'Cannabis Prohibition: A War on the People' makes a case for cannabis legalization and exposes the hypocritical and oppressive tactics governments use to keep the plant illegal.

**This video is intended for activist and educational purposes. Some images may be violent/disturbing. Any copyrighted material is the property of its creators and is used under the fair dealing provisions of the 'Canadian Copyright Act' and the American 'Fair Use Act'.

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Prohibition Kills

Prohibition Kills

This channel is for discussing and spreading awareness about the 'Drug War', especially cannabis prohibition, with facts and reasonable arguments. I'm a Canadian student, writer and journalist. I do not want more people put in jail or killed because of…

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This channel is for discussing and spreading awareness about the 'Drug War', especially cannabis prohibition, with facts and reasonable arguments. I'm a Canadian student, writer and journalist. I do not want more people put in jail or killed because of drug prohibition.

Please tell people what you know is true about the drug laws. Demand that Stephen Harper, Barack Obama, or whatever puppet runs your country, legalize cannabis!

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