Psalm 90 Meter of Time (Precedent for Bible Hebrew Meter)

Mirroring. Restitution. Time plays, and is REIMBURSED. Like, you would pay money. Only God can do this, of course. Moses prayed that He would, in Psalm 90:15. So this series is about How Mirroring Works, and is very technical, spending a lot of time demonstrating the Hebrew Meter.

Series also briefly covers how Isaiah 53's Hebrew meter, which outlines history from 712BC to Messiah -- hence a pre-Tribulation Rapture -- is sourced in Psalm 90. For Moses asked that God MIRROR BACK Time to Israel, in Ps90:15. So Isaiah keys off Psalm 90 to construct Isaiah 53; Daniel 9 keys off Isaiah. So to correctly read Daniel 9, read Psalm 90 & Isaiah 53's HEBREW METER.

Meter acts as a FUTURE calendar; just as you need to know in January when December comes, so Israel had to know her SCHEDULE. Hence meter conveys that schedule.

Israel had the Word in the original text -- but safely in the Temple. So the Law was, Israel would get the Word READ to her every 7 years: she was to memorize & pass it on to her children.

So the Hebrew would have to be memorable, so that the Israelites could practice it all day long. Meter makes it memorable.

So they would be reminded of their FUTURE when Psalm 90 & Isa53 were recited. Ps90 is crafted in 350 syllables & in 'paragraphs' divisible by 7, to forecast from the time Moses dies in 1400 BC, to the start of the human kings (due to Rejection of God as King, 1050BC). Paul references this accounting in Acts 13:20-21.

Back in 712BC, Isaiah 53's Hebrew meter gave the Jews an UPDATED future calendar, since David had died & they knew exactly when Messiah would come.

So Isaiah uses the SAME methodology as Moses. Thus Isaiah 53's metering scheme 'answers' in both meter & content, each verse in Psalm 90, per its verse 15 prayer for such MIRRORED grants.

Daniel 9 is the final update pre-Messiah.

Christendom does not know this doctrine. But you can prove it via Psalm 90 & Isaiah 53.

This is NOT Bible Codes. Rather, It's vital Bible Doctrine you can't learn from any translation. People would stop disputing Rapture, Trib, Millennium if they saw how the meter is used.

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Psalm 90 Meter of Time (Precedent for Bible Hebrew Meter)

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Series is nearly complete, no new uploads for 2015 planned. To play these videos in order: channel . Sorting: click on 'Browse This Channel', then 'Videos'.

GIST: Psalm 90 is perhaps the first METERED calendar…

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Series is nearly complete, no new uploads for 2015 planned. To play these videos in order: channel . Sorting: click on 'Browse This Channel', then 'Videos'.

GIST: Psalm 90 is perhaps the first METERED calendar of Time in Bible, setting the precedence for that rhetorical style. It's also a PLAY with one 'actor' speaking 'lines' for each of five 1050-year periods; two of them, are yet future. So, Psalm 90 'plays' in two ways: a) From Millennium back to Adam and forward to Purim, and b) forward from Moses' dying year, to the end of Judges.

So, this 'channel' is my Psalm 90 playlist from Youtube. It provides Bible proof behind the How God Orchestrates Time, channel/playlist. That proof is also stated elsewhere, within explicit text (i.e., the many begats). However, meter is a major and unknown-to Christendom, rhetorical device for expressing this doctrine. So much Bible debate could be resolved: if we but knew, Bible meter.

For all other Bible writers play on Moses style, and interlink with it, to provide a comprehensive, year-by-year-from-Adam calendar, to teach the doctrine of How God Orchestrates Time, so you can orient to your OWN time, within it. A quick way to see his tracking, is here: .

Folks have problems proving the Exodus dates. The accounting in Bible, is shown thus: . That's why Moses 'sevens' at 63 ('sevens' from Israel's enslavement, 1050 years from the Flood); and then, at 84.

Christendom doesn't even know this meter exists; Jews know it's in Psalm 90, but they account it incorrectly as 7 50's (since Psalm 90 is 350 syllables long). Instead, Moses uses sabbatical accounting, so each 70 stands for an entire 1050-year period, and there are FIVE of them. So how he does this, and why it's important to see and know, are the topics covered in this playlist aka channel, in Vimeo.

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