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    The balance of my mind is disturbed;
    There’s a feather on the scales of the one who sails me home,
    I can say nothing.

    Wending through the wonder of the one,
    Two can play that game, and some go deeper than the call
    That comes from nothing.

    I am I am I am I am ... nothing.

    East of west I searched without, within.
    The moment of my doubting took the sums I’d paid you out
    Into nothing.

    For any shade of peace I’d paint this in;
    Out has subtle meaning hidden in the brazen sun,
    Shining at nothing.

    Dim the darkness of the weary way.
    Lay me in the purest stuff; It all comes down to
    Waiting for nothing

    I am I am I am I am ... nothing.

    Though they say that victory will come to those who hold their ground,
    I know that any ground I’ve held has been another’s.
    I’ve been port outward, starboard home,
    But still the water flows to wider seas and drinks me empty.


    releases February 12, 2020
    Aelyth, vocals
    Gdaliy, alto sax
    Alexander, video
    Leigh, other noises
    Not Bob, mix and master
    Something, not included


    © APRA 2018

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    Imagine putting aside all life’s distractions. Imagine the kind of world we could build.


    Kill your instant gratification
    End your wealth accumulation
    Lose your self determination
    Now's the time

    Dump your self justification
    Slay your race identification
    Waste your digital information
    Now's the time

    Heaven on earth won't wait for money
    Heaven on earth is not a crime
    Heaven on earth is in your future
    Let it shine

    Void your class discrimination
    Break up the state, break up ev’ry nation
    Kill every contraindication
    Now's the time

    Zap your ego medication
    Lose your moral constipation
    Death to your procrastination
    Now's the time

    Heaven on earth is no religion
    Heaven on earth will make you sing
    Heaven on earth is reaching for you
    Let it in

    Cancel growth intensification
    End the marketing masturbation
    Vacate your gentrification
    Now's the time

    Crave a future of elation
    Choose truth, not obfuscation
    Seize the hope and love equation
    Now's the time time time time time

    Heaven on earth will give you shelter
    Heaven on earth is there for you
    Heaven on earth is your tomorrow
    Let it through

    Heaven on earth is no illusion
    Heaven on earth will bring you home
    Heaven on earth awaits your answer
    Let it shine


    releases December 1, 2019
    Aelyth, lead vocal
    Leigh, other noises
    Not Bob, mixing and mastering
    Cynicism, zero
    ISRC NZRI11902532

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  3. You start out tall at the top of the stairs
    But as you move on down you become aware
    Of the voices on the landing far below
    You take your cues and make your bows
    But there's no encore anyhow
    Until you reach the ending of the show

    Don't be afraid, we have arms to hold you
    Hearts that will never scold you
    Tears we will shed for you alone
    This is your hour, you were born to take it
    Strong enough now to make it
    Bold as you reach to claim the prize

    You start out tall at the top of the stairs
    But as you move on down you become aware
    Of the faces on the landing just below
    You know the prize and you know the price
    And you know the rolling of the dice
    As you turn your face towards the final show

    Give all you have without counting effort
    Fight and don't ever give up
    Stand and you'll make this ground your own
    Be who you are, and be all you can be
    Don't doubt you're called to be here
    Rise to the challenge of the day

    You start out tall at the top of the stairs
    But as you move on down you become aware
    Of the forces that are building here below
    You start out tall at the top of the stairs
    But as you move on down you're unaware
    Of the joy that lies in wait for you to show

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Alphonsine Packard

Hearts in Dunedin, heads on fire. Noses slightly charred, actually.

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