Look: the unbeliever can get the rosy glow, roll in the aisles, speak gibberish, do good deeds. That's what they did at Stonehenge. Satan tempted Christ to do good deeds, in Matt4.

LOL then what's the real spiritual life?

1. Believe Christ paid for your sins. That enters you into God's Spiritual Blessing System.. FOREVER. You cannot lose salvation. So this first Pillar is permanent the very nanosecond you first believed Christ died for your sins. You don't need to be re-evangelised, even if you stop believing in Christ later on. Salvation depends on the efficacy of CHRIST, not on you.

2. Use 1John1:9 every time you sin. Fail to do this, and you're only filled with your own power, which of course you'll overvalue. You will misread Scripture. If you get an interpretation right, it's still from your power, not the Spirit's, so your interp will be limited, and will not count.

3. Learn and live on Bible daily. It's your spiritual food. Substitute 'food' like ritual and emotion, will leave you starving. Don't substitute for learning and living on Bible.

4. Learn Bible under a MALE pastor God appoints for you. You must find out from HIM who that is. It's a spiritual gift you get at salvation, and if you refuse it, you will be soundly spanked.

5. Talk to God ALL the time (aka 'prayer'). Jesus' Humanity was always online with God the Father. So should you be. Five subelements of effective prayer, are in the video, too. Fail to do them, and you're praying to yourself. Prayer is Royal Legal Protocol. So it's not chanted stuff, but YOUR THINKING before God.

All the foregoing is TESTABLE in your own life. JUST DO THESE THINGS for 30 days; see for yourself, the effects.

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Since Google Plus is now so invasive, I had to disable comments on all my Youtube videos. But what if you want to comment on one? Well, gradually I'll be moving them all to vimeo, so you can. Meanwhile, this channel stores my most popular Youtube videos,…

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Since Google Plus is now so invasive, I had to disable comments on all my Youtube videos. But what if you want to comment on one? Well, gradually I'll be moving them all to vimeo, so you can. Meanwhile, this channel stores my most popular Youtube videos, so you can comment on them, here. I looked at what of my videos had the most views or comments or reaction, and collected them here.

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