H. J. Schlieker

  1. This trailer guides you through a selection of movies about the German painter Hans-Jürgen Schlieker which can be watched on vimeo.

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  2. Christoph Böll, Director: "During the course of our two year co-operation, we found and filmed every one of Schlieker's works. It was my decision to capture the paintings on film as I was convinced that each square centimetre of a Schlieker painting mediates the vibration of the entire painting. Hänner Schlieker agreed and thus experienced a perception of his paintings that was new to him. From his collection we created a film and set it to the sounds of a drum session by Tobias Bülow and Karsten Peifer."

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  3. Christoph Böll, Director: "I had the great honour of being the first to observe and document first hand Hänner Schlieker at work. This privileged situation allowed me to record the birth of three paintings from empty canvas to completed work. The genesis of one of these paintings I was able to completely capture in the film, 'Figur der Bewegung'. Hänner Schlieker's decision to let me record him at work and reveal the secrets of his studio will become an enduring part of his artistic legacy. I will never forget the intensity of the hours we spent together in complete concentration and focus on this documentation process."

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  4. Comment of Christoph Böll, director of this movie: "Art historian, Dr. Wolfgang Zemter, director of the Märkisches Museum in Witten, knew Hänner Schlieker for almost 40 years. In the 60's, before turning to pure art theory, Zemter 'practised' art as a student under Hänner Schlieker in the Musisches Zentrum at Ruhr University in Bochum. Many of his works dealt with Hänner Schlieker’s artistic opus. In this piece, Wolfgang Zemter - connoisseur of the arts – outlines Hänner Schlieker’s position in the German arts scene. Parallel to this interview with Mr. Zemter, I have assembled the genesis of a painting in 2003."

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  5. Christoph Böll, Director of the movie comments: "Hänner Schlieker’s painting career began with a sensual experience of nature – 'meditation with open eyes'. Bernd Growe describes this process in his essay, 'Figur der Bewegung' (figure of movement), which deals with six of Hänner Schlieker’s etchings and his relationship to nature: 'It begins all around us – before it passes through us to become a painting'."

    Duration: 32 Minutes
    Language: German
    Book/Director: Christoph Böll
    Camera: Christoph Böll

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H. J. Schlieker

Schlieker Haus

This is the official video channel for the German artist Hans-Jürgen Schlieker (1924-2004). The movie maker Christoph Böll accompanied Schlieker during the last two years of his life. The result is a unique documentary divided into ten chapters.

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