1. Curious about my daily patterns I took the location data from my cell phone for a year, and projection mapped the paths on a homemade, 16 square foot, laser-etched, wooden map of my home, NYC. I used openPaths for the location data, and openFrameworks for the visuals.

    more info here:

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    Purring Tiger:
    Choreographer: Kiori Kawai
    Composer: Aaron Sherwood
    New media artists: Aaron Sherwood, Mike Allison, Johann Diedrick
    Performers: Kiori Kawai, Masanori Asahara, Marjolayne Auger, Kanako Yokota, Emi Ueda, Hsiao-Wei, Hsiao-Ting, Prema Kelley, Laurence Martin, Tia Huston, Sammy Donahue, Kashimi Asai, Pavel Y. Machuca-Zavarzin, Ayaka Habata, Suzanne Beahrs, Lauren Kelly, Shandoah Goldman, Arisa Kusumi, Peter Musante
    Video shot by E. Adkins & C. Lopez
    *This piece made possible in part with funding from the Tribeca Performing Arts Center, the Puffin Foundation and Huawei.

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  3. Playing with my homemade OSC controller with a little Max patch I made. I routed out a chunk of maple for the bottom, and 3D printed the top.

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  4. enjoy the english, french, spanish and italian subtitles!
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    In the city of Berlin everyone is going crazy for a new smartphone app. Anyone with a smartphone can play a sort of Super Mario Bros arcade game in Augmented Reality and has a chance to win Bitcoins just by playing. One coin corresponds to 0.01 Bitcoins. The citizens’ habits are tainted by the game. Coins are hidden all over the city, you can spot them by scanning the local area with your device, but often they are not easy to grab. People started to leave their jobs in order to collect Coins in the streets. All over the city people are jumping and running around with their smartphones, trying to grab as many virtual coins as they can, while the App developers' identity remains covered.

    By talking about a new imaginary smart phone app, in which the whole city of Berlin is allegedly involved, acknowledged bloggers, hackers, game developers, financial experts are being interviewed about the future of Bitcoins, the relationship between the governments and the cryptographic currencies and more in general, about the relationships between internet users, their own rights and their privacy.
    Part of the work is dedicated to the Bitcoinkiez, a small Berlin district where local owners started to sell their products in Bitcoins through the Bitcoin Wallet App. This neighborhood holds a world record: no other one in the world is so densely populated with commercial activities that accept the Bitcoin as a valid currency.

    Music by:
    Trouble Mind Cabin Crew - Songs For The Animals - "Herons"
    Trouble Mind Cabin Crew - Songs For The Animals - "Ants"
    Digi G'alessio - 1994 - "Gorgonzola Marittimo"
    Trouble Mind Cabin Crew - Songs For The Animals - "Toads"
    Niccolò Presenti "Mario Arcade RMX"

    The movie was shot in Berlin. Thanks to re:publica, c-base, Party Bag, Room 77 and the all bitcoinkiez.

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  5. We were recently engaged by Goodby Silverstein and Partners to build an Augmented Reality experience that educates consumers on 'tempering', the 2 minute period you should wait till your Haagen-Dazs reaches the ideal soft consistency. Entitled 'Concerto Timer', the app entertains by offering an elegant duet of a violinist and cellist playing a classical music piece while you wait.

    Once the app is launched the user is directed to point their iPhone at a carton of Haagen Dazs. The phone’s camera which recognizes all flavours and sizes, immediately proceeds to the AR experience. An elegant violinist created out of particles appears out the carton lid, beginning the classical serenade. Adding a second carton of Haagen-Dazs to the experience reveals a cellist, accompanying the violinist in perfect sync.

    There are 2 typical approaches to AR, either create a video which will live on a flat pane or create a low poly 3D model that looks video gamey. Never satisfied with taking the typical route, we decided to invent a new one. We combined video with a particle engine to give our musicans a truly unique 3 dimensional form to that hasn't been done before.

    In order to achieve the ethereal effect of the musicians, footage of the violinist and cellist were shot with both a DSLR camera and a Kinect camera (Microsoft’s depth and motion sensing device for Xbox). The two cameras were synchronized on the shoot, and during our in house post production process the data was combined to create the holographic like effect.

    As for the other nuts and botls, the Concerto Timer app was written natively in Objective-c and includes Qualcomm’s VUFORIA AR technology. After exhaustive research with various competitors, Vuforia was selected as it offered the most stable performance in tracking the Haagen Dazs branding on the wide array of ice cream products while still leaving room for our engine to work as it does.

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