Satan's Strategy  Epi.12, Love On Trial

This video was originally posted 09/28/08 as part of a basic Youtube playlist on How God Orchestrates Time. The Youtube video is here: . Some might prefer the clearer Vimeo copy of this same video, for download. So, here it is.

Video traces the Parental God Wants Sons theme of Bible (stated baldly everywhere, but most notably in Isaiah 53:10). Frankly, on first blush it's too much to believe, hence this almost cartoon-y, format. For obviously if true, we're talking the biggest political gambit of all history, the over-arching drama story of life.. and that's scary. So, one is inclined to reject the idea. Understood.

On the other hand, the accounting for what Bible really means versus all the nonsense claimed of it, should be clearer and more apt, if this is its story. Now, is that story, HIS story? History? You decide. Original video description, follows below.


The TRUE Doctrine of Election in the Bible starts and ends with the Election of Christ, and is entirely based on Foreknowledge. For if it were not foreknown Christ would freely succeed at paying for sins, then creation -- including, creation of the angels -- could never have been justified. So throw out all that Reformation junk about supra- and sub- and infra-lapsarianism. All is instead, based on Christ. So all is free to be what it is, good or bad, since Christ was foreknown and thus Decreed, to freely succeed, Isaiah 52:13-15, Isa53:10-12.

As my pastor liked to quip, "The Decree of God is His Holy, Wise, and Sovereign Purpose, comprehending AT ONCE all things in their causes, conditions, successions and relations, and determining their certain futurition." Notice how there's no compromise with freedom, and Foreknowledge is fully online.

For, Love is the Integrity of God, and God Loves Truth -- you know how many Bible verses there are on that. Well, Love must be Free, and Truth must be Free, so the Decree is for Free Truth to exist. Which means, if Christ Freely grows IN the Truth (and He was foreknown to do so, to BECOME the Way, Truth and Life) -- then 'sons' can be made from Him. Sons if perfect, or imperfect, still the task is the same -- grow them in His Thinking.

So sin is rather secondary to the purpose, a glitch to be resolved at an enormous cost, surely -- but that same sin only furnishes more opportunity for His THINKING to be bigger, still. That's why He's Bigger than all the angels put together even in His Humanity, theme of Hebrews 1 (which my pastor stressed often). See how sin is but leverage to produce better thinking in Christ and therefore us? See why Paul has to talk as he does, in Romans 6-8? LEVERAGE is God's Decree, Isaiah 54:1. So learn and live on Him!

Worksheet pics come from . The original video is much clearer, and can be downloaded here:

This video summarizes the Thinking Series, starting at . It's a comprehensive 'audit' of God's Son-Making Plan from eternity past to eternity future, showing how it balances to Bible.

Shorter novel format (only five chapters finished so far), . It reads most easily in Print Preview fullscreen, 2-page view. Here's the pdf version:

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Satan's Strategy Epi.12, Love On Trial

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Series is complete, for now; Episodes prior to 12b9 are in Youtube, link below. To play these videos in order: channel . Sorting: click on 'Browse This Channel', then 'Videos'.

GIST: Sophisticated audio commentary…

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Series is complete, for now; Episodes prior to 12b9 are in Youtube, link below. To play these videos in order: channel . Sorting: click on 'Browse This Channel', then 'Videos'.

GIST: Sophisticated audio commentary re God's Plan vs. Satan's good-deeds plan. (Video is a static picture.) This is a very long series, so there are multiple channels. This is the channel for Episode 12's videos. Starting with GodDeeds Episode 12b9, this 'SatStrat' Vimeo channel/playlist continues from the Youtube playlist of the same name ( ). Eventually all the Youtube videos will be copied here, so you can comment without having to join Google Plus.

Playlist summarizes my Lord v Satan webseries starting at . Webseries reads something like a novel with extensive Bible documentation, starting with today, going back to creation, then ends at eternity, when the Trial between God and Satan is resolved. We are the courtroom, for that Trial..

So, the videos here, highlight and focus on Satan's strategy versus God's, in that very long series. Anti-semitism and the 3 Temptations of Matt4 constitute the gist of Satan's Strategy. First video in the Youtube playlist has an set of webpage links which exhaustively explain how Satan attacks.

To the world, Satan's Strategy is one of GOOD DEEDS, so you won't be doing GOD DEEDS. How do you 'do' a God deed? James 1:21-25 tell you how: LEARN AND LIVE ON BIBLE. Can't be a 'doer' of a Word you didn't LEARN. And the 'doing' is God MAKING that Bible 'live' in you. Changing how you think, which as James puts it, 'saves your souls' (verse 21). For yeah, you're forever saved to heaven.. but as what? The same old trashed-up worldly thinking person you were at the moment of salvation? So yeah, you're saved FROM hell, but TO what? Aha. So now being saved FROM something (hell) your soul needs to be saved FOR something: Christ's Thinking, which is Bible. True Riches, baby.

Additionally, since it will stunt Christian growth and Satan doesn't know when the Rapture will happen either, he used anti-semitism in the 'church fathers' to destroy recognition of Israel's future. Even to the petty need to mask the Lord's Own Birth and Death Dates, as both are JEWISH HOLIDAYS (Chanukah and Passover, respectively). It's due to anti-semitism that we don't know what YHWH means, that we dispute the Rapture, that over 1.5 billion Christians think Church replaces Israel.

See also my Youtube 'Timelines III: Anti-Semitism' playlist, which is a collection of other Youtubers' videos on anti-semitism.

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