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  1. Yannis Loulourgas and Georgios Markou playing a nice version of the beautiful song "Meneksedes kai Zoumpoulia".(Μενεξέδες και ζουμπούλια). Yannis is playing the 8-string version of his newly developed instrument, which he calls "Gagava" (H Γκαγκαβα).
    Recorded live in the shop of Yannis Loulourgas in Pythagorion, island of Samos, Greece. July 2015.

    If you want to learn more about this new type of musical instrument, the Gagava, please watch this video:

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  2. Yannis Loulourgas, a luthier, musician and teacher of traditional greek music has developed a new type of musical instrument. With regards to the shape of the instruments body he calls his unique design the "Gagava". The Gagava was a type of fishing boat used for fishing corals and sponges then.

    The "Gagava" (H Γκαγκαβα) is available as 6-string or 8-string instrument and in different size variations and design modifications. With its flat vibrating back the instrument has quite a long sustain and the sound is different from the sound of the bouzouki or the lute/oud.
    Price range for the instrument: starting from 500 up to 1.500 Euro.
    Tuning of the 6-string Gagava is G,D,G

    In this video, Yannis explains the instrument design and demonstrates the sound of his new instrument. In addition to cars and motor scooters rolling past his shop, you can hear him playing three traditional songs on this instrument, two of these songs from Asia minor together with his musical friends. The songs are:
    - Georgitsa mou / Γεωργίτσα μου
    - Oi Psarades / Oi Ψαράδες
    - Menekzedes kai Zoumpoulia / Μενεξέδες και ζουμπούλια

    In the last sequence, Yannis rehearses "Menekzedes kai Zoumpoulia " with some of his musical students in front of his shop.
    Yannis lives in the village of Pythagorio on the east aegean island of Samos. If you are interested in this instrument, please get in contact with him. Information you will find at the end of the video.

    On Facebook, you will find infos about Yannis here:
    If you want to get in contact with him, take your time! It can take weeks before he looks into his emails ...

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  3. A couple of impressions from several visits to beautiful Posidonio bay in the southeast of Samos island.
    The high mountains in the background, beyond the waters of the strait of Mykale, already belong to Asia Minor.
    East aegean island of Samos, Greece.

    music: jewelbeat.com

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  4. The greek singer and entertainer Dimos Kasapidis sings "Out of my Head", a song written by Kieran Goss.
    Recorded in a beautiful spot called Pnaka on the island of Samos, Greece, May 2014.

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  5. Dimos Kasapidis, a greek singer/entertainer, sends his greetings from green and beautiful Samos island, Greece, to singer/songwriter Kieran Goss in Ireland. And Dimos performs one of Kieran's songs, "Out of my Head", in a lovely spot called Pnaka located on the slopes of the Ambelos mountains above the north coast of Samos island.
    Recorded in beautiful month of May on the green and water-rich island of Samos, 2014.

    websites of Dimos Kasapidis:

    websites of Kieran Goss:

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Experience Samos!

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The channel "Experience Samos!" is intended to give you a multimedia experience with lots of impressions of the beautiful east aegean island of Samos in Greece.

This unique island, a green emerald in the blue aegean sea (greek & green!) is located

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The channel "Experience Samos!" is intended to give you a multimedia experience with lots of impressions of the beautiful east aegean island of Samos in Greece.

This unique island, a green emerald in the blue aegean sea (greek & green!) is located just a few kilometers away from the coast of Asia Minor. It is loaded with natural beauties and archeological sites and - in contrast to many other greek islands - Samos is gifted with large water reservoirs, partly due to forests and high mountains.
In addition, Samos is famous e.g. for its wines and the mathematician/philosopher Pythagoras, who was born on Samos and lived there for many years.

Many different kinds of landscapes can be experienced on this island, e.g. large forests, deep valleys and canyons, herbs with incredible smells, unbelievable fresh and crystal clear water springs, brooks, cascades and even small waterfalls.
High mountains reaching up to 1150 meters (Karvounis, Ambelos) and 1443 meters (Vigla, Kerkis). With many caves and quarries.

Lots of beautiful beaches all around the island. Mostly with small pebbles, but some of them, especially in the south, are fine sanded, named psili ammos.

And many small villages, not only along the coast line. The more you get away from the coast, the more you will find the natural and rural life on Samos. Don't forget to visit one of the many panijiria during the summer season, the celebrations of the patron saints of the respective churches or chapels.

Besides the red, white and rosé Samos wines and the local Ouzo, try the Souma of Samos (in other places in Greece this spirit - containing about 40 % alcohol - is called Tsipouro!)

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