1. “PLUTONIANS Music and Art exhibition”
    by Jacks of All Trade
    22/08/2015 at Bangkok Dockland Bangkok, Thailand
    Presented by : Singha Corporation
    Visual and Interactive Installation by Eyedropper Fill
    Creative Director : Wattanapume Laisuwanchai, Nuntawat Jarusruangnil
    Motion Graphic Designer : Pananapan Tangsomboon, Pimmada Witayaweerasak
    Documentary Video Directed by : Sasawat Loesrit
    Cinematographer : Sasawat Loesrit
    Editor: Sasawat Loesrit
    Still Photographer : Bhumibhat Thavornsiri

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    48 Stunden Neukölln 2015
    Tempelhof Airport, Berlin


    Taking his trident in both hands,
    Poseidon stirs the sea into a fury
    and lashes up rain and squall.
    Mast and sail are torn away,
    Odysseus is thrown overboard
    and buried under a wall of water.
    When he emerges gasping and sputtering,
    he somehow manages to clamber back aboard.
    A goddess, Leucothea, appears to him in the form of a bird.
    She counsels him to swim for it.
    “Take my veil, tie it around your waist as a charm against drowning.
    When you reach shore, be sure to throw it back into the sea.”

    Homer, Odyssey, Chapter Five


    LIVEBOAT - CHAPTER 5 addresses the ongoing refugee tragedy in front of our borders and offers space for communication and discourses. After a long odyssey, an oversized lifeboat runs ashore on Tempelhof Airport. Inside the boat, multilingual extracts from Homer's Odyssey as well as fragments of refugee experiences are intertwined to a sound carpet.

    Concept: Marco Canevacci
    Design: Yena Young
    Sound design: Marco Barotti
    Coordination: Steffi Goldmann
    Interviews: Hadmut Bittiger
    Drone: Goetz Arntzen
    Camera: Canevacci, Serlenga
    Editing: Simone Serlenga

    Team: Mirjam Dorsch, Stephanie Grönnert, Hugo Luque, Simone Serlenga, Gabriel Spera

    Thanks to: Martin Steffens, Franz Höfner, Markus Wüste, Andrea Klahold, Herr Gessner, Homer

    Kindly supported by:
    Aktionsfonds Quartiersmanagement Schillerpromenade
    Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln e.V.
    Bezirksamt Neukölln Fachbereich Kultur
    Stiftung Umverteilen! AG dritte welt ­ Hier!
    Grün Berlin GmbH


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  3. Ex_tempore is a software generating in real time ephemeral sketches of a structure and a kind of ever changing micropoliphony (based on a an underlying harmonic sequence) using simple agents logic.

    Alessandro Capozzo , "Ex_tempore", 2009-2015. Software.
    C++, OpenGl, Openframeworks, and Pure Data.

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  4. See

    Build the Cities is a code-based generative music video I directed and programmed for the track Build the Cities ( by Karma Fields ( Feat. Kerli Kõiv (

    The entire music video consists of multiple stages. The basic structure for each stage is a dynamic subdivided cubic cell, which is able to multiply based on a designated distribution pattern.

    For generating the animated singing figure (Kerli), the pattern is computed based on depth sequence of the original footage. Speaking of the footage, a Kinect, a camera, plus Depthkit ( were used to shoot both the RGB and depth footage simultaneously. Since I was not using Depthkit’s built-in visualizer, an additional program was later developed to post-sync the two footage based on the milliseconds tags of the depth sequence.

    For generating the cityscapes, I programmed another separate generator to produce images of random aerial views of buildings, using brightness to indicate each block’s altitude. The images were later imported and read by the system the way similar as Kerli’s depth sequence. The mapping of the pattern is also affected by each host cubic cell’s “gravitation mode”, which changes the pattern’s facing direction.

    The entire music video is programmed and generated using Processing, with a few slight radiant blur effects done in Premiere during composition.


    Mar.2015, featured on Billboard. (
    Mar.2015, featured in Depthkit projects. (

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  5. Наш трогательный проект для новогодней "Выставки Карлсона" в Галерее на Солянке. Мы воссоздали волшебный пылесос из знаменитого мультфильма про мужчину в самом расцвете сил. Включите пылесос и пылесосьте ... плюшки! А также турбоваренье и другие сладости. Чем эффективнее и быстрее уборка, тем выше результат. Стать Карлсоном просто, если у вас есть интерактивный пылесос :)

    Декабрь 2014 – январь 2015
    Государственная галерея на Солянке

    Idea&Production bу Hello Computer

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