1. ProTex Technologies offers the friendliest three area residential system in the industry. This mode provides added security for a residential system. Why would you want less protection while you are in your home sleeping than you would if you were away? The answer is you wouldn't.

    Our Home, Sleep and Away mode allows you to assign some of the interior protection to a special area of the system called the BEDROOM area.

    When the system is armed in the SLEEP mode, both the PERIMETER and the INTERIOR areas are armed, while the BEDROOM area remains unarmed. This allows you to provide more protection for your family while they are most vulnerable, while they are sleeping.

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  2. Smart business owners know that they need to protect their business with a security system. These systems can protect your employees, your inventory, and your facility. Your system won't do a good job of protecting you if it's confusing and difficult to use. You want a system that's fast and simple, for you and your employees.

    Our keypads give you shortcut keys that make turning your system on as easy as pressing a single button, with no complicated codes to remember. For example, you can press the Number 1 button, the All shortcut key to arm your system as you leave the building. The keypad confirms you armed it on the display, and with an audible confirmation tone. The system starts a countdown, to give you time to leave your facility. When the countdown is completed, the system automatically arms itself. You can also arm only the perimeter, the exterior doors and windows of your system, with the Number 6 button, the Perim shortcut key.

    If your system has Sensor Reset enable, simply press the Number 2 button, the Reset shortcut key, to reset any latched fire devices, such as smoke detectors, or latching intrusion devices, such as glass break detectors.

    Your system may sound a chime each time a protected door is opened. Press and hold the Chime shortcut key, the Number 5, to turn your door chime on or off. For monitoring systems, our keypads also include marked buttons that let you summon police, emergency, or fire personnel, even faster than dialing 911. Press and hold the two keys for emergency responder you need for 2 seconds, and help will be on the way.

    Using shortcut keys, you can instantly arm your system and quickly perform many other common functions. Shortcut keys are one more way that we provide you with systems that create strong security, but are fast and easy to operate.

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  3. Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, but sometimes, the technology is so complicated that you can't figure out how to use it and waste time just trying to operate it. That's not the case with your security system; it includes simple-to-use shortcut keys that make using the most popular features as easy as pushing one button. Let's look first at how you activate your system, what's referred to as arming your system.

    You actually have 3 options: Home, Sleep, and Away. Press the Home shortcut key, the 3 key, and you turn on only the perimeter protection but none of the interior sensors. Your keypad confirms that it's armed on the display and with an audible confirmation tone. Press the Sleep shortcut key, the 7 key, and in addition to the perimeter you, also arm some of the interior sensors, but you can still move freely around your bedrooms and sleeping area. When you leave your home, press the Away shortcut key, the 1 key, and you completely arm your system, both the perimeter and inside.

    Your system can sound a chime each time a door opens so you will know any time someone comes or goes, and your small children can't leave without you knowing. To turn the chime on or off, just press the Chime shortcut key, the 5 button, on your keypad.

    For monitored systems, some of our keypads also include marked buttons that let you summon police, emergency, or fire personnel even faster than dialing 911. Press and hold the two keys for the emergency responder you need for 2 seconds, and help will be on the way. While your system is armed you can use the Easy Exit feature by pressing the 8 key; this lets you open the door momentarily without disarming the system. This is handy when you need to let a pet out or retrieve the newspaper. After the programmed time expires, the system automatically re-arms.

    Using shortcut keys, you can instantly arm your system and perform many other common functions. Shortcut keys are one more way that we provide you with systems that create strong security but are fast and easy to operate.

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  4. The DMP app puts all power of a traditional keypad, plus additional features right on your Apple or Android device. It's fast, convenient, and easy to use for people on the go. After downloading the app from Google
    Play or iTunes, tap the icon and get ready to be impressed.

    The first screen shows the system status, armed or disarmed, for each of the protected areas. Armed areas show and orange glow, disarmed areas are black and white. For your business, you can choose the Arm All or
    Perimeter, or by area arming options. For your home systems, you can choose between Home, Sleep, Away, or All Perimeter arming options. If you're using Z Wave automation devices, you can control these devices with your app.

    To adjust the lights, tap the Lights icon at the bottom of the screen. 3 light controls fit on one screen. Lights that are on will be highlighted with color. Tap a light button to turn it on or off. Dimable lights will also show the current brightness setting. Touch and slide the dimmer button to adjust the brightness.

    To control a lock, tap the Locks button at the bottom of the screen. These can be controlled just like lights. Tap the icon to lock or unlock that door. The indicator below the locked or unlocked caption shows the battery
    level. The battery icon shows 4 bars, each representing 25% of battery life. To control a thermostat, tap the Thermostats button at the bottom of the screen. One thermostat fits on one screen. The name of the thermostat appears at the top of the screen. The current temperature and function such
    as cool or heat, are highlighted with color. The outside temperature is shown at the top of the screen.

    Favorites let your customers program multiple devises to operate with one tap. To create a favorite tap the Favorites button, tap Add, the Add Favorite. Enter a name for the favorite. Tap the Icon button and select and
    icon for that favorite. From the list of devices, they select the ones they want to include, then enter the command for that device. They can set the brightness of a light, adjust the temperature of a thermostat, lock a door, and so forth. After adding all the devices they want to control with this favorite, tap Save.

    To us a favorite, tap the Favorites button and select the favorite from the list. To delete a favorite, tap the Edit button, tap into the favorite, then tap the Delete button. To edit a favorite tap the Edit button, then tap the Favorite icon. They can easily add devices to the favorite, change the settings of any device, and also delete a device.

    When they're done editing, tap Save. Also tap Back for Android devices or Cancel for Apple devices, to exit and cancel the changes.

    The Rooms feature lets customers create a visual touch screen control for a room or area. To create a room tap Add, and tap Add Room. Tap Take Photo to take a new photo of a room or area, or tap Choose Existing Photo to use one already in their device. Browse for the photo, select it, and enter the name of the room. To add devices to the room, touch and hold on the photo to add a control hot spot. They select the device they want to control, or select a favorite they want to activate from this room screen. Add more control hotspots to the room or tap Save. To use a room, they tap Favorites and select the room. Now they can touch any of the hot spots to control the device or activate a favorite. To edit a room, they tap Edit then tap the room picture. Now they can add new hot spots or remove a hot spot by touching and holding it and tapping Delete. After making changes, they tap Save.

    The DMP app also lets them access their video cameras. Tap Video to view up to 6 cameras, letting them keep an eye on both the interior and exterior of their premise. Tap one of the cameras to view it full screen. They can press the Record Video icon to record 10-second video clips; up to 150 of them. They can scroll through their saved videos to view or delete them.

    The mobile app turns your Smartphone or tablet into a super remote that's fast, and lets you command your security system whether you're sitting on your couch or miles away from home.

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  5. It's a fact that most alarms are triggered by accident, caused when you or a family member forget that the security system was turned on and accidentally open a door. Sometimes you aren't sure. Is it a false alarm or
    is someone in your home? With most systems, when you turn the siren off, you turn the entire system off, leaving you and your house unprotected.

    After silencing the alarm, the system will prompt a question, "Is this a false alarm?" If there really is an emergency and you need help, press the No button to verify the alarm. If it really is a false alarm, press the Yes
    button; this tells your monitoring station that there is no trouble. The False Alarm feature gives you 1-touch options to instantly summon help during a real emergency or to quickly cancel false alarms. Don't turn off
    your alarm system when you need it the most.

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